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Anyone else like support for maintaining?

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cinnamongreyhound Sun 26-Aug-12 19:54:33

I have recently lost 5st5 over 10 months using reduced calories and mfp as well as starting the c25k and now running regularly.

I am on the mfp support thread and the ladies there are lovely but I feel a bit guilty posting about maintaining when so many of them have large amounts to lose. I was hoping to find some others who are in the same position as well as keeping up with how my mfpers are doing. Still logging on mfp and have maintained between 60.5 and 61.5kg for the last month.

ssmile Sun 10-Mar-13 08:36:52

Wow you doing really well with the running. Hope you enjoying it. Its fab when you get in a place where you can be really proud of your achievements. Especially when you have little children and life feels at time a constant round of snotty noises,packed lunch making, toy picking up and broken sleep grin Im enjoying a poached egg sandwich in bed this mothers day morning smile It normally had been a fried egg but as i cant eat them at mo my DH face sank when i asked for a poached one, as he had just agreed to do eggie bread for eldest DD, scrambled egg for ypungest DD, cooking himself a fried egg n bacon! Then i heard the toddler hurl her cereal bowl on the floor so I hid under the duvet grin he can deal with them this morning! SO nice to have a quiet breakfast for once.

cinnamongreyhound Wed 13-Mar-13 15:57:09

I really am enjoying it, hoping to go to the track this evening for something a bit different if my friends dh is home in time. If not we'll just go for a run locally.

Your breakfasts sound like mine, I do often wonder why everyone likes something different. Weird though that I do it for breakfast but at tea time no matter what everyone prefers I only do one thing!! I had ds1's friend sleeping over (little boy I used to childmind so him and ds1 have been together 2 days a week since they were one), he and my two bought me a present each and dh bought me tea. Had a bunch of tulips, box of choccies and CD. Went to my mums for most of the day.

My mum is starting to get on my nerves with comments about me being anorexic! I am certainly not! Right in the middle of my BMI but I am quite muscular with running and my job being fairly physical. I don't know if I've said before but she is a serial dieter!! She has done everything under the sun- slim fast, cambridge, cabbage soup, sw, ww etc etc and I think she can understand the loss but not the maintenance! She was really pleased, almost too much before but now her comments are negative most of the time sad

ssmile Sun 31-Mar-13 20:57:22

Happy Easter cinnamon hope you are doing ok with all the chocolate eggs about. Sorry I've been absence for a while I changed my phone and it will not let me type on mumsnet now ;( plus we have all been away on a fab family ski and snowboard holiday smile It was really good to feel fit and mostly healthy and it certainly paid off as I had not been on a snowboard for 7 years and was soon flying down past my DH grin but we also both had nasty falls on flat sections which is always hard work on a board. So nice black bruises on my bum and sore neck. Sorry to hear your mum is not being supportive of your new figure. It must be hard for her seeing you as one size and shape for so long and if she is not happy with her weight that doesn't make it any easier. I love my mum dearly but I had to accept a couple of years ago that she is not always the most positive person at times with her comments and she is the worse for constantly offering me cakes and biscuits if I go to see them. And Easter eggs today despite knowing I have a health issue which means I am eating a very low fat diet! I am going in for my op on Friday to have the Gallbladder out so fingers crossed it all goes well as I am very nervous about it all. Hope the running is still going well. I am getting a group of ladies together to walk our local 9 mile starlight walk in May, if I can recover from the op ok. I need some new challenges now my snowboarding holiday has gone past that was my big motivator to lose 40lbs by my 40th birthday and I could go snowboarding so now I need another good challenge! There is in June a 60 mile charity bike ride I wouldn't mind doing so I may work towards that if the weather improves.

cinnamongreyhound Wed 03-Apr-13 22:00:40

Hope all goes well with the op Friday!!

I'm enjoying my chocolate but I seem to be at a good equilibrium at the moment with being able to have treats. I'm burning 1,600-1,800 calories a week running which helps.

Dh measured me for the first time since October and I have gained on almost every part of my body but I think it's muscle as nothing feels tighter on me and I still 60-61Kg. My calves have gained 1 1/4 inches each!

Glad you had a lovely trip and hope you can find something else to sink your teeth into smile

ssmile Thu 04-Apr-13 12:20:34

Thanks cinnamon fingers crossed indeed they tried to cancel the op today but I've agreed to go in on standby fingers crossed the consultant can fit me in otherwise it was another 4 weeks to the next appt.

Wow your body sounds great all the muscle tone. I love it when I'm feeling fit n toned, my weight doesn't worry me then at all. It sounds like you are in a good place now. I like the fact I can eat treats but do not feel quite so compelled to eat the whole packet like I would have done in the past. Something has really clicked in my head now! I hope it stays clicked. I do hope I can eat some chocolate again though post op as I am finding that hard! Drinking lots of low fat hot chocolate instead smile I am really looking forward to some good spring weather to re-motivate my fitness again and get out on my bike.

Hope you continue to enjoy your running smile

cinnamongreyhound Fri 05-Apr-13 18:52:30

Hope they fitted you in today, let me know how you got on!

ssmile Sat 06-Apr-13 11:24:22

Thanks i had OP at 5pm had had to wait nil by mouth since midnight so bound to have losy few more lbs! Had to stay in but slowly feeling perky and hope im strong enough to go home later today. But think I'd get more rest staying ere! DD 1 not been well since Tues &got DH up in night &DD 2 is now full of mischief beans after being ill last wk. But DD 1 is 6tom and I'd promised I wouldn't need to stay in hospital on her birthday sad and I've not made a cake yet so just textedy DH a sponge receipe so no idea if he can make one! smile still at least the girls will completely wear him out and I will get more appreciated for a couple of wks after grin
Hope u have a gd weekend weather is cold but beautifully bright blue sky I SO wish I could be outside doing something active.

cinnamongreyhound Sat 06-Apr-13 11:36:44

Yay for your op! Glad you're feeling ok. My ds1 is 6 in 3 weeks, he's so excited! Have a lovely weekend. I volunteered at parkrun today but not running as I've hurt my leg sad

ssmile Sat 06-Apr-13 17:08:25

Hope your leg is ok soon and the park run went ok. I made it home at 4.30pm and DD1 has sat next to me on the bed jibber jabbering the whole time. She missed me smile im going to be sore for few wks but hopefully can get out on my bike by the end of the month!

cinnamongreyhound Sat 06-Apr-13 17:25:29

Parkrun was good, I got to do the scanning so that was fun and the sun was out! Glad to hear dd appreciated you being home, bet the soreness is worth it though for the long term benefits. I really don't like biking but I hope you can be on your bike as soon as possible smile

ssmile Mon 15-Apr-13 06:52:33

Hows the leg cinnamon? Are you all back to school run today like us. It seems ages since DD1 was at school! She had 3wks off as we took her out for our hols the wk before and is very ready to go back school!

Had flipping awful week with youngest who had a tummy bug. Poor DH took the brunt of it as I'm not supposed to lift for 2wks post op. He had to take whole wk off work in the end. FingersXed neither he or I have had it..yet. it was the last thing I needed after op.
I've signed up for local hospicecare night walk in May. Give me a small goal fitness wise to work towards smile
On a side note in RL an american friend won the Marathon des sables at the weekend! A truly super human ultra runner doing 6 marathons in a week in Sahara carrying all food for the week. Flipping amazing grin

cinnamongreyhound Fri 26-Apr-13 14:11:35

Sorry only just seen this, we were away for the weekend 12-15th just a caravan locally. Our kids went back on the Tuesday of that week.

My leg is still hurting sad I only ran 13 mins yesterday. It's fine during normal walking but as soon as I start to run it hurts and then hurts for 12-24hrs after depending how hard I push it, really fed up with it now!!

Wow, that's amazing. There was a man in the running shop when I bought my trainers who was doing it too.

Sorry to hear about your dd, hope you all have avoided it!

Ds1 is 6 tomorrow so I've spent hours the last two days making cupcakes for his class and his party and his main birthday cake. Totally puts me off food, maybe should think of a career change! I've wrapped everything and got all food for party so it's just putting everything up and blowing up balloons once he's asleep tonight. I really can't believe he's going to be 6, where does the time go!

Weight is going well and don't feel I'm struggling at the moment. Still making the effort to have my 5 a day, and make it to 4 most days.

ssmile Thu 02-May-13 21:36:18

Hope the party went well and the little 6yr olds appreciated the cakes n games. I breathe a sigh of relief its over for another year grin the next one will be DD2 who is 2 in August so still too young to demand cetain things or random cake designs!

I'm so cross at myself tonight the eldest was at an after school party so I took youngest for a walk and with the warm sunshine we ended up in local cafe after for a treat dinner. I ordered chicken burger n chips thinking arrh it be ok its a rare treat. It turned up and was all fatty and I thought ut oh this doesn't look good. The chips looked double fried, ie cooked then warmed though all dripping with fat the burger bun was pre-buttered and smeared with mayo sad Ive got so used to just eating half of the plain bun with normally only ketch up (no fat). I cut some up for DD2 but she wasn't that interested. So I ate half I suppose but hated myself for eating it I should have just gone with my instincts and gone home and made a large salad as that was what I fancied and 5-6 chips homemade ones not dripping in fat. I felt really sick 2hrs later my body just couldn't handle even half a portion of such fatty food and SO flipping cross at myself for being so stupid and ordering it in the first place. HoHum its a good sign that I didn't enjoy it smile but even now I find it hard to re-program my bodies 40yrs of instincts to hmmm chips smell nice its a warm sunny evening oooh I'll have some of those....back to being healthy again. On a positive note I have walked miles this week. Most days a min of 3miles so my legs are starting to get stronger again, its only a week until I do the local hopsiscare 8 mile walk so better keep at it smile

Can you stick to walking whilst your leg heals? Its not a stress fracture is it?

cinnamongreyhound Fri 03-May-13 08:06:12

It was nice but only 5 of the 9 turned up sad. Looking forward to a quieter weekend!

Don't be too upset with yourself, you only ate half and you've learned from it too. How are you feeling with fatty stuff post op?

cinnamongreyhound Fri 03-May-13 08:06:55

I can walk and have been still walking for work and with the dog but its really not the same as running!!

ssmile Fri 03-May-13 13:28:00

Felt rough all eve but back to normal thanks. Just walked 5miles with DH &dd2 who part walked part buggy smile dh had rare day off but struggles to "walk" toddler pace grin I did point out if you do an hour of toddling then you get to strap tired little person in buggy and then you can walk fast for next hr without too many complaints. would think he remembered this from first DD!
Hope you have gd bank hols. We off to busy theme park to meet up with SIL and her kids sat. Im hoping it not going to rain as forecast is getting greyer by the hr and DD2 behaves as she could make it miserable or great fun depending on tantrums smile

cinnamongreyhound Fri 03-May-13 13:40:33

Yeah my dh moans too and about the constant stop start as they need something/see something!

Have had 2 good days with ds2 which is lovely! He can be a total nightmare at the moment, such a different child to ds1. Have a lovely weekend and I will keep my fingers crossed for the weather and behaviour for you!

I was saying to dh the other day there are several people now rejoining mfp who lost 1-2st when I started and have put it all plus more back on. It's amazing how hard it is for people to maintain weightloss, I'm certain I'm not going back and the longer I stay this weight the more I think I can. Doesn't mean it's easy but then I think I didn't see my weightloss as a diet either more of a lifestyle change and didn't cut out anything just reduced it all. Now the weather is nicer and I'm not wearing jumpers all the time I have a renewed round of 'have you lost more weight?' etc!

cinnamongreyhound Sat 15-Jun-13 11:40:50

How you doing ssmile?

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