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Talk to me about maintenance please

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Caerlaverock Fri 12-Oct-12 09:20:39

I have lost 1 1/2 stone and another 1/2 to go but am fretting a little about maintenance. I really want to keep the weight off. I am doing my fitness pal, which is great and works but I find that if I slip over my calorie allowance by not very much my weight bounces up.

Any advice much appreciated

Stealthfart Fri 12-Oct-12 20:34:59

I have been on MFP since January and exercise helps me maintain. Personally I am happy doing the Shred every other day (on a good week) but whatever works for you and you can add to your calorie allowance without feeling guilty.

Caerlaverock Fri 12-Oct-12 22:40:37

Thanks stealth

shithappensx1000 Sat 13-Oct-12 08:47:45

Congratulations on the weight loss.
I also use MFP to maintain my weight and it's also encouraged me to exercise. I am slim but lack (quite) a bit of muscle tone (over 40 now you see). Anyway, it's good and helps you to balance bad and good days over the week.

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