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dukan diet diary

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nuks Fri 31-Aug-12 12:23:01

Hi Ladies, I'm new here on the board but have been reading for a while now..

To make a long story short I'm going through a really hard time right now, dealing with separation.. 7-yr relationship and a 4-yr daughter. We moved to London last year from abroad so my social network isn't very large, to say the least. (n.b: I do love London though and planning to stay.) This is just a bit of background info to help you understand.

The reason I'm actually on the board is because I'm starting a diet. I'm unhappy with my looks and none of my clothes fit me, and my budget definitely doesn't allow for a wardrobe overhaul. So I'll use this thread as a diet diary and hope to get some encouragement and perhaps advice from you.

I've chosen the Dukan diet I'm at 69kg now and would like to get to 59kg, which is my pre-pregnancy weight (sorry can't get my head around stones and pounds yet). I actually dropped close to 60 kg when breastfeeding but have gained way too much weight since.

This is the plan:
5-day Attack phase starting tomorrow. (I've actually started 'light' today, just to prepare my body for it, so not eating pasta and breads and sugars today)
Cruise phase - the online Dukan calculator says that by the 9th of November I should get to 59kg, so I should lost 10kg in just a but over 2 months.
Consolidation - that's supposed to last 100days or so, after Cruise.

Thanks for having the patience to read so far. Hoping to hear from you along the way and if anyone wants to join in and diet, I'd be thrilled smile

bishboschone Fri 31-Aug-12 13:39:24

Good luck .. No one really posts on the other one but I am happy to keep you company .. I am nearly at the end of my cruise but I haven't lost all my weight yet so we will see if I keep going or not . I too was trying to lose my baby weight and getting no where with cutting back and exercise so dukan it is . I won't lie , its hard but I have gone from a chubby 12-14 14 to a easy 8-10 over the summer holidays so I hope that gives you the incentive to keep at it .

nuks Fri 31-Aug-12 13:49:25

thanks so much, that definitely gives me hope. i'm not even sure what size I am anymore, i haven't gon shopping in ages, i'm just wearing the largest clothes i can find in my wardrobe.

to be honest, I'm very skeptical about diets in general, after watching some of my old friends go through them - and none of them seem to have worked. however, I have to do something about this weight as it's an extra reason for feeling low these days.. so here I am.

ps. just had a coffee and almost forgot not to put honey in it smile

(i use honey instead of sugar, normally)

nuks Fri 31-Aug-12 13:53:43

forgot to ask, what's the most difficult thing about Dukan, for you? when I'm thinking about it for me it's breads, pasta, rice etc but also fruit and cheese. I'm a cheese fan smile

bishboschone Fri 31-Aug-12 14:00:21

To be honest it's all hard . I love bread and pasta but the first few days are the hardest , you kind of lose your appetite and cravings go so you don't miss it so much . I was around 11.7 stone and am now around 9.7 all in 6 weeks . You will need steely willpower but I hate being fat with a vengeance so it was worry it for me . smile

nuks Fri 31-Aug-12 14:18:58

thanks, wow i'm really impressed now, good for you! what's your final target, are you going by the one recommended by the online calculator? the true weight?

mistlethrush Fri 31-Aug-12 14:24:08

DH has been doing this now for about 4 months - he's got a lot to lose - but just in the last 2 weeks (when we were away for one of them too) he's lost 1/2 stone.

He is using things like chillis a lot - and likes the beefburger recipe in the book - he sometimes makes 2 batches, one with herbs (that DS can share) and one with chillis (just for him) (I'm vegetarian so its not exactly ideal for me).

bishboschone Fri 31-Aug-12 15:29:21

The app says I should be 9 stone 2 do yes . I have been 8.7 before but it's way to difficult to maintain so 9 stone will do me fine .if I ever get there !

nuks Fri 31-Aug-12 16:34:22

in my case the app says 59kg and that's also roughly my pre-pregnancy weight (might have been 57-58, can't remember). anything under 60kg would do smile

bishboschone Fri 31-Aug-12 16:37:35

Yeah I'm a bit like that . I put on 5 stone during pregnancy so 9 anything would do but I'm aiming for 9 nothing smile

nuks Fri 31-Aug-12 20:29:01

@bishboschone is your skin looking dull after losing weight so quickly? I read online that skin might be affected by this diet, might look saggy and tired. Is that something I should worry about?

And just out of curiosity, are you doing the walks and taking the stairs every single day? Luckily my walk to the train station is 10-min one way and my bldg doesn't have a lift.

But, I work on the 3rd floor of a tall bldg so there will be no excuse for not taking the stairs smile

bishboschone Fri 31-Aug-12 21:52:09

Yes I try to exercise every day . I used to run before this child but I find it too hard now but I walk
A lot . My skin is fine but I think you should try a d exercise to tone as you go . I have very good abs despite having a c section but I do have too much skin on my tummy . I did have that after first pregnancy so I'm not worried as I can hide skin not a great big fat tummy . I have had a lot of stress in the last two months so I have lost it quicker than most .

nuks Sat 01-Sep-12 10:07:47

Thanks, I'm thinking of taking up swimming after I'm done with the attack phase but then I've said that before...

Day 1 of the attack phase: 68kg this morning. So this is my official starting weight. A long way to 59 smile

The light start yesterday seems to have worked to some extent as I've been going to the bathroom non-stop yesterday night.

Breakfast today: 2 fried eggs with a slice of smoked salmon on the top and a black coffee, which I'm enjoying now. For lunch I've no idea what I'll be eating, probably turkey or chicken. I've ordered oat bran but it hasn't arrived yet so I'll have to go find some in a nearby store.

I find it hard not to taste my daughter's food... I normally do that to make sure it's fine and/or hot. I guess this is a bad habit?!

I'm signing off for the weekend, will report back on Monday, hopefully with some minimal weight loss. It'll be hard, as I'm going to a b-day dinner tomorrow - luckily it's a small one, at my friends' home and she agreed to let me help her cook my food.

This feels good, hopefully I can stick with it! :-)

Good luck to everyone who's dieting!

bishboschone Sat 01-Sep-12 12:28:19

Ok good luck .. smile

bishboschone Mon 03-Sep-12 07:45:31

How was your weekend?

nuks Mon 03-Sep-12 09:38:05

great smile i survived and I'm at 67.2 on day 3, down drom 68 in day 1. my friends made fun of me trying to feed me cake and alcohol but i resisted heroically.

which brings me to a question, I haven't checked - is alcohol allowed? i don't really drink much but still need to know.

bishboschone Mon 03-Sep-12 10:27:06

I don't think alcohol is allowed . Definately not wine . I know some on the other thread who have ' cheated 'a bit and still lost but for me I was so desperate to feel like me again I boycotted it completely . I never drunk that much before , only on evenings out so it didn't matter that much to me .

bishboschone Mon 03-Sep-12 10:27:25

Good start by the way smile

madoldbird Mon 03-Sep-12 12:56:47

Hi, may I join you all? I started doing Dukan almost 2 weeks ago. I did 6 days attack, and am now in cruise. I have lost 8lb so far, I was 12st 10 and I am aiming to get down to 10st 5. I had one lapse last week, and now really regret it (meal out with wine). Apart from that i am really enjoying the diet, in a strange sort of way!!

It would be good to have others to chat to, I did join the Dukan forum, but it doesn't seem very active, and the moderators seem to come down quite heavily on people who own up to lapses. (Their comments may be true, but we all need a bit of encouragement at times like that, I think)

nuks Mon 03-Sep-12 13:20:34

@maldolbird: you're welcome. The more the merrier, we can keep eachother company. 8lbs is great, I'll take any lbs off smile I dont think you should worry about ONE lapse perhaps only if you repeat it a couple of times in the next month you should rethink it all?

Re lapses, I'm not planning on following the diet 100% but will try as much as possible to stick to it. I'm human and there is a chance I will lapse. However, I truly believe that changing my eating habits and losing some weight would be beneficial for my health so I'll try.

I tend to it too much bread - almost with every meal! - and that is the habit that I want to break the most. I'm also a cheese addict - it's true! smile - and I have to eat less cheese and eat more varied. And while we're at it, reducing my coffee intake would help as well, I'm drinking the equivalent of 4 coffees a day (2 double espressos).

bishboschone Mon 03-Sep-12 14:08:20

Yes join us here , the other thread isn't very active .. I like having someone to chat to about my dukaning and use mumsnet mobile so I'm alway here .smile

SandWitch Mon 03-Sep-12 14:17:33

Hello, I'd like to join as well please!

I have started today, and really hope that this thread will keep me on the straight and narrow.

I am <<whispers>> 13st and 6lb - so have about 2 and a half stone to lose. I am 5ft 10 so 11 stone puts me in a comfortable size 12; I am now a size 16.
I have a lot to do!

I plan to do attack for 5 days and my first goal is to lose at least 10lbs over the next 5 weeks in time for my 40th birthday.

nuks I am a bread fiend too and really do not know why I do it to myself as I know that it is no good for me. I feel bloated and crappy when I eat it, but find it hard to resist.

Good luck to us all - it will be great to have some company smile

nuks Mon 03-Sep-12 15:07:26

@SandWitch: welcome! and good luck to all of us. I'll be posting my weigh in results at least once a week, and at the end of attack and cruise stages - feel free to do the same, whatever works for you.

I've just turned 37 in August and decided on my b-day that it was time to do something... after trying half the clothes in wardrobe in search for something that fits nicely. The rest of the clothes (the other half) don't fit at all but I can't get myself to throw/give them away. My mum always says, when visiting - 'but you have so many clothes'. No, I don't, it's like they don't exist anymore.

nuks Mon 03-Sep-12 15:08:44

ps. and I'm actually avoiding shopping, I hate the fitting room mirrors!

SandWitch Mon 03-Sep-12 16:24:41

I have been telling myself for years that fitting room mirrors lie - but I can't very well say that every mirror lies, so have no choice but to do something about it.

Actually, it kind of feels quite liberating, to make a decision and feel determined to stick with it. I want to do this for me.

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