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What works for slimming legs?

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SilverSixpence Mon 01-Oct-12 19:53:25

Any ideas or experiences? I'm a size 10 normally, but have always had quite chunky legs and would love to be able to where skinny trousers etc.

sparkle12mar08 Mon 01-Oct-12 20:00:25

You can't spot reduce fat with diet. You can spot train certain muscle groups with some specific exercises and weight training.

stitch Mon 01-Oct-12 20:01:49

you cant lose size on your legs if you are only a size ten already. maybe if you were a size 20, then general weight loss would help, but as it is, all you are likely to do is to bulk up muscle if you do lots of excercise

TalkinPeace2 Mon 01-Oct-12 20:06:16

yoga, stretching and lunges ....

SilverSixpence Mon 01-Oct-12 23:23:27

I think I have quite a high fat percentage despite being a size 10, I'm 5'2 and petite. So maybe I need to concentrate on losing weight all over

fatlazymummy Tue 02-Oct-12 09:08:52

If you have a high fat % then you need to a] burn fat and b] do some resistance training to build some lean muscle [don't worry, you won't look like a bodybuilder].
Squats and lunges are good for thighs, plus swimming is good overall.

CourgetteSmuggler Tue 02-Oct-12 10:25:26

go to youtube and look for 'pop pilates' there is a lady who does amazing videos called Cassey or Cassie.. she focuses on different areas of the body with 5 minutes clips.

they are very intense but work fantastically and quite addictive smile

Sleepwhenidie Tue 02-Oct-12 16:04:14

fatlazymummy (still not namechanged -hmmgrin) is right. You sound like you need to lose fat, but not necessarily weight. Change the balance of your diet so much less carbs and more protein and do regular squats and lunges, with interval training to blast the fat, should make a difference. Weight training is fantastic and will not angry make you bulk up unless you take up a regimen like Jodie Marsh, 7 hrs training a day, zero carbs etc and supplements.

TalkinPeace2 Tue 02-Oct-12 16:08:23

can you get to a BodyPump class or equivalent - 1-2kg for all the upper body work and 3-4 kg for the lower body should result in long flat dancer style muscles
but Yoga is really really good for it too ...

Pagwatch Tue 02-Oct-12 16:12:11

Interval training, squats and lunges.

Last year I had to search for wide cut boots.
This year - every single pair I tried on including Kurt Geiger fitted ones fit like a glove.

SilverSixpence Tue 02-Oct-12 17:08:00

I've got a kettle bell DVD does that sound like it would work? It was a killer though last time I tried!

SilverSixpence Tue 02-Oct-12 17:09:43

Pagwatch very envy

I have massive calves, and can't wear skinny jeans or normal boots! I will definitely look into interval training. But squats and lunges make my knees sore and creaky

TellMeLater Tue 02-Oct-12 17:30:19

Losing fat is the only way to slimmer legs, exercise has made my legs firmer but the layer of fat over the top oooowas the thing that had to change.

dinkystinky Tue 02-Oct-12 17:31:12

I've done interval training for years - and has done nothing to reduce my sizeable calves. They are however all muscle...

dinkystinky Tue 02-Oct-12 17:32:35

Though did find running and yoga helped slim my silhouette I guess

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