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Fat bottomed girls over here please!

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ethelb Thu 11-Oct-12 18:12:20

I started an exercise regime 2 months ago with the aim to tone up and lose about 7lbs, but slowly. I am an alright weight for my height but was fed up of being so weak.

I have lost nearly 3 inches of my waist in 8 weeks and lost 4lbs, without dieting. All good. However, my hip measurement has stayed the same and now looks bigger as my waist is smaller! My arms have tones up a lot too.

I have very big thighs, with a lot of muscle and fat basically. I have previously sworn of exercise regimes as my thighs often get bigger and I don't do any leg exercises at the moment. They are firmer, but huge.

What do I do! Help!

racingheart Thu 11-Oct-12 19:52:34

Same build as me. When I was very fit years and years ago, I used to do lots of stretches and lunges which elongate the front of the thighs, plus lots of bum tightening, to sculpt the back of the thighs.

Mainly, the best thing to do is lots and lots of stretches for thighs and calves, so the muscles don't bulk up. If you want to lose weight at the same time, something like power yoga works as the stretches are dynamic and very physical.

ethelb Thu 11-Oct-12 20:44:41

Stretches sound like a good idea. I do iyenga yoga but may try hatha. Is that what you mean?
Btw I have a fantastic bum that us v pert it's the saddle bags and front if thighs that are a problem.

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