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I put on weight by eating junk. Can I lose it by cutting the junk out - or do I need to 'diet'?

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MorrisZapp Thu 27-Sep-12 13:50:44

I've put on about a stone in the last year, and I know why. I've eaten far too many sweets, choccies, crisps etc, in addition to my normal meals.

I am now embarrassed enough to actually take action. I have not eaten junky snacks for a few days. The question is, will cutting out the extra junk make me lose that stone, if I keep it up?

Or will I have to properly restrict calories to lose the extra pounds?

I eat a pretty healthy three meals a day. It's just all the other stuff that's made the weight creep on.

mummymeister Thu 27-Sep-12 14:45:23

Depends on your age really. you may find if you go back to eating what you did before minus the junk that you just stay the weight you are. better to find a diet that works for you either as a club like SW or WW or something online and try and shift it a pound or two a week. it took a year to go on so might take 6 months to get off and stay off. also being overweight is about the habit of it so whilst you can see that you are eating junk there might be some hidden calories in there to. i would say look at your exercise and then look at joining a club to get the stone off.

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