Anyone else like support for maintaining?

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cinnamongreyhound Sun 26-Aug-12 19:54:33

I have recently lost 5st5 over 10 months using reduced calories and mfp as well as starting the c25k and now running regularly.

I am on the mfp support thread and the ladies there are lovely but I feel a bit guilty posting about maintaining when so many of them have large amounts to lose. I was hoping to find some others who are in the same position as well as keeping up with how my mfpers are doing. Still logging on mfp and have maintained between 60.5 and 61.5kg for the last month.

TellMeLater Mon 05-Nov-12 20:55:29

Cinnamon You'll get the fitness back soon enough. Keep icing the injury...especially after you run and take it easy - easier than you feel you need'll get there, you did it before, you can do it again.

Really struggling to stay away from sugar too - the kid's stash just isn't safe, I may get them to hide it from me wink

ssmile Wed 07-Nov-12 06:13:48

I did the cycle in thick frost was beaut cold morning but hard work my legs were too cold to work properly. It used to take me 45mins pre baby2 to cycle to work took me an hour each way yesterday, so I need to work on my fitness but gave my confidence a boost going to try make it a weekly thing on days I have childcare after school.

Hope the ankle eases cinnamon take it easy your fitness will rtn its just hard pacing yourself. I hurt my back 4yrs ago I piled on 21lbs in 6mths as I could barely move but it was my loss of fitness that really upset me the most. That's why I took up cycling more as it was only exercise I could do without aggravating it too much. Gd luck

cinnamongreyhound Wed 07-Nov-12 20:55:47

Sounds like you're not doing too bad ssmile, only 15 mins added on after having a baby and not doing it for a while!!

ssmile Thu 08-Nov-12 17:32:58

Thanks cinnamon its been two years since doing that ride! 9mths of a sick pregnancy&14mth old baby incs yr off on mat leave smile

Hope your having a better day

cinnamongreyhound Mon 12-Nov-12 14:46:31

Been for two more runs, one on Thursday for 20mins when my foot hurt too much so I stopped and one 25mins yesterday which was really good. I didn't have to stop which surprised me, but I did take a slightly short route than normal. Felt good to be back out there!

Still hanging around between 58.5 and 60Kg so I'm happy with that.

How's everyone else getting on?

ssmile Tue 13-Nov-12 19:52:05

Sounds good cinnamon hope the foot holds up for some more running. Good on you for maintaining weight with an injury its really hard.

I had a Crap weekend eating too much and no proper exercise, plus it was an inset day at school on Monday so had both girls Monday and didn't get my usual Shred in. but I did cycle to work today about 19mile round trip,and I was knackered coming home, not helped by head wind and drissly rain, I crashed out on the floor for 5minw when I got home then had to head back out in the car to collect the girls.

cinnamongreyhound Tue 27-Nov-12 18:08:18

How are things ssmile?

Running is going well for me although my legs hurt today, I ran on my own Sunday and then running club yesterday which probably wasn't the best idea!!

I have decided to stop logging on mfp and see how I get on, was goin for a week and see how I feel but our scales have broken so until I know how I've done I feel I should stay away to get a good picture of if I have maintained.

Wanted to ask about clothes, my bodyshape has totally changed and I know some clothes I used to wear don't suit me know and vice versa. My dad had bought me knee high boots for my birthday (which I've never been able to fit into before!) and I'm thinking of buying a wooly dress and leggings from h&m less than £40 for both so not breaking te bank. BUT it's such a total change to what I normally wear I don't know if its a good idea. I already dislike the attention my weight loss causes I feel as if changing my dress style will draw more attention and make it seem a bit like I'm showing off. Am I being ridiculous?

ssmile Tue 27-Nov-12 21:46:58

Hi cinnamon good to hear you are enjoying the running. I feel weird too when I stopped logging on MFP it had been my daily routine for 6mths but I've been doing ok with out it &enjoyed the freedom to enjoy my food abit more now I realise one day treats is not the slippery slope to pilling weight back on. I too went shopping couple months ago as it coincided with rtn to work post mat leave. I bought a bright red just above knee skirt in gap size 12 smile (2firsts a size 12& I've never bought anything in Gap before!) and some knee high boots then was really scared to wear it but i did and have had so many nice compliments sayin how good I look in it makes me feel smiley grin wear what you want too and feel comfy in, life is just too short not too!

I'm doing ok maintaining, bit too much chocolate but I've upped my exercise a bit reprioiritising my time to fit it in, doing Shred dvd twice a week, &cycle trainer as its been too wet n flooded to get out on my bike last two weeks. Lost another 1-1.5lbs so pleased as I have few more lbs to melt slowly after holding last 3mths.

annieshaf Fri 30-Nov-12 17:34:18

Hi all can I join in please? I too lost about 2.5 stone on MVP earlier this year and am now trying to maintain. I got down to 8st 8 and a size 8 and am now trying to make sure I stay below 9. I weigh myself every morning and if I've gone over then I go back on Mfp at about 1500 cals until I get back down. I am also running about 20 miles a week and eating what I like most of the time.
Cinnamon I think we were on Mfp at the same time. Congrats on reaching your goal and sorry to hear about your injury. Running has b
ecome a big part of my life over the last year so I would be devastated if I couldn't do it for a while so understand how you are feeling.

I too have had the same comments about losing too much. Mainly from my mum! I think some people are just used to the way you look and it takes time to adjust.
Have spent a fortune on revamping my wardrobe this year and have also had to get used to being a different shape and finding out what suits me. The upside is that I am able to wear things like skinny jeans which I have never done before.
I am now paranoid about putting it all back on as everyone I know who has lost a lot of weight has eventually gained it back again. I don't want to go back to how I looked and felt before.
Cinnamon I think you should be proud of yourself and wear whatever you want. You deserve to show off a bit after all the effort you put in.

cinnamongreyhound Fri 30-Nov-12 23:21:19

Your name is familiar annieshaf smile
Well done on your weight loss, I am worried about gaining weight and everyone being secretly chuffed about it! I could still gain more and be healthy but its a slippery slope so I want to stay under 60Kg. I'm usually 58.something and go up to 59.something a few days around ovulation and my period. Plus I have got rid of all my larger clothes so will need to buy more if I get any bigger and don't want to really. 20 miles a week is amazing, I probably don't reach 10 but I'd like to run further just don't have the time!

My dh hasn't had the most positive response to my weightloss but he's getting used to the new me. It does make me feel particularly attractive and I still have a very morphed view of myself! My mum is very supportive, probably the most of anyone sorry I hear your mum isn't so happy about your weightloss. When you're not on 1500 calories what is your rough calorie intake? Running that far must really help with what you can eat!

annieshaf Sat 01-Dec-12 16:05:11

Cinnamon it took my eh a while to get used to the new me aswell. However now he realises how much better I feel and the more positive outlook I have he is very supportive. I built up the miles to take part in a half marathon at the end of Oct which only takes place once every 20 years, have eased off a little since then. It is tough finding the time so I usually try to do a long one at the weekend when dh is around, I then only need a couple of hours during the week and one of those is with the running club. Just been out for a lovely long run this morning. Was very cold but lovely and sunny so didn't really feel the cold after the first few miles.
I have stopped counting but I think I must be eating an average of about 2000-2100 calories a day. My maintenance level is about 1700 so in theory that sounds about right as I read somewhere that running uses about 100 calories a mile so i must be getting rid of about 2000+ a week in exercise. At meal times I am still eating healthily but snacks in between have crept back in so that's were the excess is.
Ssmile congrats on going down a dress size I found that such a great motivation.

cinnamongreyhound Sat 01-Dec-12 17:10:09

That's fab! I've done almost 7K this afternoon which is my longest ever, took me 40 mins and I could easily have gone further, need to bite the bullet and go for a 10K I think. Can't imagine ever going as far as half marathon though. My ears were really cold and may need to get one of those headband thingys. If I didn't snack I think I'd be about 7st but I am much more in control of snacks now which is great. Opening a bag of something does not mean I have to finish it!

ssmile Mon 03-Dec-12 21:29:58

Hi annie your weight loss sounds Fab and well done on all the running. My poor back restricts me running but I am trying to up my frequency of cycling instead to help me maintain. I've laid out all my cycle kit tonight so hoping I can drag myself out of bed for 6.15am start on my bike in dark in cold brrrr for work. I've done it twice so far but we had bugs n poor sleep with baby last week so I had no energy. So needing to remotivate myself again.

Hope the foot is ok cinnamon

TellMeLater Mon 03-Dec-12 22:31:20

Welcome to the thread Annie, I run too but closer to 20k - fear of injuries always seem to hold me back, if I feel a twinge I tend to back off, I have spent too many frustrating weeks on he bench.
Good to see you back running again Cinnamon
What approach are you all taking to christmas indulgences. I'm planning loads of nice treats - will have one week of indulgence and then it's our traditional detox for Jan which should shift any festive gains.

annieshaf Tue 04-Dec-12 13:27:06

Wow ssmile that is some commitment to get up and out at that time when it's so dark and cold. I have gone out in the evening but only with the club and even then it takes some motivation.
I have been lucky enough to avoid injury so far but have only been running for about a year. I think if I had to take time out I would be more careful but at the moment if I feel a twinge I usually find it has gone by the time my run is finished.
Tell me later I am going to keep on running as much as I can over Xmas although the mileage will be reduced one the boys are not at school. I will eat what I like for now and plan to get rid of any excess lbs after Xmas by having a few weeks of low calorie days.
Cinnamon if you can do 7k then you will soon be up to 10. Just add 1k a week to your longest run once a week and go a bit slower so your energy lasts longer. 7k in 40 mins is around 5min 42 per k which is a very good pace. If you have a way of monitoring your pace I would aim for about 6 - 6.5 mins per k as you increase your distance.

ssmile Tue 04-Dec-12 19:40:46

Well the baby got me up at 5.45am then resettled so I didn't bother going back to bed but got on my bike for work. It was spitting with rain when I left but then got heavier sad was very wet cold, dark, muddy ride, not helped by NO heating on at work. Luckly the showers were hot though big relief. I got train 80% of way home cycled the rest feeling shattered now. Hope you all have better luck running! It's not easy this time of year getting outdoors time in, is it!

cinnamongreyhound Tue 04-Dec-12 21:39:36

It's really not easy getting out in this weather but I know I feel better for it! Doesn't help with so much to do at this time of year either!! Wet and cold together really suck! And a baby waking you at 5.45.

I plan to eat what I want but in moderation as I did last Christmas, still managed to loose over last Christmas so sure I can maintain this Christmas hmm

Thanks for running tips, I'll give an extra K a go this weekend. Just need to get my butt out a but earlier smile

ssmile Wed 05-Dec-12 08:40:41

I've already eaten too many mince pies hence my push to get out on my bike! I'm annoyed as I have hospital appt 31st Dec, so I had set myself Target of losing another 7lbs but I keep losing a lb then put it back on again! Doh! My BMI is still 25.9 and I really want it to be 24.9 to be in "healthy" range for but I swear my "heavy" muscles don't help grin

It's a tough time of year to keep weight in check I find. Long evenings for nibbling &crap weather for exercising. But my strategy of eating less when at work so I can nibble more at home working for me at the mo. But I will struggle later as I have 2.5wks off work with the girls off nursery n school.

cinnamongreyhound Fri 14-Dec-12 14:13:40

Is anyone else much hungrier since it's got so cold? I'm not doing anything more than usual but I am hungry by 11 at the latest, when my porridge used to keep me full until lunch time. I'm not putting on weight so I can only assume I'm burning more calories keeping warm!

ssmile Fri 14-Dec-12 17:48:56

Hope u ok cinnamon I was hungry in the cold too unfortunately too many smarties, and curry &chilli caught up with me and had very nasty gallbladder attack so I'm back on low fat bland diet again sad I'm waiting for an op to take it out hopefully early next year. In the meantime it does mean I've lost 2lbs this week grin and no chance of me over indulging this Christmas. So any good tips for low fat sweet things preferable chocolate do let me know!

cinnamongreyhound Mon 17-Dec-12 22:42:26

I'm good thanks ssmile, sorry to hear you're not so good! Hope you get it sorted sooner rather than later! Went out with my running club Saturday morning for a 6 mile run, longest I've done and it was good. Thinking of entering a 10k now smile

ssmile Tue 18-Dec-12 06:00:51

Wow 6miles is great, good luck for the 10k sounds like gd challenge. It's amazing what our bodies can achieve under training. I have an American friend who is into extreme running stuff, she has actually run the marathon des sables 3x now and in training for (her last one she said!) again early next yr. I get her FB updates just to inspire me grin I've been lacking in exercise lately so its good I'm eating less at moment. Too many last minute Christmas stuff to do in the tiny Windows of time between work n childcare when I used to squeeze in exercise. I did get 45mins out on my bike Sunday morning whilst DH was giving girls breakfast &quick power walk around the block lunchtime at work yesterday.

Hopefully over Xmas I can get some more Shred dvding in as I've not done any last 2wks. Gd luck with the running cinnamon

cinnamongreyhound Wed 26-Dec-12 21:20:20

Merry Christmas, hope you're all having a lovely Christmas and enjoying some treats. Have been enjoying but not overindulging! Ran 8 miles Saturday and another 6 today so that should help a bit too smile

ssmile Fri 28-Dec-12 19:55:03

Gosh thats some running cinnamon good for you. I'm doing ok ere, Ive lost another 4-5lbs in December due to my avoiding all med and high fat stuff to avoid GB attack again. I was feeling very grrrhUUUGgghh today due to lack of exercise and endless grey rain stuck in house with little people. I got out the Shred DVD and rattled off Level 3 and felt SO much better but then crashed out asleep for 20mins!!! baby was napping and eldest was watching Cbeebies Panto. We have all had horrid colds so think my body is still recovering. I want to start with a concerted effort again to get fitter and shredding 2-3 times a week as we have out first Ski/Boarding holiday in 7 years, booked in March smile I can't wait but want to be really fit to fully enjoy it and avoid injuries. I'd love to Snowboard again but will prob end up skiing as our eldest wants to have ago at Ski lessons (she will nearly be 6 then so hopefully a good age).

cinnamongreyhound Fri 28-Dec-12 20:03:28

Isn't the weather awful, I try not to let it but it really gets me down! Was very lucky with my Boxing Day run as it was a lovely morning until about 1.30 then the rain came down! Skiing sounds great! my eldest is 6 in April and youngest 2, I fell asleep today while dh and dss were playing computer games and the others two watching. Youngest woke me up saying sleep mummy as he wanted to go for his nap!

I walk so much on school days pushing 2-3 children in my double buggy I feel very lazy on days I don't work even with walking the dog and we swam this morning but you really don't want to go out in this weather sad

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