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Is surgery my only option? Yo yo dieter advice please

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AyeOopMoose Tue 23-Oct-12 22:44:48

I was around 10st 7, at 5ft 4 I was about a 14-16 and fairly happy with this.

In my mid 20s when I went up to about 13st. I went to SW and lost about 2st.

I then went up & down until I hit 14st 10 and did LighterLife. I went down to 9st 6 and felt great.

I then went up to 11-12st and used LL on and off to get down to 10st 7.

Then I met DH and went up to about 14st again. I have been fat ever since.

Two beautiful DC later and I was 18st 13.

I know I am morbidly obese. I hate my lack of willpower. I want to see my children grow up and live a healthy life with them.

When I had my 6 week check up after DD2 the Dr suggested a gastric band. I said I wanted to try for 6 months by myself.

DD2 is now 6 months. I have lost a stone using Diet Chef but have lost my motivation.

I always said I would never go down the surgery route but am so desperate.

Has anyone had surgery/what would you do? I know it is a simple case of eat less and move more and in other areas of my life I'm successful and motivated. I just don't control my weight.

AllTheWeightGone Wed 24-Oct-12 09:01:20

Have you ever had therapy to deal with the emotional issues that your weight is a symptom of? If someone is a number of stone overweight and has struggled with it for a long time, it is never a 'simple case' of eating less and moving more. Obesity is as much a psychological problem as anorexia - the key is not the weight loss method, which is pretty immaterial. If you have surgery, but do not face and properly deal with your emotions and your relationship with food, you will almostly certainly put it back on. Good luck!

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