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Getting healthy and losing weight through the power of MOTIVATION

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Motivational Monday - where we are motivated to stick to our diet and exercise plans for the rest of the week.
Progess logged on Kato's spreadsheet (if you want to of course)

reastie Sun 09-Dec-12 06:56:48

Fear of being sick through any means for me I'm afraid. I know it sounds weird to people who don't mind or really understand blush but it's pretty life restricting when it's bad sad . But I won't bore you with all its ishoos <tries to think happy thoughts>. I hope you feel better soon. It sounds really miserable. Have you tried probiotics to try to get your tummy a bit happy again ready for food? They're suppose to be good.

InMySpareTime Mon 10-Dec-12 07:20:10

I'm slightly dreading today's weigh in, after Thursday. Hope I'll at least maintain fingers crossed I'll have gone under "obese" to "overweight", I was sooo close last week . Ideally everyone else will have good losses this week to make up for it!

TheOneWithTheHair Mon 10-Dec-12 08:21:59

I'm dreading it too. I don't know what happened to me last week but it all went out the window. I'm guessing a 2lb gain. sad

I seem to have my head back on this week though so hopefully I'll get some good results before Christmas. smile

Good luck all the weighers today.

FivesGoldNorks Mon 10-Dec-12 08:23:56

IMST, either way, straight back to it!
Hair, glad to hear you're back into it.
Apparently I was 11st1 this close to the 10s grin

TheOneWithTheHair Mon 10-Dec-12 08:27:00

That's brilliant Norks! Well done. You'll be 10 something next week. Just you wait and see! grin

FivesGoldNorks Mon 10-Dec-12 08:32:34

hmm...on the positive side I've discovered this recipe for carrot loaf which I'm hoping will taste nice, be filling, be low calorie and be a good way of using up the vegetables I always have left in the fridge at the end of the week (carrots and onions!).
On the less good (diet-wise) side I am going to a Leeds meetup on Tuesday. I suggested for coffee but it's turned into cocktails...grin

TheOneWithTheHair Mon 10-Dec-12 09:29:09

Well I've had a 1lb gain so all is not lost and it's not as bad as I feared.

The thing about that recipe is she says considerable time and many pots and pans. Now that just puts me off. I need quick gratification. grin

Re the cocktails, well it is nearly Christmas! Have a great time. grin

FivesGoldNorks Mon 10-Dec-12 09:35:29

1lb on is very manageable!
Yes I noticed that. Don't think ill do the weird "roasting in a pan of water" thing, and just see how it goes. Also don't believe it'll take quite as long as she says - chop and saute veg, bind together with egg and bake, surely?
I'll let you know grin

InMySpareTime Mon 10-Dec-12 09:57:28

Back up to 11 0 today, more than Wednesday's brief dip into the 10s, but still less than last Monday (just!). Back on it today (barring a piece of cake this afternoon, but I'll walk that off), this is the last time 11 anything will be on my scales!
I have no more Christmas parties so it should be easier from now on. Healthy weight here I come grin.

TheOneWithTheHair Mon 10-Dec-12 10:23:20

I have no nights out this week either which I'm pleased about but I have a few things in the week up til Christmas. I think I'm going to have to be really on the ball in between. Then I'm having three days off because we're having a Chinese on Christmas Eve, then Christmas Day and MIL does a buffet for all the family on Boxing Day.

We don't tend to make a big deal of New Year so hopefully that will be it and the damage won't be too great.

We took two of the dcs to a Santa safari yesterday. It was amazing so I feel like I'm finally getting my Christmas spirit going. I can't wait now.

reastie Mon 10-Dec-12 15:04:12

Hi all

Norks that recipe looks really nice to me. Let me know what it tastes like

Well, I have no christmas or new years social outings to go to at all, apart from christmas family stuff <very antisocial> so at least I don't need to worry about that. I'm only a couple of lbs away from hitting the 4 stone marker - would be amazing to do that by christmas. Tried on a pre preg dress this morning - it fits in a too tight sort of way but doesn't quite do up so couldn't wear it. One more stone and they should fit. DM said to me today 'wow, you really have lost alot of weight haven't you' when she saw me grin [proud]

TheOneWithTheHair Mon 10-Dec-12 16:09:04

Well done reastie that's brilliant. You are doing so well!

Glad your dm said something. It does make you feel good and four stone is a lot.

Fab Reastie smile your doing so well! 4st is amazing!

Good to see people are getting straight back on it after a few slip ups!

I'm still not eating great but I feel better which is good! Hopefully things are sorting them selves out!
I'm going to leave the weigh in til Fri.

Trees up! I feel rather festive grin

TheOneWithTheHair Tue 11-Dec-12 09:38:56

Morning all. How are you all doing?

Bonkey I'm getting a tree on Saturday and I can't wait. I'm going to get the rest of the decorations out of the loft later.

I finally had a good day yesterday so feeling back on it. And thanks to IMST who identified my problem last week. I suffer from SAD and she pointed out that last week was dull and overcast all week. You'd have thought I'd have clicked by now that if its dull I get low.

All sorted now though. Beautiful sunshine this morning even if it is a little cold. smile

InMySpareTime Tue 11-Dec-12 10:02:23

A little cold? My toes are not yet warm after the school run! It has gone up to 1 degree C though, which is an improvement I suppose.
Why couldn't it be sunny like this in the summer when it would have been warm with it?
Today has no cake potential, for a change so will be a good day food-wise for me. I will not be obese next week, I will be 10 something, I can do itgrin.

Morning- ITS FECKING FREEZING!!!! grin

I felt better yesterday and ate more than I have in a few I am paying for it sad One step forward, two steps back! I will get there eventually <sighs>

Hair Can't you get lamps to help with that? Meant to mimic sunshine? Although nothing can do anything more for mood than the sun imo!

IMST Pat on the back for positive thinking! You can do it!!!! grin

TheOneWithTheHair Tue 11-Dec-12 12:11:30

I'm sorry you are still not feeling well Bonkey but glad you've been to your gp.

I'm looking into a lamp but they're not cheap from £50 upwards and the reviews on whether they work have been very mixed. I think I'll see how I get on for now. There may be one in the sales in January.

I found a chicken, chorizo and roasted veg dish in my Hairy Dieters book and it's only 370 calories a portion. Guess what I'm having for dinner. grin

Oooh chicken, chorizo,and roasted veg sounds yum! envy

Just caved and weighed - another 2lb off since Fri ...not sure if I should be smile or sad .

Feel like I'm cheating....

KatoPotatoHoHo Wed 12-Dec-12 10:28:58

-4 degrees here this morning! Weigh in Friday but I've had not one sniff of excercise and have eaten many smarties..

eightytwenty Wed 12-Dec-12 15:44:07

Sorry to hear about sad hair, and sickness bonkey.

I've been lurking this week but don't seem to have had much of a chance to post.

Party was great. Much fizz, and curry eating. Also opened box of roses on sat. They are now gone. Wonder if I'll ever learn chocolate moderation (though I didn't eat all of them, a big chunk were gobbled by me).

Spin and 2 runs this week so far. Don't think I will ever like running. But I am managing 2 miles continuously (albeit v slowly) so that's progress.

TheOneWithTheHair Wed 12-Dec-12 16:18:16

Well done on the exercise eighty. I wish I had your determination.

I've given up my gym membership because tbh I wasn't getting there although I probably could have if I really wanted to. It's just not for me and I was wasting money I can't afford atm. I'd rather get out for a walk like I did the other week. Much more me. smile

Glad the party went well but don't beat yourself up about things you can't change. You will get used to moderating chocolate in the end.

Kato I'm sure a few smarties won't be the end of the world. You'll get back into the exercise soon but I sympathise. It must be hard when it's that cold.

reastie Wed 12-Dec-12 16:38:12

Eighty a run in this weather is v impressive - tis freezzzzziiiiiinnnggggg outside here - took me 20 minutes just to de ice the car this morning!

Bonkey sad hope you feel better soon - must feel like it will never end for you

Kato hopefully a few smarties won't make any difference for you - they're only small hmm <crazy logic>

hair dont' blame you re: the gym - I think it either suits people or it doesn't.

Things going OK here - no binges but have had a few bits of choc in the past few days I blame DD for pestering me to give her some

Where is Stealth?

FivesGoldNorks Wed 12-Dec-12 19:15:16

I'm here, thanks for wondering smile (stealth under 2 name chanhes!)
I'm doing ok. Think ill be having Saturday off, then work Christmas do next Thursday, then Christmas. But my present to myself is going to ne to not have loads to lose on the 27th, that will simply depress me, if I end up going backwards.
.anyone with me? Motivation to get through the festive period without denying ourselves or being miseries, but without getting into the cycle of overeating and feeling Crap about it, turning into a cycle that's very hard to escape.


TheOneWithTheHair Wed 12-Dec-12 19:38:20

I'm with you as best I can Norks. I don't want to have to lose loads either. I'm finding it hard enough as it is.

Although I'm doing ok this week. smile

I'm allowing myself a mince pie on Friday as it's ds2's Carols and Mincepie concert on that morning and I have to get into the spirit of things. grin

TheOneWithTheHair Wed 12-Dec-12 20:51:50

Oh and IMST is having trouble accessing this thread. It won't let her on for some reason. She'll be back with us tomorrow hopefully. Soon anyway.

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