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JILLIAN MICHAELS (Shred/Ripped and all the rest) Part 3: Bringing our A-game [cheesy smile]

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threestepsforward Mon 13-Aug-12 20:54:45

Here is a new thread for Jillian Michael devotees!

Whatever JM DVD you are doing, come and check in here...
Any Insanity and Turbofire lurkers, come and join too!

Hello to all from the old thread and big welcome to anyone new, come and join us smile

addictedismoving Wed 09-Jan-13 19:04:31

hello all,

oh no threesteps, resting tomorrow sounds like a good idea.

I did the warm up this morning and realised my cfs has flared up again sad I could barely move doing it so I stopped and decided today is a rest day. I dont think its becaus eof the exercise, I think its because I ran out of (very strong) vitimins 3 days ago and havent got around to buying any more blush

I sent dh out to get some today so I will see how I am tomorrow, I may be having a few rest days whilst trying to recover sad on a positive note, today was the strt of week 2, so I managed to do a whole week!

peggo you make me exausted just reading grin 5k then 6w6p! I can only dream of that right now! well done

gypsyfloss Wed 09-Jan-13 21:20:58

Take it easy injured ones and hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better. I didn't make it at 5.30am but have just shredded L2 now. I was still a bit full from dinner but after a day of uni lectures I was desperate to do something before bed. I can't wait for lighter evenings and late walks become a possibility again. Still I managed to watch the extremely violent start of Gangs of New York. Love that film, it's a veritable feast of who's who in the film world, including my favourite Brendan Gleeson grin

gypsyfloss Wed 09-Jan-13 21:30:57

Whilst I shredded I mean, pressed post before reading...again.

addictedismoving Thu 10-Jan-13 10:50:23

Feeling so much better today, so will be doing a 6w6p this evening after the girls have gone to bed :D

gypsy I'm not suprised you didnt manage 5.30 am! Thats early. I'm ment to be doing it at 6am before dh needs to get ready for work, and even thats tough. How did you manage today?

how is everyone else doing?

gypsyfloss Thu 10-Jan-13 11:54:32

addicted I only Jillian/Julian on alternate days atm. That seems to keep my shoulder/elbow trapped nerve happy. When I need unleash my abs of steel upon the world then I'll need to be doing 6w6p daily. But given that we've got snow forecast for the weekend I reckon I'm safe for a while yet grin

Rollergirl1 Thu 10-Jan-13 12:14:22

Hi ladies.

Well my Jilliam Michaels collection came on Tuesday so I finally managed to do NMTZ for the first time this morning. I really liked it. I did 5 of the 7 circuits and really liked the ab exercises. My core and arms are nicely aching so I think I've had a good workout. I do like focusing on strength but I wasn't sweating at the end of it like I do with Shred and RI30, obviously because of the lack of cardio. So with that in mind what do you think about alternating each day between NMTZ and BFBM? Or should I do several days on each one? What do you think will give me the best results? As I said in a previous post I am low-carbing at the moment too so am wondering if BFBM will help in the losing lbs department.

CarriedAwayAnnie Thu 10-Jan-13 13:02:34

You guys amaze me! I can only dream of being so fit.

Day three of The Shred here, level 1.

I did find it easier. But my god, I hurt!

threestepsforward Thu 10-Jan-13 13:21:26

Everyone is doing so well!

Addicted glad to hear you're feeling better x

Rollergirl, I reckon alternating the 2 DVDs sound like a good plan. BFBM will certainly help with lb shift-age if that's what you're looking for? Have you done it yet? It's a proper cardio blast grin

Rest day for me today after my lower back moment yesterday. Feels much better today but still aches, so better that I rest. I think I was about due a day off anyway.

Happy JM'ing all <waves to everyone> smile

gypsyfloss Thu 10-Jan-13 17:28:43

carrie you're doing really well and honestly it does start to hurt less.

PeggyO Thu 10-Jan-13 18:37:40

Hi Julianers!

My workout for the day - 6W6P L1 ( will all be bored of me talking about it soon!) and 15 mins of total body pilates. I'm still enjoying 6W6P, but am wondering if I should move up to L2 a little sooner - I'm already doing advanced versions of all the moves, and using my heaviest weights, so am worried I won't really be challenging myself much for the next week and a half! But I do have a real 'thing' about sticking to rules and following through with a programme once I have made myself one....

threesteps, sorry to hear about your back - take it easy and feel better soon! Thank you for your feedback on Shred and Shed. I do like the idea of doing something new, and the fact that it has been designed to do the levels individually or to double up. It would definitely be a cheaper option than Body Revolution which I have also been hankering after!

RollerGirl, alternating NMTZ and BFBM would work really well I think. Or if you have the Shred, you could try following this plan which was devised by Jillian: 30 Day Slimdown. I did it in the run-up to Christmas and thought it was brilliant.

addicted, glad to hear that you are feeling better today! Hope you enjoy your workout this evening.

Go Carried! See, you are getting fitter already...

Rollergirl1 Thu 10-Jan-13 19:06:21

threesteps: Nope, haven't dont yet. But i've just watched it in preparation. Not sure if that was a good idea or not....confused

There are a lot of moves I recognise from the other dvd's. Do people really do all of the circuits one straight after the other??! Hats off to those of you that can/do. I think you'd have to scrape me off the floor if I attempted all of them. Having said that I used to run for an hour a couple of times a week but this looks harder somehow.

PeggyO: Hmmm, that looks interesting and might help to break it up a bit. Thanks for that.

Carried: You'll find that with each passing day you'll feel that little bit stronger and can do a little bit more each time. You really do start to get results almost straight away, which is why I think she has such a following. Well done and keep at it!

PeggyO Thu 10-Jan-13 19:35:18

Rollergirl, the cardio in BFBM is challenging but some of the circuits are definitely easier than others. (3 and 6 are the killers for me!) I think doing 3 or 4 circuits would still be a good cardio workout! If I can't fit in the whole DVD I often skip the warmout and just start at circuit 1 as it is a bit easier than the others.

threestepsforward Thu 10-Jan-13 20:29:04

Carrie, sorry I missed your post! Fantastic!! Keep going, in a few days you'll be flying and the aches will be gone. You'll start seeing changes in your body too - which is the best motivation of all smile

Rollergirl PeggyO said what I was going to can defo get away with skipping the warmup as circuit 1 is an easy kickboxing circuit to ease you in gently! I reckon you'll manage the whole thing - a circuit of horror (and there are 2 main ones) is generally followed by a less intensive one so you get a chance to recover... Let us know how you get on!

PeggyO I'd be tempted to go up to L2 if you feel you're not being challenged. I know what you mean about following 'the rules' though, I'm a lot the same - feel I'm sort of cheating if I don't!

I think you'd enjoy S&S down the line as you can add weights and make the whole thing harder and there are easy/hard variations to all the moves I do the easy ones

Gypsy hope your shoulder/elbow is still okay, you sound like you've got it under control smile

Feel well rested today but my back still twinges so will have to see how I feel tomorrow. I won't be copping out of my S&S double level at the weekend though, ohhh no grin

threestepsforward Thu 10-Jan-13 20:29:51

Sorry I meant CarriedawayAnnie !!!

MissTFied Thu 10-Jan-13 21:11:19

Hi all and welcome CarriedawayAnnie! Remember, it's good to hurt. As Julian witters: it's a sign that your body is changing. I can take the after aches, it's the during aches that I have to force my way through.

Very tired today, even so made myself do another day of RI30 L2 after work. I did have to rest for a few secs at my weak point of the plank jacks and mountain climbers combo. I will go on to L3 tomorrow I think.

Got some new weights (only 2kg), so looking forward to using those, and I ordered a mat. Thanks for the recommendations. I went with a yoga mat in the end.

I will take a look at that 30 day slim down plan PeggyO. Thanks.

Rollergirl - I mixed up NMTZ and BFBM by doing one week of each for four weeks. Next time I do those I may try alternate days. I do LOVE BFBM though. I especially like turning it up loud and doing the nordicskier move to the scary exorcist-like music. I've read a few amazon reviews where people didn't like the music on Julian's DVDs, but I don't mind it at all.

Oh I also bought a skipping rope and wondered if any of you have used a real one when Julianing, instead of pretending? Not tried it yet, prob no point actually. I have a secret fantasy of being able to skip like a boxer! Saddo!

Keep up the good work addicted. On to week two now. Soon you will be reporting Shred - tick! What next?!

Rollergirl1 Fri 11-Jan-13 10:35:08

Well I did BFBM this morning, circuits 1 to 6. I did what you suggested and did away with the warm-up. I would have done circuit 7 but I was restricted on time. It was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be so perhaps I am fitter than I know. Circuit 6 is deffo the killer though, I could only do one set of the vertical mountain climber things (can't remember what they're called). I didn't find 3 so bad, that's the one with the high-knees and star-jumps?

I also don't really mind the music on Jillian DVD's either. The music in this was actually quite good. There was one track playing that sounded like an old minimalist techno track from my ill-spent youth! grin.

Anyway, i really enjoyed both DVD's so will definitely alternate daily.

CHST Fri 11-Jan-13 11:35:44

threesteps I hope your back is a bit better today. Chalene Extreme is a strength programme mixed in with some cardio. Some people do a hybrid with turbo and fill in the turbo where the cardio is. I am going to start it Monday. I love Chalene and liked turbofire but I really missed the strength aspect. I suppose it depends what look you are going for...I like having visible muscle personally and I felt turbo develops a leaner look.
I was going to do 6w6p this morning but changed my mind and did a ministry of sound workout instead....felt great after. I got my heavier weights so will see how I will get on with them doing Chalene Extreme.

I really want the kickbox fastfix. Has anyone got it? It looks really fun.
Keep up the good work everyone!

PeggyO Sat 12-Jan-13 10:17:44

Good job Rollergirl, glad to hear it wasn't as bad as you thought! I did BFBM this morning. (I was meant to be going for a run with a friend, but she called it off due to the weather - probably a good plan as we had thunder and lightning here at the time that we would have been running!)

Yes, circuit 3 is the one that includes high knees, jumping jacks and butt kicks. For some reason I always find high knees tough - that's probably why I find the standing mountain climbers difficult too. Although circuit 3 did feel easier than I remembered it being this morning which was good!

CHST, I have been checking out Chalene Extreme on Youtube, it looks really good. I like the idea of doing higher weight, low reps - my cardio tolerance is pretty good these days but I really need to work on my strength. Keep us updated with how you get on!

threestepsforward Sat 12-Jan-13 10:44:30

Good morning JM fans!

CHST thanks so much for that info on Charlene Extreme. I kind of yearn for the lean look as I'm convinced I'm a chunky monkey (esp legs!) but I can see how a combination of the 2 (Extreme and Turbo) would give great results. Will be interesting to hear your reports when you start smile

Not good here, and I don't think I will be doing anything this weekend. I did a L1 Shred yesterday as I wasn't sure about my back, and thought Shred was less twisty than S&S. But have woken up today and it bloomin' hurts again sad

SO annoying as I was 'in the zone' as it were, but I know if I try and push on through I will probably make it worse. So rest here for 2 days at least I think. And I must try not to eat like a locust in the meantime!!

Sorry not to namecheck everyone but you are all doing fantastically well smile

Have a good weekend everyone x

gingercat12 Sat 12-Jan-13 13:51:32

Hello Everyone! Sorry for disappearing but it was a hectic week. Hope we all are keeping well and not too much pain.
Could not exercise yesterday, so I was really grumpy.
Weigh-in today. Although I don't think weekly weightloss matters, it is encouraging. 6W6P works its magic.
I'd love a lean look, please. Not in this life though.
You are brave, ladies. I don't ever dare to watch a work-out in advance, because then I would not do it.

gingercat12 Sat 12-Jan-13 13:52:37

Enjoy rest threesteps.

NoWayNoHow Sun 13-Jan-13 20:14:54

Hi everyone! Sorry, I've not managed to read the whole thread, but I'm back on WW tomorrow and I'm going to start 30DS tomorrow too - bought it last year but never really got on with it (have an old Davina DVD and she is a bit nicer to me blush )

Just had a quick question - once you've hit the 30 day mark and you're ripped and awesomely fit, how do you maintain the progress you've made? I'm prepared to to give it my all every day for a month, but I genuinely don't think I could realistically sustain that level of commitment. What is the best "maintenance" approach?

threestepsforward Mon 14-Jan-13 10:46:20

Morning everyone!

Hello Noway smile

I'm not sure specifically about maintaining, but there's loads of options after you've finished Shredding. She's got a tonne of other DVDs which you can do, depending on what you want (focus on strength / cardio / abs / buns&thighs!) so there are plenty of options.

You could progress to Ripped in 30, which is another DVD of hers that follows a very similar format to Shred but is slightly harder (apart from Level 1).

Or you could go through Shred again but increasing the weights. You might be a bit bored of Shred by this point though!

Stick with us and we'll keep you motivated! Good luck starting the Shred smile

My back is still sore sad Am so p'd off as I was enjoying S&S. I'll just have to be sensible and carry on resting until it feels better. Time of the month too, which at least explains why I'm wanting to eat everything including the fixtures and fittings!!

Have a good day everyone

gingercat12 Mon 14-Jan-13 12:27:57

PeggyO Did you try side planks with a weight? envy I haven't got the level of balance and co-ordination it requires.

NoWay Welcome! Maybe you do not need to exercise each day for maintainance, but they recommend at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise 3 days a week anyway. I do not where I heard it, I might have just made that one up blush

threesteps It does not sound good. There is nothing you can do just rest sometimes.

Have done 11 days of L1 and 8 days of L2 of 6W6P. My abs are clearly on fire, but lately my thighs and bum are really hurting. You all seem to do everything with such good form, so I must have put extra effort into the lunges. I also noticed some muscles in my legs. Wow! Never had them before shock

Justtheonemore Mon 14-Jan-13 12:35:07

Hi everyone.

Well my collection arrived. I've just completed day8 of Extreme Shed And Shred. Did level 2 today. I'm enjoying it so far - even the aching!

Quick question. I currently only do the half hour workouts (have been level 1, as if today level 2). What results can I expect?? I'm getting to the point where, if I had the time, I could attempt the whole hour but I seriously don't have the time. I know thats said a lot, but I really don't sad I do the workout every day and I fully expect any results to take longer but will it be to the extent of someone doing the full hour every day?? Will I get there, albeit eventually??


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