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Cambridge Diet - Starting November 2012

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Camb79 Wed 17-Oct-12 15:31:34

I have 5 stone to lose and I'm thinking of doing the Cambridge Diet. Anyone want to join me? Or anyone been really successful on it and have tips?

I hate shakes and cupasoup, but am really fed up with the weight and want to lose it for good. I've tried WW but it had too much leeway I think. This kind of puritanical quasi-starvation approach is the only way as I know the biggest motivator for me is seeing actual weight loss, which this will provide.

Exante sounds good to, but maybe as a follow on once I've got a good start on this.

I am hoping to start first week of Nov - anyone else want to try it too?

ppeatfruit Wed 17-Oct-12 15:39:46

The problem with the Cambridge is if you actually want to keep the weight off you'll have to carry on forever hmm on it and the food is unhealthy.expensive and tastes horrible as you said. DH lost weight on it and put it all back on with more when he couldn't bear it anymore.

I've lost 3 stone and others have lost much more on the Paul Mckenna WOE it's simple, it's how we should ALL eat and we have a brilliant support thread on here and you can do it forever!!! see you there? grin

Ellen2418 Sat 20-Oct-12 13:17:23

There are definitely better meal replacement programmes available with a much bigger variety of food - thinks like pasta and risotto but made from protein instead of carbs which helps you lose weight. The other good thing is you don't put all the weight back on afterwards because you don't loose your muscle like with Cambridge and Lighter Life. I did Proteifine but I know there is another one called Prodimed too. Maybe google them and see what you think? I would definitely recommend Proteifine it worked so well for me.

sleepingdogs Thu 25-Oct-12 19:27:48

I started the Cambridge diet 2 weeks ago - just having the shakes (which i actually like) and healthy food (salmon, veg, fruit).

Kind of not following the steps, just having a shake when before I'd have eaten rubbish. Haven't weighed myself yet as I'll be distraught if I haven't lost a few pounds but feel better since starting. Think I'm the sort who needs to be on a diet, or else I'm thinking I should be on one.

I've only got about a stone to lose and don't want to lose it just to put it on again, hence my adapting of the diet to suit me. My intention would be to carry on forwever in this fashion or am i kidding myself?

Best of luck Camb79

Camb79 Mon 29-Oct-12 11:20:54

Thanks Sleepingdogs. I am optimistic, and a bit nervous - starting it tomorrow, and have the appointment today.

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