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Getting healthy and losing weight through the power of MOTIVATION

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Motivational Monday - where we are motivated to stick to our diet and exercise plans for the rest of the week.
Progess logged on Kato's spreadsheet (if you want to of course)

InMySpareTime Fri 09-Nov-12 15:05:43

Here I am!

reastie Fri 09-Nov-12 15:12:37

Marking place.

Thank you for the nice dress comments. It's not my usual style of dress but I thought trying something different might be a good thing. I'm tempted to try some bits from the phase eight website but can't remember how they come up big/small wise (I can't wear the same dress every day to work!) - does anyone know?

InMySpareTime Fri 09-Nov-12 15:58:59

IIRC they're fairly true to size, and good for curves (understand about women having breasts etc.)

TheOneWithTheHair Fri 09-Nov-12 16:09:47

Hello, hello, hello!

Thanks Stealth. The thread has a chance now. grin

Good day today. I had breakfast but I didn't get up until 12. I was working last night. I will have dinner but then that's it. smile

eightytwenty Fri 09-Nov-12 18:07:56

Joining and thanks stealth.

Joiningthegang Fri 09-Nov-12 21:01:24

Reastie - loving your new purchase!

InMySpareTime Sat 10-Nov-12 07:59:53

Good morning everyonesmile,
What are you all up to today?
It's a nice day here, we'll most likely get the den finally finished (barring gutters) this morninggrin.
Off to a "mad hatter's tea party" later though, to undo my good workblush.

nochipsthanks Sat 10-Nov-12 13:57:55

nochips sneaking in quietly.....

Hello everyone. smile Nochips here (again). Sorry, went awol for what- a good month-6 weeks? I just felt so dispirited and fed up and tired. I hope you do not mind if I join the thread again. blush

Back again. My weeks off has resulted in a weight gain- now 10 stone 13, aiming for 9 stone 7.

Have caught up on the old thread and admire everyone and your motivation!

As for me, i have decided to 'stop dieting' because i just binge and go crazy. Yesterday i thought long and hard about my approach to food. I have decided that at nearly 40 i really need to nip this in the bud. So my new approach is;

Eat 3 serves fruit or veg at every meal
enjoy alcohol 3-4 times a week max.
roast dinner on sunday
don't go wild.

I also thought i needed to take any decisions around food away from myself for a time. If that means having the same sorts of meals every day for a bit then fine. So the plan is;

Bk- black coffee, porridge with soy milk and three serves of fruit
Ln - home made vegetable soup with a crusty roll
Dn - main dish plus 3 serves vegetables.

lots of herbal tea and water.

WI day Thursdays. I am also attending a slimming world class, but for now I am not following the plan, again because I want to stop the mindset of 'dieting' which only leads me to bingeing. So i am going so i can be with other people and have the support.

My main aim is to deal with my psych issues around food, and to eat to maximise nutrients. I am also aiming to lose between half a pound and one pound every week. I just need to not panic and take it slow.

Today has been good. I had porridge with grapes, apples and banana, then have just had a huge bowl of curried lentil and spinach soup with rye bread. I feel really full, but happy as I am finally nourishing myself, rather than beating myself up for eating.

afternoon of ironing in front of Downton abbey beckons. smile

I also love the dress, reastie. i saw that dress the other day and admired it alot. I bet you look lovely in it.

Good days everyone. smile

TheOneWithTheHair Sat 10-Nov-12 18:32:30

Evening all. Welcome back nochips. It seems you've got your head in a good place. Well done you. smile

I've had the most boring day ever and now I'm being deprived of strictly in favour of cars2. I think tomorrow is going to be equally lacking in stimulation. sad

On the plus side I've not been snacking. smile

reastie Sat 10-Nov-12 18:41:52

Thanks for the phase eight advice IMST have ordered 6 dresses in the hopes one or two will be keepers grin . Btw can we have some finished den pictures please to see what the finished product is like?

Hi nochips your strategy sounds really good to me. I particularly like the sunday roast plan! You have to have something nice to look forward to and roast doesn't have to be too bad depending on what you have to go with it. I'm trying to bulk out my meals with veg too and I think it really helps make you feel like you've eaten more IYKWIM - I try to have tofu, rice and loads of veg for lunch and then some kind of veg soup at dinner and a banana for snack in the morning (I won't mention I eat alot more than this too!) and it does seem to be working.

V boring here today too - been wrapping christmas pressies again. DH and I too tired to be bothered to take DD out and AF is just coming for me meaning I'm a bit hormonal.

eightytwenty Sat 10-Nov-12 19:03:57

Welcome back no chips! Can you share your soup recipe? Sounds delicious.

Reastie - how organised?! Am only starting shopping now and have dd 2nd, ds 6th, and joint 40th/ 10 yr wedding/ 20 yrs together party to go before then. A busy month ahead.

nochipsthanks Sat 10-Nov-12 20:24:37

Thanks for the welcome back everyone. smile I really appreciate it. I love sunday roasts, reastie and when i am dieting I always feel like I cannot 'afford' it and then get miserable. Now that the weather is getting cold a return to Sunday roasts is welcome!

For the soup eighty...Just sautee onions, celery and garlic in butter and olive oil. Add diced carrots and sweat the veg for 10 minutes or so on a low heat. Add a good tablespoon of your favourite curry powder (we did madras this time) and stir so the oil coats the curry. Add red lentils, chicken stock and frozen spinach and cook until the lentils are mushy then blitz in a blender. Better the next day of course, and topped with natural yoghurt it is really really good. It is really filling too. smile I had a huge bowl of soup for lunch and it lasted me until dinner (although granted, dinner was at 6 pm...) and usually I am snacking all afternoon.

I hope my can get my head around eating well. And I really hope that I can stop the starve - binge cycle once and for all. It is jyst making sure i do it consistently I guess and do not panic and starve again!

How do you cook your tofu reastie? I was at yo sushi recently and went a bit mad over their tofu katsu. Gosh it was good. So good that I made fried breaded tofu cubes (with bbq sauce) at home last week as an experiment. It worked quite well- but I would love to try different recipes!

reastie Sat 10-Nov-12 21:03:10

nochips my tofu is pretty bland and dull - I just dry fry it in fry light and then add loads of veggies to do a big stir fry with some herbs/soy sauce etc. I don't really like spicy foods that tofu seems to lend itself to and think I'm used to the bland taste now! I quite like the marinated tofu you can buy in the supermarkets but it's higher in fat so try to steer clear at the minute of it. Smoked tofu also gives a nice flavour. In the past to try something different I've coated big slabs of tofu in tomato puree and then dipped it in cornmeal before frying it in a small bit of oil - it gives it a completely different taste/texture. Nothing beats the my local chinese's deep fried tofu though wink

eightytwenty Sat 10-Nov-12 22:03:14

Thanks no chips. Next weeks lunch! Anyone else have any easy soup recipes to share?

Have pigged out tonight on mac & cheese and 1/2 large bar of choc marzipan. Though thanks to swimming I am within cals. Though that might be down to cheating on portion sizes. Note to self start weighing food again. ESP carbs.

nochipsthanks Sun 11-Nov-12 06:39:45

Thanks reastie I love the basic taste of tofu too. I have never seen smoked tofu.... must look out for that!

I am really interested in the tofu dipped in tomato puree and cornmeal- that sounds really good! I also ... searching through my memory... have vague memories of reading something once where the person mixed dried herbs and garlic powder with mashed tofu then repressed before cooking... not sure about where I got that though.

DH and I are agreed that we need to stop eating the amounts of meat we do and he likes tofu too so I feel some more meals coming on!

Hope you enjoy the soup eighty! Yesterday I made up the next batch of soup- broccoli- courgette- and spinach. DH looked at it dubiously and commented 'it is very green'. grin

InMySpareTime Sun 11-Nov-12 07:51:01

I'll put den pictures on later when I've painted it.
I spent yesterday afternoon making fake (peppermint cream) peas for the mad hatter's tea party, while the DCs attempted to make lime and mandarin cordial (they overcooked it, so it's set in the bottle and we have inaccessible jam).
At the party, I was fairly restrained, 3 crisps, a mini rolo, a beer, Madeira cake and banoffee pie. When cocktails were doing the rounds I kept my glass full of tap water so there was no chance for people to pour brightly coloured alco-goo in.
The DCs were very well behaved even though we stayed until after 11 and got home around midnight.

InMySpareTime Sun 11-Nov-12 16:23:53

Den painted and photographedgrin.
A good day food-wise, we'll see what the scale verdict is tomorrow though.

TheOneWithTheHair Sun 11-Nov-12 16:44:31

I think I've had an ok week but I did have TGIs on Thursday and I had a slice of ds2's b'day cake today so I just don't know. Fingers crossed.

KatoPotato Sun 11-Nov-12 16:56:50

Wahh I found you! Been away with work so generally eating ribbish and not getting to the gym! Scales also out of battery so excuses left right and crntre... Will weigh in tmw and await my fate...

Lardbean Sun 11-Nov-12 20:59:03

Grrrr woke up this morning weighing 16 5, half an hour later I was 16 11. Before breakfast so what the bloomin hell is that about? confused

KatoPotato Sun 11-Nov-12 21:15:18

Oh yes lardbean that happens round here. It will sort itself out, promise!

MilkshakeMaker Mon 12-Nov-12 07:11:44

Hello again everyone...

Sorry I disappeared for a few weeks, I've caught up on both threads and I'm back now ready to really crack down on myself.

I've weighed in this morning and have amazingly maintained somehow so still 11st3lb

Good luck to everyone today smile

reastie Mon 12-Nov-12 07:33:40

lardbean that sort of thing happens to me too hmm - maybe try again tomorrow

Milkshake well done on maintaining - you must've been doing something right!

Weighed myself over the week end. Am hoping it's not a scale oddity result but looks like I may have lost 2lbs in the past couple of weeks shock , not quite sure how, and hoping the scales weren't wrong! That takes me to a round 50lb loss this year so far grin

Joiningthegang Mon 12-Nov-12 07:34:52

Hi all - my scales go up and sown like anything - annoying.

I have not uad any wheat for 10 days and horrid ibs poo all cleaeed up - lovely. Sneaked a few biscuits and some of the kids pasta and have have tummy pain for almost 12 hours.

Maybe i am wheat intolerant - but should help with the diet!!!!

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