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Butternut squash on Dukan Cruise?

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Mandy21 Wed 17-Oct-12 12:17:14

I'm sure its been asked hundreds of times but can I have it? I've done a trawl on the internet and it says you can have pumpkin, marrow and squash, but just wondered whether this includes butternut squash? Am hoping yes? Can anyone give me a definite answer?


tulipface Wed 17-Oct-12 17:15:01

hi not sure but i would be interested to find out. I am day 4 and I made fishcakes today but they were very dry so I threw some fat free yogurt together with a good blob of mango chutney. Would that be considered acceptable on the attack phase? Sorry am new at this so am probably trying too hard! thanks

Mandy21 Fri 19-Oct-12 13:10:29

I don't think the mango chutney is allowed, you can't have fruit and I anticipate the chutney has a fair amount of sugar in too.

I think it is allowed having trawled the internet, but I'm only going to have a little bit and see how I get on. Good luck!

Dizzydummy Mon 22-Oct-12 00:15:38

Yes you can definitely have butternut squash on the Dukan Diet! HTH.

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