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Could you help me find my willpower? I seem to have mislaid it

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SwitchedtoEatingCheese Mon 05-Nov-12 17:26:29

Ahhh. Just Ahhhh.

Where has my willpower gone?

In the spring I join BIWI's bootcamp and lost a good few pounds, but since my holidays (at the start of July) I have gained about a stone. Kinda ignored it for a while but now most of my clothes are too tight.

But despite my efforts I can't seem to stick to it. I keep sabotaging myself with toast, sweets chocolate and crisps!

Could you all check under the sofa to see if my willpower is there? please!

scattercushion Tue 06-Nov-12 10:47:23

I've checked and only found some dusty toys and an odd sock, sorry. I have been cooking low GI recipes recently and it has really helped - they fill you up. It seems to involve lots of pulses and wholegrains but I got a recipe book out of the library that has some great recipes - not too worthy. Also, with snacking I allow myself nuts and raisins and a banana.

TalkinPeace2 Tue 06-Nov-12 21:37:22

Find it for 2 days a week and let it hide for the other 5

I've lost a stone since the start of term that way ....

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