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JILLIAN MICHAELS (Shred/Ripped and all the rest) Part 3: Bringing our A-game [cheesy smile]

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threestepsforward Mon 13-Aug-12 20:54:45

Here is a new thread for Jillian Michael devotees!

Whatever JM DVD you are doing, come and check in here...
Any Insanity and Turbofire lurkers, come and join too!

Hello to all from the old thread and big welcome to anyone new, come and join us smile

Greedygirl Mon 13-Aug-12 22:06:24

Thanks for the new thread threesteps. I love Miranda!

Well. Just wrote a rambling post for last thread which was then declined as got to one thousand posts so I will try and be more brief! In a nutshell I said;

Yes it definitely gets more easy as you get stronger. I can now give my 4 yo ds piggybacks on long walks, no sweat. He is solid and previously it hurt my back and arms.

To the kind person who offered to be virtuous with me - yes let's do it! I am giving up booze in September to try and avoid some calories (and a hangover like the one I had yesterday!)

I started RI30 today smile, 29 days till I am ripped!

3monkeys Mon 13-Aug-12 22:43:19

Having finally seen some improvement after 4 weeks of shredding, am going away for 10 days tomorrow. So will probably come back bigger than I started!! What should I do next - ripped or something else? Need a change when I get back

SoftKittyWarmKitty Mon 13-Aug-12 23:18:47

Thanks for the new thread. I got completely sidetracked by the Olympics the last two weeks and only shredded twice the whole time. Getting back on track now - decided to start at the beginning with L1 for a day or so before moving onto L2. L3 doesn't work on my DVD - not sure if it's the player or the DVD itself - it jumps and freezes so that's no good. I may have to buy it again so I can do L3. Very annoying.

What size weights is everyone using? I use 1.5kg and they feel a bit light during some of the exercises but the next size up I have is 3kg and they're too heavy.

notyummy Tue 14-Aug-12 08:33:47

Thanks Threesteps!

Softkitty- why don't you just use different weights for different exercises? Put them within easy reach and then quickly swap over. You are right- one weight is not usually challenging enough so this is a good way of getting round it. Most people can probably do a squat and press with more than 1.5kg- but equally a fair few will struggle squat and v raises even at a lower weight.

Dh has very rudely gone away with work and taken the laptop. Because I got my Insanity workouts via a friend copying them, they can only be played on a computer. Therefore it is back to Jillian for me until he is back. I thought I would try something quite tough and see if the Insanity has toughened me up! L3 and L4 of Ripped this morning it is then.

fretfree Tue 14-Aug-12 08:49:47

Great - found the new thread smile.

Day 4 of 30DS this morning. Not sure that it feels easier yet, but I don't think it feels harder IFKWIM.

I did weigh myself this morning, but have decided that it is not a good idea as my weight fluctuates so much (breastfeeding / expressing and not dieting). Greedygirl - I'm alcohol free but don't know if that would work for support as it has been about 16 months now for me, and I have vowed no alcohol until I reach my target weight (12 kg less). To be honest, the fitness and firmness is more important than the weight. I'm just worried that I can't fit back into any work clothes yet!

fretfree Tue 14-Aug-12 09:06:48

Softkitty (love the big bang reference smile) - I'm only using 1 kg for the moment. Mostly ok, but I still struggle on the front raises with the side lunges in the third set of L1 30DS. Good idea about different weights for different exercises though.

gypsyfloss Tue 14-Aug-12 09:37:15

Morning all. I do the weight swapping thing - often mid exercise. I start with the the heavier one and then when I really can't do anymore I drop down . Each time I find I can do more reps at the heavier weight.

I'm back Shredding until I decided what I want to do next exercise wise. I'm all 6w6packed out ATM ; at least this gets me back into daily exercise without having to think too much about it. It doesn't quite cut the mustard on my abs anymore though. I need to have a mooch around YouTube to check out NMTZ and BFBM I suppose. I'll also like the sound of Turbofire but not the cost nor am I convinced that I would stick to it tbh .

Hope everyone has a good day smile

threestepsforward Tue 14-Aug-12 10:11:41

Glad people have found the new thread smile

Gypsyfloss, if you're looking for something that targets abs, turbofire might not be the best. She does a lot of 'crunches' while you're rushing about on your feet, but they seem to target the sides of the abs rather than the front. (She does have a core DVD though too). You are right it is v £££ and only worth the money if you know you are going to go the distance with it.

Having said that... I'm not really following the schedule they devised, and am picking and choosing my favourite workouts <naughty>!

NMTZ is good for abs, but no cardio in there.

Great idea to get yourself a selection of weights Softkitty so you can chop and change throughout a workout as you need to. I think the heaviest combination I can use is 5.5 kg, and the lightest 1.5 kg. We have a cheap sports shop in our shopping precinct that sells weights of odd combinations at odd times!

slowlygoingbonkers Tue 14-Aug-12 13:30:32

Marking place as I plan to start shred in a couple of days

sweetkitty Tue 14-Aug-12 14:07:25

Hello everyone can I join?

Am on Day 2 of 30DS and am in pain grin am an exercise phobic, my BMI is about 22 so I'm not overweight but the weight has starting to creep upwards and I am definitely wobbly so trying to tone up. Plus get more energy so looking at eating less junk. My problem areas are my hips and bum, so out of proportion with the rest of me.

Haven't got any weights apart from DPs huge ones, going to get ome at the weekends been using bean cans blush

notyummy Tue 14-Aug-12 14:11:46

Hi Sweetkitty. Pain at that stage is not surprising at all. Dont stop though! It does get easier and once you get started the aches and pains go away after the first 5 minutes - although sometimes when you struggle to get out of bed you think 'how I am supposed to squats with muscles like these?' grin

Greedygirl Tue 14-Aug-12 18:24:29

Day 2 of ripped completed today. After a couple of weeks of mainly running, my muscles are aching, had to really steel myself to do it this morning! Must send off for the DVD, only got level 1 recorded off the tv.

Fretfree - I really didn't mind being alcohol free when I was preggers/bfing so I am hoping that a month will be relatively straight forward. How do you find it?

Not yummy - how did you find your JM workouts after insanity?

Well I am shattered after a day of looking after my friends 2 ds' alongside my ds, am pooped! Hope you are all ok.

Greedygirl Tue 14-Aug-12 18:25:33

Sweet kitty - yes keep going, it gets better!

fretfree Tue 14-Aug-12 18:33:06

Greedygirl - not a problem really. Going totally without is definitely easier for me that just say having a glass once or twice a week. I do drink non-alcoholic beer - based in Switzerland and there is one called Buckler that is really nice. Very hoppy. But as barley is good for milk production I'm quids in!!

Gottalovecosta Tue 14-Aug-12 18:56:52

I'm day 12 of 30DS. Also doing slimming world. I've stuck to the plan this week and only lost 1lb, yet I feel I've lost inches as my top which was once tight is now baggy? Have to admit to being dissapointed with small weight loss but my sister said you can actually retain weight as you gain in your muscles but lose inches from your body, is this right? Might have to invest in a tape measure!

ihatethecold Tue 14-Aug-12 19:01:19

Gottalovecosta. The same thing has happened to me. Have lost 2lbs in 2 months but deffo lost inches everywhere. Can really see a difference.
Have been using mfp and logging all calories. I would have thought I'd have lost more weight but hey ho ! angryconfused

TheInvisiblePoster Tue 14-Aug-12 19:03:26

Hello everyonesmile
Thanks for the new thread Threesteps
Today is day 13 of 30DS for me and my arms are so much stronger (actual visible muscle) and my abs are solid although under a layer of flab that doesn't seem to want to budge no matter how hard I trysad

Am thinking about getting ripped in 30! is it any good?

xelliex Tue 14-Aug-12 19:18:30

Hi, I'm on day 17 of 30DS, day 11 of doing L2. I don't think I'm ready to move up to L3 yet as I'm only just managing to do it using 2.3kg weights - although I started out using tins so maybe that's not so bad!

I've ordered no more trouble zones as I heard there was no cardio in it so hope it's easier on my knees? I've not been shredding daily but hope it's still having some effect...

ILoveLemonCurd Tue 14-Aug-12 19:53:33

Ooh I've found you all grin

Greedy girl, it was me wanting to be virtuous, I so want to lose this last half stone! DS is 17 months now and I lost 1.5 stone in the first year after his birth and nothing since. I am stuck. No alcohol in September is good. I'll reorder Ripped and get started on that too. Just a two week holiday in France to put on some weight then the new me will arrive. Jessica Ennis will be sooooooo jealous of my abs hmm!

Bad start today, couldn't find any time to do Jillian, but tomorrow is another day!

threestepsforward Tue 14-Aug-12 20:39:37

Evening everyone and welcome to new peeps on the thread smile

Greedygirl, that's a bugger about L3 and Ripped! Might be worth checking ebay too to see if someone is selling?

Re the drinking, I've been pretty much t-total since last November for various reasons, give or take a few occasions like my birthday! From my experience, I think you'll find one month very do-able. And when you tot up the calories in a bottle of wine say (am I right in thinking about 800 cals?), you'll defo lose weight too, and save money, it's all good! You may even want to extend it once you get to the end of the month!

Alcohol free beer like fretfree said, is nice (becks blue, not quite zero alcohol but close, and Bavaria, which is zero). Low-alcohol wine tends to be a bit bleugh I find...

Re the weight loss / inch loss, I think loads of people have found they haven't lost that much on the scales, but have visibly reduced in size. Lean muscle weighs more than fat so that could for the small weight loss? I think as long as the measurements are going down, and you're feeling good,
it's all good news smile

I did a Turbofire 45 today. Wow, basically! I'd done it before but knew the moves better this time around and I was a puddle on the floor by the end, it's just so fast...and busy!! I really couldn't recommend a better cardio workout, it's just such a pity it's so bloomin' expensive.

Doing a HIIT 20 tomorrow.

Hope everyone's doing well...

GeekLove Tue 14-Aug-12 20:44:29

Hi! I've been shredding on and off since ds2 was born last year. I am also on the MFP thread but am more a lurker.
Food wise I am not dieting but am using MFP to pay attention to snacking and the like and am aiming to reduce sugar and increase protien.
I aim to do shred 4-5 times a week and have kept this up since July.
No had a weight loss AF is visiting now but definately feeling stronger. I am up to 5kg for some of the exercises but drop down to 3kg when I can't go any further?

Anybody find they feel weaker when on your period? This is only my 3rd cycle but it seems to take it out of my system more these days.

threestepsforward Tue 14-Aug-12 20:47:22

Invisible, Ripped is a great workout. Similar format to Shred. Level 1 is quite easy but don't let that fool you, Levels 2, 3 and 4 are quite tough! I like it better than Shred because there is one more strength exercise in each section than the Shred, so shorter time on 3 different exercises, rather than what feels like neverending time on 2 exercises in Shred.

Be prepared though, Jillian is very SHOUTY in Ripped!! She's gone more 'bad cop' in her recent DVDs I think. They must have had endless management meetings and decided her shoutyness should be her USP grin

threestepsforward Tue 14-Aug-12 20:49:25

That's excellent Geek!! And yes, definitely, I always feel very under par exercising when I'm on. I always use it as a valid reason to phone it in!

chocolateshoes Tue 14-Aug-12 20:56:40

have been away for a month so no Jillian!!! eeek. have done Ripped every day since I've been back & found it sooo hard. Before I went away I was often doing RippedL4 back to back with Shred3 plus some NMTZ core. Can't believe that a month with nothing has made it so hard. Arrrggh!

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