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Keeping out of the cookie jar- the willpower thread

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ThePinkNinja Fri 09-Nov-12 08:39:14

Im feeling hungry today and struggling a bit not to eat extra / naughty foods (and yes I knw it's only 8.30!) this must be why I am shaped like an hour and a half instead of an hourglass!!

I thought a thread about things we can do instead of eating might motivate us all on our various diets / eating plans... It can be something to read when motivation or will power is low to keep us from giving in.

I'll start :

Drink a glass of water

Brush your teeth

Read mn

amazingmumof6 Fri 09-Nov-12 15:32:35

there is always something to do -
tidy away clothes or reorganize your work space or polish shoes or sew up buttons -
anything that keeps your hands busy and away from that jar!
If you are washing your bin out you can not possibly eat at the same time - or would want to!smile

or just throw the jar away

bettyspaghetti33 Sun 11-Nov-12 02:43:35

I agree with amazingmumof6 after taking the rubbish out I most definitely don't want to eat! Similarly I find cleaning out the fridge can be helpful, particularly if there's something that's gone off which needs throwing away.
When my kitchen is in order though what can really help me to not binge on unhealthy stuff is to think of someone I have a lot of respect for and who has control of their weighAll about my new found love of home baking. and put myself in their shoes. So when I feel like eating one biscuit or ten I say to myself "would so and so do that?" It is a great trick for bringing me back to my senses.

bettyspaghetti33 Sun 11-Nov-12 02:47:23

Urrggh just read my post back and looks like my iPhone decided to make some unwanted additions! Please omit 'all about my new found love of baking' that was definitely not what I was trying to say helps me loose weight!

amazingmumof6 Sun 11-Nov-12 02:54:26

most desperate idea must be to have picture of maggots on the fridge

MN posting has become so addictive for me I tell you no lies, I've lost 1 1/2 lb since Wednesday! WTF?! I keep forgetting to eat!

stay online and get slim!grin

amazingmumof6 Sun 11-Nov-12 02:57:08

betty "new found love of baking" me too, me too! watched great British bake off plus cold weather, now it's cakes and biscuits every other day!

made strawberry & white choc chip muffins today, yum

bettyspaghetti33 Sun 11-Nov-12 03:08:25

Ahh amazing yes the great British bake off has been so good to me. Last week I made Paul's Cornish pasties and they tasted wonderful. Mary berry is Wonder Woman, she is the queen of cake and sooo slim too - definitely a good role model for me. Your muffins sound scrummy wink

amazingmumof6 Sun 11-Nov-12 04:03:08

betty love pasties! I bought the book, but it will be my xmas present from kids, so can't open it yet, soooooo looking forward to it!

so much for ideas on how to loose weight, we are back to talking about food! grin

I also like Nigel Slater's 'Dish of the day' series

well 4am, had no dinner, I'll look as slim as Mary Berry by Xmas, should change my username to MNaholic!grin

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