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Work is making me gain weight!

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workatemylife Wed 07-Nov-12 13:06:50

Well, not really. I KNOW that I only gain weight if I eat too much, and since my employer does not force feed staff, clearly I need to accept the blame here. I need a foot up the backside to fix it.

I returned to work a few weeks ago after maternity leave, and felt the best that I had for year. I had lost the 'baby weight' (and general overindulgence while PG weight) by some not too harsh dieting and lots of pram-pushing exercise, kitted myself out with some new work clothes, and headed back to the land of grown-up talk. But the weight is starting to creep back on; I've gained half a stone already. blush

I can sort of work out what is making the difference:
I don't take as much exercise, but in okay weather I walk or cycle to school and nursery with the kids in the morning, and on to work. It probably adds up to an okay amount, but perhaps not enough to lose weight.
I eat the same for breakfast, and for dinner. I have (grrr) started to buy sarnies for lunch at work, which is probably daft on two counts - costs more than home-made, and no doubt more calorific. Time to stop?
I am developing a best buddy relationship with the hot drinks machine at work. At home, usually tea and water. Will all that froth make a difference?
Major confession - treats! Feeling sorry for myself back at work? Munch munch. Finished a project on time? Munch munch. Boss being a pain in the bum? Munch munch.

How do I get out of the habit of over-eating at work? I think this is the problem, and it is probably a mindset thing - at home, if nothing to munch in the house, tough. At work, cafeteria, dispensing machines, left-overs from events etc, just sitting there. It is not desperate at the moment, but I need to stop the slide. Find my self control for me please - or tell me how you found yours! I obviously can't take my baby into the office to distract me smile

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