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2lbs a week for 35 weeks- anyone in?

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theowlworrier Wed 24-Oct-12 16:03:24

I have a pretty big move coming up in just under 9 months. want to be at my ideal weight by then. This will involve losing a minimum of 5 stones (70lbs). I have come to the conclusion that doing a crazy all or nothing weightloss plan isn't going to work for me. what ordinarily happens is that I lose loads to begin with, then it all goes to pot and I put it all back on again.
So... would anyone like to join me. My first target is 10lbs by the end of november. I will just be eating lower carb, less snacking, more exercise where possible (7 mo dd and dh who works shifts, so a bit of a challenge sometimes!).

Chocchip88 Sun 02-Dec-12 16:37:57

I do miss going to the gym. Used to hate the idea of it but felt a lot better after I'd been.
I want to eat everything in sight today, I blame the cold weather. Is it too early for dinner?!

MrsLHofstadter Sun 02-Dec-12 16:48:04

Leisure complex near us has full membership £15 and I'll get student discount on top of that for the next few months.

juneybean Tue 04-Dec-12 21:08:54

That sounds like a good deal if you can get the discount too.

How are we doing this week?

MrsLHofstadter Wed 05-Dec-12 14:33:01

Not sure how I feel about this week, I've had days where I have eaten a lot and days where I have missed meals. Getting weighed later so we shall see what it has done to me. Hope everyone else is doing better.

Chocchip88 Wed 05-Dec-12 18:40:33

I lost another 3lbs this week, I'm starting to let old habits slip back in though, I need to start being a bit more focused before all the old habits reappear! Also want to be as good as possible before Christmas!

juneybean Wed 05-Dec-12 19:21:12

Well done chocchip !

MrsLHofstadter Wed 05-Dec-12 19:55:33

Well done Chocchip. I've stayed the same this week.

MrsLHofstadter Wed 05-Dec-12 22:36:14

Added this weeks column to the spreadsheet if anyone wants to add to it.

juneybean Thu 06-Dec-12 00:38:02

I'll weigh in on Friday but suspect I'm going to stay the same this week.

doyouwantfrieswiththat Thu 06-Dec-12 19:48:17

chocchip you're doing well on the spreadsheet.

MrsLHofstadter Thu 06-Dec-12 20:23:51

She's doing amazing isn't she? How are you getting on doyou?

doyouwantfrieswiththat Thu 06-Dec-12 21:20:37

not as disciplined as I should be but slowly going in the right direction...which actually describes the rest of my life too grin

MrsLHofstadter Thu 06-Dec-12 22:28:02

I know that feeling!

Chocchip88 Fri 07-Dec-12 08:01:40

Thanks all smile I have never lost weight this quickly before, I'm really very determined at the moment and don't want my boys growing up with a mum always on a diet, avoiding uncomfortable situations etc I don't think there can be more motivation than that!
Everyone else is doing well too, this time if year is really hard, I'm sure come Jan everyone's motivation will go through the roof.

MissNJE Fri 07-Dec-12 09:53:22

My last two weeks very just awful. Ocado came this morning with lots of vegetables and salad and I will be back to my low carb diet from tomorrow.

juneybean Fri 07-Dec-12 10:23:05

Ooh welcome back MissNJE!

As suspected I've stayed the same!

MrsLHofstadter Fri 07-Dec-12 19:02:08

Since I have nothing better to do on a friday night, I've been and joined the gym.

juneybean Mon 10-Dec-12 19:27:50

Oh well done!

I had an anomaly last night, I got on the scales late at night and had magically lost 4lbs, but alas this morning it was back again...

juneybean Tue 11-Dec-12 11:32:05

Bumping because this doesn't show in my threads I'm on anymore hmm

Chocchip88 Tue 11-Dec-12 12:59:28

Oops I fell off the thread two.
How's everyone getting on this week? No Christmas parties for me yet so still plodding along! Weigh in tomorrow, my scales were kind to me today, we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Chocchip88 Tue 11-Dec-12 16:47:02

Too not two blush Lack of chocolate is obviously detrimental to my brain power!

Chocchip88 Wed 12-Dec-12 18:14:35

Only 1lb this week, I was pretty good as well! Hopefully it'll show up next week. Mustn't get demotivated!
Hope everyone else does well

juneybean Wed 12-Dec-12 19:36:11

A loss is a loss! My weigh in is Friday! But still haven't lost any thing so far (but to be fair I haven't been too good!)

doyouwantfrieswiththat Fri 14-Dec-12 00:05:53

Huzzah, back on track. Must be all the walking about doing christmas shopping.

juneybean Fri 14-Dec-12 19:44:19

Well done doyou keep at it.

I lost a 1lb this week.

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