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cinnamongreyhound Mon 17-Sep-12 11:14:45

A shiny new thread for existing users of mfp and for anyone new who would like to join us for support, bottom kicking and general chatting smile

Old thread here

HeavenlyWineandRoses Mon 11-Feb-13 21:05:15

I am not very good at keeping up with this thread but have been having a lovely read and catch up with everyone's news.

I mentioned ages ago that my DH thinks I shouldn't be doing this and SW. He thinks that it ought to be one or other and it's true that I have been ignoring syn values and counting calories since I started MFP. I'm really just using SW for the motivation of the weigh ins. It would be just too complicated to be counting syns and calories. Anyway, my weight loss is continuing fairly consistently so my pick'n'mix diet seems to be working.

Good news is that I went to the doctor today as my abs had come apart when I was pregnant and he confirmed they are back together so I can get back to exercise. I bought The Shred ages ago and can't wait to give it a go. Does nyone know if I hneed to buy weights?

chops, where are you going on hols? I love and live for holidays but don't get so many these days so love to hear about others' holidays. We are going to ibiza at the end of May - can't tell you how excited I am especially as I may even be bikini fit by then (if you ignore the stretch marks wink).

mrsnec Mon 11-Feb-13 21:24:56

Yes have a lovely time chops. I'm kind of on holiday countdown too going to Italy for a long weekend this week.

Changing the subject not heard of Body Blitz. Great news you can excersise again heavenly! I have the SW dilema too. I didn't have any luck with it before. But my MIL is on it for the millionth time and is trying to convince me my weightloss would be better on it. She only does green days and is a fan due to sheer volume of food. She thinks me doing just calorie counting is making me feed DH less so I've got him on it to keep her happy but it's really annoying me giving him such big dinners how does that help with sensible eating? My DM has worked for WW for years. I considered doing either one as well as MFP until I realised that what I'm eating fits in with both plans anyway. So I don't think it's worth doing both unless, like you, you have a good meeting. My MIL is losing at the same rate as me but she's doing 3 hours of excersise a day so I think that might be why not the SW plan.

twinkle183 Mon 11-Feb-13 23:41:33

Evening ladies....

Have been a complete pig since Sunday post weigh in and will have probably put that 2lb back on thanks to the essay from hell and my dissertation breathing down my neck hmmconfused

But have decided that instead of giving up chocolate for lent... I am gonna give up crap bad food instead and eat only clean food!! Also do insanity to see what changes happen to me and my body! Am gonna limit my calories to my BMR..

So will enjoy my pancakes tomorrow and let the battle commence on Wednesday... Me vs fat!! Lol

Welcome to any newbies, feel free to add me! I shall catch up later!! Xxxsmile

LittleAbruzzenBear Tue 12-Feb-13 06:50:59

Hi Twinkle. Stress is a trigger for wanting to eat crap. Just do what you're doing and start again. I keep that in mind myself, if I trip up, just start again the next day and the damage (if any) can be undone. Hope your essay was ok!

Chopstheduck Tue 12-Feb-13 06:55:32

Heavenly, off to Montréal for half term week, just me and dh for a lovely romantic break. grin

I live for holidays too, and my motivation for losing weight was to get slim for our main holiday this year - going to California end of July, and I really need to lose 3 stone before then to fit into my nice holiday wardrobe. Managed to squeeze into my old jeans this morning, but even most of my size 16 clothes are just that teeny bit too tight. So I'm going to have to go shopping today and get something to wear. I won the Montréal trip in a radio competition and a meal in a very posh restaurant was part of the prize - I need something dressy!

That's great news about your abs! I need exercise in order to be able to lose weight, so I can at least 'earn' the odd treat.

Good for you twinkle! I'd almost forgotten about pancake day. And def not doing lent!

I miss Norfolk! I'm hoping to go up for a few days in May, spend some time with family, take the kids to the pier for the penny slots!

WiseKneeHair Tue 12-Feb-13 08:58:12

Morning everyone, very jealous of those off on holiday for half term. I'm having to work, but I'm looking forward to going to Lanzarote for Easter. Seven weeks until we go and I want to have lost another 10 pounds by then as that should get me firmly into a size 12. Not sure I'm brave enough for a bikini confused
I lost another 1.8 lbs today, so 11 in total. Very smile and motivated.
Haven't heard of body blitz, but yes, you do need weights for shred, I would suggest 1 or 2 lb to start with. I'm thinking of upping mine to 3lb weights and I've been doing it since 1st Jan, started off on 1.75lb weights.

PinkCustard Tue 12-Feb-13 09:46:19

Is it Pancake day today??!

Well done Wise on the loss. My hols aren't til July and my aim is to wear a bikini and show off a toned, flat stomach...Here's hoping!

Body Blitz is a healthy eating plan where you stick to the 5 rules for the 1st 2 weeks, and can then add little bits back in in moderation (e.g. glass of wine at the weekends). The rules are:

1) No wheat (I've been wanting to try going wheat-free for a while so this is good motivation)
2) No dairy (apart from a small milk allowance for breakfast or in tea/coffee)
3) No sugar (my major problem area)
4) No carbs after 6pm
5) No alcohol

They sound quite daunting to start with but the book has lots of examples of nice sounding meal ideas, and I think it will be just the thing to break me out of my awful eating habits. I rarely eat 3 meals a day and rely heavily on junky snack foods.

I don't need to lose a massive amount (although would love to finally rid myself of my muffin-top!) but I really want to start eating healthily, with lots of fruit and veg and no junk.

So I'm starting straight away but will deviate from it on a few occasions over the next 2 weeks as have already got things booked in - V's Day meal on Thursday, drinks out on Friday, away for a couple of nights over half-term. BUT I think it's better to get started and make some changes straight away otherwise I'll eat badly for the next 2 weeks with the excuse that I'm starting after half-term.

Think there's a website that accompanies the book so I'll go and have a look for that. Starting with banana/sultana porridge for breakfast Mmmmm.

BumBiscuits Tue 12-Feb-13 11:12:36

Hi everyone

I'm still at the 5:2, 2nd week in. I thought I was going great guns last week and was pleased with my loss of 6.75lbs. I put on 5lbs overnight on Sunday and though I managed to lose two of those by today I'm 3.5 lbs down overall in just over 3 weeks.

I'm well aware of the reasons for not weighing daily but I can't help it. I may get DH to hide the scales from me.

LittleAbruzzenBear Tue 12-Feb-13 13:22:53

Afternoon all! I'm sticking with the 5:2, I'm three weeks in now. I am a foodie so it works for me so far as I hate the idea of not having what I want! I didn't have any wine at the weekend and am not as hungry on non-fast days, which is great.

cinnamongreyhound Tue 12-Feb-13 13:23:58

Glad it's working out for you HeavenlyWineandRoses smile

Never heard of Anna Richardson pinkcustard, I have got my calories sorted now but I eat too much crap, not sure that will ever change! Eek just read your next post along, definitely not for me! No sugar and no wheat is definitely off the alcohol would be fine and no carbs after 6 may encourage me to make the effort to get dinner earlier wink

I agree with you mrsnec, I am totally convinced that it doesn't matter what your calories are made up of as long as you are burning the same/less than you are burning. Everyone I know who has done sw has ended up gaining again as they are used to eating a lot and when you then add in things that are off the plan you cannot control what you eat. Others may disagree and I found the first few weeks on mfp hard as I was hungry but I am hungry less often and know when I'm full now and I believe that is the way to be but see above about crap!

Sorry to hear you've been stuffing yourself twinkle183 but good that you have a plan and enjoy your pancakes!

I find daily weigh ins interesting and helps me keep track BumBiscuits but if it gets you down best not to do it!

I have got a new lovely posh dress, saw it in the next sale and it was too much of a bargain not to buy esp. as I got gift cards for Christmas but I have nowhere to wear it!! I can't link to it as it comes up on a whole page, may try to add the photo I've got. As for bikinis I will never wear one sad I have been big all my life and 18 1/2 st at biggest and having had two babies I don't think my belly will ever be normal again. It's such a shame as I have excellent abs underneath, can see them at the side but the flabby skin is horrible. When I started losing weight one of my aims was having a round belly button but that will never happen. My skin is definitely shrinking and my arms are much better than they were but I don't think even time will fix my belly!

Finally, thought I'd start a new thread as we're almost at the end of this one shock so it is here.

twinkle183 Tue 12-Feb-13 21:04:09

Well that's it... Bring on lent and new me....

Really enjoyed the pancakes but not loving the carbo coma!! So in my brand new bed... And I have got to say OMG!!! It's devine..... I don't know why I didn't part why I put up with that awful bed I had been sleeping on for the last 5 years!!! Lol

Hope everyone's enjoyed pancake day!!!! X

HeavenlyWineandRoses Wed 13-Feb-13 02:33:26

Thanks for the advice on SW, Mrsnec and Cnnamon. I have per-paid to April so think I'll stick with the meetings (if not rigidly to the plan) until then. All things being equal, I should have reached my target weight by then so would then use MFP to maintain.

Chops, how amazing that you won such a cool holiday. Well done. California in the summer sounds wonderful too.

wiseknee, thanks for the advice re weights. I shall have a look for some in town tomorrow.

Twinkle, hope you're sleeping beautifully in your new bed. I am hoping to upgrade our bed linen to fancy high thread count stuff this spring and can't wait for that.

Bumbiscuits, another daily weigher here too. I have weighed myself daily for about ten years (holidays aside). I can't ever see myself stopping.

I feel a nasty cold coming on. My throat is aching and I am exhausted. i knew i'd be up breastfeeding before long so wHy couldn't I have gone to bed early instead of searching for completely unnecessary and frivolous things to buy on ebay. The eBay app is too good and my ebay addiction is getting worse by the day.

jchocchip Wed 13-Feb-13 05:44:10

Morning all! Lent begins. I pigged a bit on chocolate aversion therapy yesterday in advance of going choc free until Easter. Will try and snack on fruit and do lots of exercise too. I was weighing daily on the wii but fortunately have managed to cut down to every 3/4 days. Was going to say abou new threas - I'm on phone so can't link will jump there and mark place.
New thread

RGPargy Wed 20-Feb-13 22:24:17

Evening all! Just bookmarking smile

cinnamongreyhound Thu 21-Feb-13 10:01:10

This is the old thread RGPargy should be a link to new one on my last post smile

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