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At what point do you decide "Enough is enough, it's time to diet!"?

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2kidsintow Mon 29-Oct-12 23:47:59

I'm at my point now. Just over 12 and a half stone. Not quite obese in the medical terms for my height.

BUT.... none of my size 14s fit.
I don't think I look nice in anything I wear.
The tops of my thighs touch all the way down to my knees
I have strange little pockets of flab that appear just below the leg line of my knickers and on my bum cheeks that I put on when I get over 12 stone.
I have 4 boobs.
I stress about what I look like.
I can't afford a whole new wardrobe.

So it is off to WW tomorrow as doing it via MFP was fine, but I don't seem to have the willpower to stick with it at the moment without the pressure of a weekly weigh in to keep me on the straight and narrow 7 days a week.

SugariceAndScary Tue 30-Oct-12 10:16:06

Friday just gone is when I knew I had to start seriously thinking about my figure.

I couldn't do up my jeans without lying on the bed and a muffin top spilled out of them. I bought Jillian Michaels 30ds and have done Level 1 for the last 4 days, I've thought about what I'm eating, eating smaller portions and I've already cut down the amount of artificial sweetener I put in my hot drinks.

After just 4 days I feel better and my skin is glowing from the intense short bursts.

Sick with it 2kids you'll get there! smile

formerdiva Thu 01-Nov-12 08:21:26

This morning, standing on the scales and realising I'm 5lb over my accepted high point and 9lb over my ideal. I know it doesn't sound like much, but it really shows on me and I hate dieting. And as you say OP, enough is enough, it's not going to go on its own.

Not sure which diet to do, though. I want something that can fit into ordinary life easily as I travel a lot and still want to eat the same meals with the family (so no radical cabbage only diets). I'm thinking either Paul McKenna or weight watchers...

CanIHaveAPetGiraffePlease Thu 01-Nov-12 08:26:54

I need to do something. I've just tipped into obese and that's really shocked me. Friends are too kind and say I Cary it well and am not that bad. . . But I'm huge :-( On my own a lot with 2 small children and tend to comfort eat. Too tired to plan things etc. But it needs to change.

2kidsintow Thu 01-Nov-12 22:41:43

My friends say I carry it well, too, CanI. But I can see it and I've had enough.
I did indeed trot off to Weightwatchers and joined up. It has worked in the past and I don't mind tracking and counting what I eat. It fits pretty well with family life, and if any occasions come up, I can try and fit them into my plan, or just get right back on track the next day.

I am currently getting used to NOT eating something sweet after every meal, cutting down on the milky, milky drinks when out and about and even accepting that it is ok to be (a bit) hungry from time to time.

I have a few points left, but am trying to decide what to have for an evening snack.
Hmmmmmm......what to have.

Looking forward to seeing a difference on the scales next TUes.

GhettoPrincess Sun 04-Nov-12 04:07:28

When I joined the hundred club. That's 100kg, well, 101kg in fact. That's over 14 stones ! My doctor wrote out a green prescription for me. Yes it was that bad. My life insurance payout has been decreased as my BMI is......and I can hardly believe it.....40 ! I guess that's morbidly obese, right ? Oh joy....

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