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need to loose weight - ww vs slimming world??

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roundabout1 Thu 18-Oct-12 12:24:55

Before the summer me & hubby did ww, I had a trial for 3 mths & got cashback through quidco hence joining & lost a stone before giving up due to stressful family circumstances, I need to do something, after having 3 courses of steroids I feel huge now & very fed up. I can't go to meetings so will do it online, I have looked into SW & their recipes seem to be a lot nicer & can eat more than WW. But I have all the WW stuff from before & a free app. It just seems a lot of money, personally I would prefer to try SW but its a lot of money especially in the run up to xmas. Looking at the recipes it seems they are more family friendly, I ended up cooking two lots of meals before due to faddy kids & hubby & it drove me mad. Any advice? TIA

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