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NOW or NEVER, NO EXCUSES weight loss part 2

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Goldidi Sat 29-Sep-12 14:06:05

We've nearly grown out of the last thread here so i started the new one.

We're all doing different things but we're all here to support each other on the journey. We kick each other when we need it and offer sympathy when that's more appropriate.

Youcanringmybell Sat 29-Sep-12 14:12:24

Thank you Goldidi - here's to making more progress! Come in friends and newcomers....You are most welcome.

ICBINEG Sat 29-Sep-12 14:13:09

crashes on the couch of potato and looks sullenly at the pile of refrigerator cake she made for a cake competition and now doesn't know what to do with.

tiggy114 Sat 29-Sep-12 14:26:36

Marking my place on the new thread. Not looking forward to weigh in this week sad

TheHumancatapult Sat 29-Sep-12 14:43:05

Crashes in hides the crisps and chocolate no not round my mouth must been chocolates kiss of ds3

Sounds very familiar . I struggled with friendships due to moving and childhood experiancr si am struggling meet people here and especially ones feel I can trust , very much the outsider . Thank deck for Internet or think I lost the plot

Cant imagine how hard it is with DH away . But talk yell or cry away on here as much as you need to .

Can send you a human dustbin he take care of any cake .

rowingboat Sat 29-Sep-12 19:24:09

Hi all, ooh new thread! smile
So yesterday - nightmare! You know that Macmillan coffee morning? Well, let's just forget yesterday! blush
So today then, going better. Just went and bought some weight watchers caramel mallow wafers 55 cals and actually quite nice. This from somebody on a diet, so bit desparate. Pound land have quite cheap slimming stuff, also bought some Cadbury's highlights chocolate drink for, well a pound.
So quite hungry as usual, but have used up the day's calories except for 15. Hmm piece of licorice perhaps.
YCRMB you sound fed-up. Is today a better day for you?
I have just started af so feeling like eating a large chocolate torte, but that's life! I hope I, have actually lost some weight after this.
How is everyone?

Youcanringmybell Sat 29-Sep-12 19:26:28

I won't be weighing Monday...I haven't been too good today either. If I see a bad result I may fall off wagon completely so in order to crack on I am not going to let a bad result stop me. Will weigh the following monday once I have got a FUCKING GRIP OF MYSELF!!!

GOOD luck my lovelies

rowingboat Sat 29-Sep-12 19:37:56

YCRMB Oh dear! I know what you mean about feeling as if it would throw you to not have lost. Could you do a couple of days at normal calories, round 2000 to get rid of the hunger then go back to it? I am doing 1500 a day and I'm hungry so to be on 1000 must be unbearable.
You are doing your best so don't give yourself a hard time, it won't help your mood to beat yourself up. It's just a step back for now, but you have taken so many steps forward that you are forgetting. Remember how well you have done, and you have been taking such good care of the others on this thread you deserve a pat on the back!
Take care of yourself, you deserve it.

TheHumancatapult Sat 29-Sep-12 19:42:13

Sorry crappy week youcan but hopefully a better week next week . I try to look at mine over a month total rather than a week so I'd one week I don't loose or not enough or put on I know I still got time to make it up ( first 5 days was ok then had two days of and ate rather well as away no kids and food included at conference came back and found put bit on . but did not panic as knew had 3 weeks to get it of and to loose my monthly goal loss

Rowing boat you and me both in the calorie thing in seriously considering going to bed once Dd in hers . Ds1 and ds2 can go to bed when ever ( 19 and 15) so happy to leave them to it

xxxresixxx Sat 29-Sep-12 20:00:32

I had a curry last night to celebrate getting able to eat and DH having good news work wise. Karma bit me on the arse and I was up from 3am throwing up (which did not help my healing throat). Think there was some dodgy prawns in the curry :-(. Lesson learned....

rowingboat Sat 29-Sep-12 20:14:20

Catapult I'm hitting the herbal tea! Seems to help a bit to have a warm drink.

Xxxxx that sounds awful! Do you have that perverse satisfaction with gastric things that you may have lost some weight? I have that, but I am quite weird! grin

xxxresixxx Sat 29-Sep-12 20:18:04

I did think it was prob just as well as I had starter and main course and the main course was a super creamy Korma. That said, one week post tonsillectomy it bloody hurt :-(. I have hopefully given myself motivation today by buying some nice winter clothes in a size 12. I can just fit in then but any weight gain will mean I can't wear them. Hopefully its motivation....

tiggy114 Sat 29-Sep-12 20:36:03

I feel really stressed with DS being so
Unhappy at school so not used mfp all week. But thought i'd still been quite good. However a little pre weigh in weight check confirmed i'd gained a pound last night sad i'll try and do a poo before i weigh on sunday! Might break even with any luck grin

Tortoise Sat 29-Sep-12 20:55:56

Sorry you are having a bad time Youcan.
Seems like a few of us are struggling this week. I started off well this morning. Then went out with DDs and Dbro and they wanted Greggs! I wasn't going to have it but i spotted 'The spicy one' pie is back and its my favourite so i had one. Then had huge chocolate chip cookies from Tesco bakery.
Had a healthy dinner folled by a cookie and 2 yogurts!
I'm sure i will have gained this week but will still weigh in. Hopefully will give me the kick i need to get back to it. I really thought i had reached a good point and was going to keep it up. Damn cold was the downfall.

Project carnival costumes is well on its way! 2 layers of paper mache done. Once dry i will do another 2. Getting it dry is the biggest problem!

Will try and get out for a long dog walk tomorrow. Cold still lingering but a lot better than it was.

Youcanringmybell Sat 29-Sep-12 22:07:23

Don't worry folks - i am not going to give up. Just not been strong for the last two days! These two days will not ruin everything at all..I may do a fast day tomorrow and still weigh in on Monday and face up to any damage I have done. I am determined to have lost a stone atleast by christmas.
I feel a bit stronger again now!

some of us are feeling pressure and life is getting in the way. You are all doing brilliantly.

BUT the POINT is that even if we fll of the wagon we get straight back on. AND I AM. Goodnight ladies. I will see you on Monday morning.

TheHumancatapult Sun 30-Sep-12 11:20:11

How are you feeling today ?


Hope the sickness has passed

Tiggy glad I'm not only one that waits till had a good poo before weighing in

Youcanringmybell Sun 30-Sep-12 12:59:11

Hi human So far so good today..I havn't fasted but I am going back to my 1000 cal a day. Feel ok. I probably will weigh but will work really really hard next week. It all went wrong because i tried to socialise wih people and food. Everyone says 'oh go on have some cake' etc etc and I did and couldn't stop.

So I am back in detox now. This week will feel like week one for me but i have to suck it up. I want to be 182lbs by NEXT monday. Even if it KILLS me.

And honestly.......I think it might...

So how is everyone else??

Tortoise Sun 30-Sep-12 13:26:15

I ate 2 packets of crisps last night blush.
Doing ok so far today. Still really congested though. Just wish it would go away so I can feel better.

Carnival creations going well. smile

rowingboat Sun 30-Sep-12 13:55:36

Hi all,
Ycrmb I'm glad to hear you are feeling positive again. It's a long road, with many little steps and a few stumbles. Actually dieting is pretty boring, but it's nice to be able to come on here to obsess! grin
Resi that's great about the winter clothes you are going to fit into them!
Griggs should be banned, is there anything in there which is not calories laden and completely unhealthy. It would make things easier if they would close until .
I had a big bowl of porridge this morning with a tiny bit of milk and sweetener and some trail mix and it has kept me going really well. Think I will stop trying to scrimp on break, because it makes the rest of the day quite hard mentally.
Carrots and stuff for lunch then my mum is making me dinner!

FedUpOfRain Sun 30-Sep-12 13:55:44

Nice shiny new thread!!
Going hard on the exercise front today so I can try and get a decent weigh in for tomorrow. Over indulged on chocolate and wine on Friday night... blush
Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.

cookieowner Sun 30-Sep-12 14:23:43

HI everyone , sorry to hear a few people are feeling lack of motivation at the moment but we can all do this , it is possible , just try and remember how good it will feel when you are the size you want to be!
Ive been clearing out clothes ready for housemove and got rid of anything i know IS going to be too big for me very soon (she says hopefully)
I am going away next weekend so that will be a challenge and then moving house the week after so a lot of stress and fast meals needed but will try and minimise the damage!
I ordered some of those pizzas on my shopping delivery but they were out of stock , big disappointment
Keep at it everyone

JohnnyDeppsfuturewife Sun 30-Sep-12 18:28:54

Hello, it sounds like it's been a tough few days, I hope that everyone starts to feel happier and motivated again. I have had an ok few days, apart from a cheese binge, but then I'm 'cutting down' and changing habits rather than any proper diet. I have changed my behaviour a lot, biggest change is not having tea with girls at 5/6 (or their leftovers) and dinner with dh at 8.

Cookie, well done, thinking of throwing away my fat summer wardrobe because (hopefully) I'll never fit into it again!

jeansdoneupwitharubberband Sun 30-Sep-12 20:12:00

hello all, i joined this thread back at the end of aug, ive been dipping in and out to keep up when i can but not posting much, (im a self employed craftsperson and the run up to christmas is always mental busy) i have been getting on with it though and thought i would check in officially and say well done to everyone who is persevering!
I have been doing sw and enjoying it thoroughly, couldnt recommend it enough if there's anyone out there thinking about changing their plan of attack. I do an online weigh in on thursdays and so always forget to dip in here and join in on mondays blush
I started at 10 st 13 and have made it down so far to 10st 5, i did however have my part time job leaving dinner and drinks last night so it probably wouldnt say that if i stepped on the scales today!
Having read as much of the thread as i can (it is properly long!) its really encouraging to see how supportive everyone is being, and to follow everyones progress.
I would like to do a bit of cheerleading and say keep at it ladies! this race is a marathon not a sprint, please dont beat yourself up too badly if you have an off day or it really wont hurt to treat yourself every now and then.
I'm proof of this, In the last month i have had 4 pretty naughty meals out, but i have got back on the wagon after each one. This is the most important part! i used to say 'oh well ive had a pizza, might as well eat that big bag of maltesers now!' so silly.
Dont give up just because of one bad day or even a whole week, weigh yourself anyway, it might not be that bad, if it is use it as fuel to be better the next day/week, just keep going! <puts pom poms down>
I think i should post more often, rather than write an essay once a monthgrin

Youcanringmybell Sun 30-Sep-12 21:08:46

Thank you jeans - very true. A marathon not a sprint. I have had just Friday and saturday eating normally and it is unheard of that I would start again on a Sunday - but I have.

I have come to believe in my own words near the beginning of thread one and that one bad day doesn't give us the excuse put on another stone. If we ALL EAT WELL 90% of the time we will see good results.

Sorry for being a miserable ARSE this last couple of days everyone. I am ALL OVER IT a rash...

Dreading weigh in though...shock

xxxresixxx Sun 30-Sep-12 22:46:42

I have just had dominos blush

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