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new on here :) mummy needing motivation

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KayteeB12 Sat 20-Oct-12 09:28:33

hey everyone :D
im new on mumsnet and so excited to find this section on here! i put on 3 stone with my son and went from a size 10 to a size 18!! Ive lost a stone and im now at 12st8lbs however it is all on my stomach which makes me look like im still 8 months pregnant its so embarrassing!!
Ive tried to stick to a diet after losing the 1st stone but ive found it sooooo hard sad Im start again on Monday and hope that will the support of this forum i might be able to actually do it! Im 19 years old and my little mans 14 months and its seriously affecting my self-esteme and confidence xxx

TidyGOLDDancer Sat 20-Oct-12 13:11:14

Hi Kaytee. Didn't want to read and not reply!

What kind of diet are you looking to follow? I might be able to help with motivation. I have been up to 19 stone before, and although I don't know what I weigh now, I'm down to a size 10-12 (it's more important to me to feel healthy than it is to obsess about my exact weight, and I know if I kept track, that's what I'd do!).

Do you exercise?

KayteeB12 Sat 20-Oct-12 22:50:38

oh thats amazing hun well done you! :D i really want to be slim again, just be able to wear what i want and not worry about my size, it can really get me down sad
im looking to follow like weetabix for breakfast, chicken bagel for lunch and a small portion of rice, fish and vegtables for dinner, how does that sound?
i dont exercise atm but ive decided im going to 100 sit ups a day, 15mins of jogging and 5 reps of going up and down the stairs xx

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