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xls medical and breastfeeding

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aggadoo Thu 11-Oct-12 12:01:23

Anyone know why it is not advised to breastfeed and take the XLS medical fat binder tablets? I was wondering if its because the drug passes through to breast milk, or if its because the drug inhibits the production of breastmilk (would make sense as it binds to the fat and your body gets rid of it).
I am still BF, maybe only once a day and to be honest I don't think I am making much milk anymore, only slight let down that I can feel now but I really want to start these tablets to lose weight. Obv I don't want to take them if it goes through to my milk. I'd just like to know the reason why they don't advise. Emailed them but no reply.

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KnockKnockPenny Thu 11-Oct-12 12:23:14

I think it is probably not advised because a breastfeeding mother probably needs the fat, to feed her baby? If BF is not your childs main source of calories, Id maybe consider it but be aware of the risks.

WilfredToadflax Thu 11-Oct-12 12:27:26

I imagine the drug hasn't been tested for use whilst breastfeeding, and small amounts will probably end up in your milk - whether they will affect your dc or not, who knows, because it won't be tested on babies either.
Also, if you lose weight very quickly, toxins that are stored in your fat cells are released into breast milk - these can be harmful to your baby.

RueAQ Thu 27-Sep-18 22:10:25

Hello mums I am breastfeeding my baby is it safe to take XLS medical fat binder?please help I need to get rid of the fat in my body..thanks

IsTheRainEverComingBack Fri 28-Sep-18 08:42:06

The best way is to eat healthily and move more. Fat binders just make you shit out the fat in food, but it’s too many calories that cause weight gain not fat by itself.

RueAQ Sun 30-Sep-18 00:22:09

Thank you for the advise

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