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SW gain, do I switch?

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LifeChangingMe Tue 16-Oct-12 22:56:35

I have done Slimming World for one week now (I am veggie) and I GAINED a pound!! I am so frustrated I really wanted it to work, but I don't want to keep at it if I gain. I am wondering if I should switch to MFP and calorie count instead as I then don't have to pay £5 to be told I have gained weight. I wonder if SW just doesn't work for me, or being a veggie, green days just make me gain. How long do I go and pay, to see if it will work before I switch to MFP? I am so unhappy about this, I have 4 stone to lose and want to see some end to itsad

Furball Wed 17-Oct-12 07:03:22

I've done SW and did green days as wanted to stuff my face with pasta make sure i was really full.

Put a few days food diary on here to see exactly what is what.

It's quite sensitive diet and if something is not quite right with your healthy extras etc it can throw the whole thing. smile

It is a very good and healthy diet though and the good thing is there is always something free to eat so you are never hungry

Stick at it. Did you fill in a food diary & give it to your consultant?

Did you stay to class & get some help/advice from others?

Following the plan 100% will not make you gain - check you're weighing and measuring your healthy extras, not going over your syns and being sensible with your portions. ie: just because a food is 'free' doesn't mean you should over eat on it.

Do you want to lose much?

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