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how to deal with having 3-4 stone to lose?

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nearlyfinisheduni Thu 13-Sep-12 20:51:08

hi i have between 3 and 4 stone to lose and have been overweight for the past four years. Every day i 'start again' as i sabotage my healthy eating the day before. I think it is because i have a significant amount of weight to lose it just seems so impossible, how do i deal with this and sort it out once and for all?

nearlyfinisheduni Sat 06-Oct-12 20:42:47

actually coffee your post wasn't small but rather large and full of useful thoughts!

nearlyfinisheduni Sat 06-Oct-12 20:41:45

hi everyone, i had no idea people were still replying to my post thank you all so much for the advice, especially coffeeformeplease, you have summed up how to tackle this in one small post and have made me feel really motivated. I have always thought eurghh 4 stone to lose it loads and become overwhelmed but i will change my mindset to wanting to weigh no more than 10 stone and take a day as it comes, thank you so much smile

Coffeeformeplease Sat 06-Oct-12 12:33:24

Hi there (my first ever post)
How to deal with having 4 stone to lose? Never stop believing that you can do it.
Because you can! Everyone can. I know because I did it ;)
I lost 5 stone in a period of 10 months, did my own plan, stuck to it. I was overweight, very overweight for 10 years and had crossed the border to obese last year and that did it for me. I had enough, wanted to go back to the shape I was before children, and I did, from 15 stone to 10, from size 16/18 to 10.
I changed my way of eating: I eat only when I'm hungry, 3 meals (no skipping breakfast!), no snacks, low carb, high protein, and most importantly: I separated food from emotion. No more eating when I'm stressed, bored, depressed, lonely, upset, angry...
I think most women know exactly how much calories any random food has, I've been a walking calorie-spreadsheet for years, and we know how much to eat and what better not to eat. Nobody tells you though how to undo bad eating habits once you start eating for any other reason than hunger.

Secondly, exercise: I only did and still do exercise I love. I've had gym memberships for years and never shifted more than a few miserable pounds.
Find something you love doing, so you don't have to force yourself, everyone loves some kind of exercise, you just have to find out what it is!
As for setting goals, I did set myself a very ambitious goal, I wanted to be no more than 11 stone. But I didn't set a time frame, I just did what I described and waited patiently, and the pounds dropped, continuously. After I reached my goal I just let my body find the right weight, and that seems to be 10 stone (I'm 5'7). I've been this weight since March.
Btw I didn't cut out cakes, etc completely, just ate them only once a week, and only a small piece, and really really enjoyed it, took my time. No more snacking in front of telly, computer, while reading. And I did drink alcohol as well, so there is a God ;)
I tell you what though, it costs a lot of money clotheswise, you will need a complete new wardrobe.
Good luck, start today, sort out any emotional issues around food (make lists of what you eat and when and why) you're worth it, you can do it!

sookiesookie Sat 06-Oct-12 08:35:11

I also second, third, fourth and fifth the advice to take small steps. smile.

I still have some weight to loose but only think about the next 7lbs or what I would like to be by the end of the month.

sookiesookie Sat 06-Oct-12 08:33:16

I have lost 4 stone. My fitness pal app on my phone is the best thing ever. I committed to record everything ever day (good and bad).
When you have to record the calories, its amazing how it changes your thinking. It really helps me keep to the healthier choices.

xxxresixxx Sat 06-Oct-12 07:19:14

I did it through Ww. I found just concentrating on losing my weekly goal was the easy way. All those 1lb and 2lb add up! Sometimes if I had a big event I would set myself a target weight and a target weekly loss plan. Felt very achievable that way..

rhondagraymond Sat 06-Oct-12 06:31:22

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worldcitizen Fri 21-Sep-12 16:35:51


Fluffy1234 Fri 21-Sep-12 16:34:57

Well done on losing 4 kg... Getting started is definitely the hardest bit so well done.

worldcitizen Fri 21-Sep-12 16:30:11

Thanks Fluffy this is amazing. I mean truly amazing, I guess I did intuitively the right thing then, cause I stopped putting sugar in my tea or coffee, and no coke or other fuzzy drinks and am only drinking regular coffee, not the Starbucks kind with syrup etc. and am only eating cake/pies (not more than two pieces slices) on Sunday afternoon....and other than that eat everything, but have three meals, and no munching in between, and am also not hungry in between, and have lost 4 kilograms in the last 6 weeks, with sitting a lot at the desk in front of computer and no exercise at all, which I do want to start.
Thanks again fluffy I will keep reading your reply. It is amazing!!!!

talkin thanks for inviting me over, I will have a look this evening and read and then join.
I find reaching the 40mark and having change of my body, hormones, and metabolism makes it harder to shift weight. And I gained all my weight while living in the US, but thankfully have at least not gained anymore, but am trying to lose 3-4 stone within the next year or year and a half.
And want to be fitter, as in toned and fit, so I can prepare well for the next decade and possibly prevent illnesses and other nuisances...
And what you're describing seems to be the aim of that thread. I'll come over later!!!! Thanks talkin

TalkinPeace2 Fri 21-Sep-12 15:39:08

Come and have a look at the 5:2 thread - number 4 has just started

The thing with 5:2 (which is intermittent fasting - eat next to nothing two days a week and a healthy version of normal the other 5)
is that you cannot "fail" - as you just decide that a different day is the fast day.
It's not just a weight loss programme. Its a wholly different way of thinking about food that will be with you no matter how thin you get.

The long term goal of 5:2 is to avoid diabetes / heart disease / stroke / alzheimers
weight loss is merely a means to that end.

Fluffy1234 Fri 21-Sep-12 14:24:24

I did my own plan. Last Easter I banned all chocolate, crisps, biscuits, ice-cream, cakes and sweets. It took about 10 weeks to lose a stone. I then got used to not having the treats so upped things a bit and cut right down on carbs. The second and third stone took 6 weeks each to lose. The 4 th stone took 10 weeks. I then slowly introduced carbs last October but the weight still came of until Christmas and then it just stayed the same for 6 weeks. By low carb I mean if I made a roast dinner I would just have the meat and veg and no potatoes etc. I kept things really simple and never cheated. Weight came of every single week varying from 1 pound to never more than 2 and a half pounds. I didn't exercise at all as found it made me starving and I felt my priority was to get to grips with my eating. I now do a 22 minute Davina Macall workout DVD every day at home. I still haven't eaten chocolate, cakes or biscuits but have everything else.

worldcitizen Fri 21-Sep-12 13:53:19

kaloobear Wolfie and Fluffy how have you done this? With which food or exercise plan have you managed this awesome achievement?

Have you posted here somewhere before or do you have your own thread? if yes, would you please be so kind and link me to it?! Thanks.

mummymeister Wed 19-Sep-12 14:25:14

i hit the menopause and all my joints started groaning under the strain of my weight. i have tried to shift it alone so many times and nothing has worked so i started at slimming world. i have about 6 stone to lose and am breaking it up into small chunks. i also weigh in kilos because i cannot bear seeing it in stones and pounds. i can only do it if someone else is helping me. i would love not to have to spend the money on it or give up the time but know i need it. small little targets has to be the way to go. to quote alex polizzi stop looking for the big picture and go for the small one.

TerraNotSoFirma Tue 18-Sep-12 16:45:01

I am currently around 13.5 stone, losing 3 would be great, 4 would be amazing.
My plan is to start eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. No snacks. Drink lots of water. I also want to do an hours walking per day, maybe with toning trainers on? (anyone got any recommendations?)

Which scales would you recommend? The cheaper, the better.

Fluffy1234 Tue 18-Sep-12 16:30:49

I went from 13 and a half stone to 9 stone last year. I aimed for half a stone at a time and never thought of the weight as the whole 4 and a half stone. I treated myself to some thing non foody such as nice candles or bath products after every half stone.
I cut down and cut back on things in a couple of stages rather than risk it being to difficult at the beginning and jacking it all in. Firstly I got to grips with evening snacking by eating a lot more in the day , then I cut carbs.
I have maintained for 9 months so far.
Good luck.

TheHumancatapult Tue 18-Sep-12 06:41:17

Go for small weights I lost over 50lb still same to go but I look at originally was a stone and buy myself a treat at the moment it's shoes and if you know my story then it's in reality very funny that I now have shoe habit grin

Wolfiefan Mon 17-Sep-12 22:04:03

Lost just over 4 stone so far this year. (Still more to lose!) I decided on some rewards and treated myself every half a stone. I signed up for race for life.
Small changes make all the difference. Drink more water. Eat healthy food. But more exercise.
Good luck.

Kaloobear Mon 17-Sep-12 21:56:12

I lost 5st over 6 months and honestly, the only way to go is to see it in small weekly losses. There might even be some gains in there, but as long as the general trend is down it's fine. Make yourself a graph so you have something to see your losses on, and also measure your waist and hips every couple of weeks-sometimes if you don't lose pounds you lose inches instead!

TheArmadillo Mon 17-Sep-12 13:02:10

I have lost 5 stone now, but have another 4 to go. I use as well as exercising. I started improving my habits in January but if you told me then what I was doing now in terms of food and exercise I would have told you it was impossible.

Small changes in your lifestyle add up. Start exercising a bit more and dropping the calories. I started at 2000cal a day and have dropped bit by bit until I now am around 1500-1600 per day. The bigger you are the quicker you can lose weight and the more calories you can eat while losing. However you have to alter this as you get smaller.

Every loss helps your health, so whether its 10lb or 50lb it will do you good. Break it down into small goals, both weight ones and fitness ones and it won't be so overwhelming.

BehindLockNumberNine Mon 17-Sep-12 12:56:56

I have lost just over 3stone. Have another two or three to go. Like you I found it really hard to get going but once I set myself a target of 10lbs - and achieved it - it became much easier to keep going for the next 10, and the next 10...
Have hit a bit of a block at the moment but am plugging away at these little targets...

Come over to the My Fitness Pal thread - lots of support there smile

eagerbeagle Mon 17-Sep-12 12:54:08

I have lost 4 stone over 2 years (also had DD during that time). I second the small goals. I used 7/10 pound goals which made it more realistic and achievable. I rewarded myself each time I hit a mini goal.

I also focused on the long term, ie where I wanted to be in 12 months time. 1/2 pound a week = 26 pounds in a year. 1/2 a pound a week weight loss is pretty easy to achieve. So if I had a nice dinner out or ate a little more at the weekend that was fine. It allowed me to keep focused on my eating as long as I was fairly careful 80% of the time I still lost weight and I didn't feel deprived. It has helped me reeducate myself so that I can keep the weight off. If I over indulge I just eat more conservatively for a few days.

I also built more activity into my lifestyle although I did/do no "formal" exercise. I probably walk at least 2 miles 5 days a week, often more, and clock up 5/6 miles on at least one weekend day.

I didn't think I could do it but I did and I feel so much better now.

Catrin Sun 16-Sep-12 01:08:47

My HUGE motivator was seeing a photo of me. I thought I looked great, but got photographed from the back and actually looked bloody awful. Joined SW one week later and within 18 months lost 3 1/2 stone.
For me, it was the motivation of wanting to look nice shallow.
I wanted to wear nice clothes and feel good. I went from a size 16 to a 10 and I felt flipping marvellous. I would do it again tomorrow if needed, as no matter how hard it was, nothing beats the feel of feeling good about yourself.

pantaloons Sat 15-Sep-12 09:28:45

Hope you don't mind me adding my bit, my Mum has done this recently. She joined weightwatchers and has lost 4 1/2 stone since February going from a size 22 to a 14/16.

She was also set small targets and a slightly bigger target. WW give give glass pebbles for every 1/2 stone and set this as a target, as well as aiming for a 10% loss overall, once met they aim for 20%. (I think). Mum doesn't stay for the talk afterwards, she just needs somebody going "ooh well done/not done too well this week" to motivate her and the thought of spending a fiver to put on weight also keeps her on track. In fact when she lost 50lb she was supposed to hang around for a certificate, but was mortified by the idea and slipped out. The certificate thing does work well for others though.

I know from talking to Mum that it has taken her many tries to get to the point where she was motivated enough to stick to ww, but as soon as she and others could see a difference in her shape it made a huge difference to her commitment and I have seen a massive change not only in her health, but in her overall happiness as not being able to shift what she calls "the weight" was really getting her down. For her it was a vicious circle of felling low about her weight, eating to feel better and putting weight on, so feeling low....

Sorry about the mammoth post, I hope it doesn't come across as suck eggish, it's just that I'm really proud of her and the differences I see in her.

fatlazymummy Sat 15-Sep-12 09:16:21

I have lost over 4 stones. I would agree with setting yourself smaller targets. I think I initially aimed for about 18 pounds loss, this was enough for me to notice the difference in clothes and so motivated me to carry on.
The most important thing really is to find a way of enjoying it, ie a way of eating that you enjoy and exercise that you like and feel good at [walking is a great start]. That way you don't feel deprived.
I also made a point of buying a few new outfits for myself as I lost weigh [I had to as I had been fat for so long], and always doing my hair and make up etc, to build up my self esteem.
Lastly, don't panic or give up if you don't lose weight every single week. You will have your ups and downs, weight loss isn't always constant, especially for women.
Good luck!

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