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(12/11) Mutual boot-in-the-bum support thread.

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LittleMissFlustered Fri 03-Aug-12 22:23:13

Right. This saves us clogging up the post-natal thread.

I'm 5'9" and when I was last weighed I think I was about 130kgsad

I'm going to get weighed tomorrow and clear out the cupboards on Sunday. I'm going to get the application for the leisure centre membership too, though I can't do that until September.

seven77 Thu 09-Aug-12 23:07:55

aethel yes Saturdays.

Other than kitty who is doing brilliantly does anyone feel that they may have actually lost anything this week?

I found a great way of tarting up stewed rhubarb earlier, I topped it with granola and served with a scoop of raspberry sorbet. Really tasty and still better than a crumble.

MissRee Fri 10-Aug-12 08:56:52

I'm on day 5 Kitty and I've lost 2lb already grin

I thought Oat so Simple was full of sugar - even the original one?

aethelfleda Fri 10-Aug-12 20:09:23

Yes misree it is sugared: but a bowful is only 220 calories including the milk: so that's lower calories than a lot of breakfasts and it does keep you full for a long while. I'm not into anti-carbs/low-sugar diets, and porridge works well for me.

aethelfleda Sat 11-Aug-12 07:43:41

Hooray: weigh in today and have lost another 2lb this week (total lost 5lb, current weight 14 st 12, 208 lb.)

Really pleased though I know this is the "kick start" effect rather than a genuine fat loss of that much: am a bit bored of myfitnesspal already! Is anyone else actually going to keep doing it? I'm thinking I may keep it in reserve and do it for a week each time i get a week where I haven't lost/have gone up. So kind of a motivational whotsit.

Next week's aim: to do a greater number of DVD sessions (even if they are short 10 or 20 minute ones) .

seven77 Sat 11-Aug-12 09:04:42

I've put on 2lb sad though I did have chinese. Tbh I'm so pissed off with DH this morning I don't really care. Will do myfitnesspal religiously for the next week.

hawthers Sat 11-Aug-12 09:30:59

Still 9st 6 today although I did dip by 1 lb in the middle if the week which I know as i have a terrible habit of weighing myself every day. I have to stop doing this as I'd been really focused and saw a result then the next day eased up and its gone back on. Totally rubbish.

So conclusion is not rocket science - do NOT weigh oneself every day... Hmm going to find that hard.

seven77 Sat 11-Aug-12 14:19:48

Cancel earlier post. I've actually lost 2lb grin. Major Banbury here, I was too lazy to change the setting on the digital scales, forgot what my previous weight was in stone and my tired brain failed to convert into lbs!

LittleMissFlustered Sun 12-Aug-12 03:57:47

Sorry, lost thread from I'm on list.

Maintained at 20st 7. Which sucks but it's been a very sedentary week due to circumstance.

Hoping to get a couple of walks in this week.

Super effort from you all, I'm dragging out the pompoms.

I'm trying the no-butter cheese sauce this week, I'm intrigued to see if it tastes any good. Will be using sharp sharp sharp cheese so need less.

seven77 Sun 12-Aug-12 08:55:04

I'm on a complete cheese ban, it's not worth the vast amount of calories!

LittleMissFlustered Sun 12-Aug-12 11:42:30

100g goes a long way in a sauce though, and will do us two meals as a familysmile

aethelfleda Sun 12-Aug-12 11:57:48

If I ban cheese, I just want it! Plus a little can go a long way as lmf says.
Things like spaghetti bolognaise are so much better with a little cheese grated over, and grating to make it go further in sandwiches etc... Or very thinly sliced with crackers and olives...

in other news DH came back with a big bag of Reece's peanut butter cups. Mmmmmmmm <must not eat all at once>

LittleMissFlustered Sun 12-Aug-12 13:29:12

Bacon sandwiches with a sprinkle of bacon, death in bread but so good!

You can have the chocolate. I don't like peanut butter unless it's being converted to a sataygrin

LittleMissFlustered Sun 12-Aug-12 13:29:47

Sprinkle of cheese. Might have bacon on the brain >_<

aethelfleda Sun 12-Aug-12 16:37:29

Mmm, brains. Wonder how many calories are in Brains' faggotts? I remember getting cravings for those during pregnancy (even though they contain liver...)

seven77 Sun 12-Aug-12 21:25:38

I've lost an inch from my waist and half an inch from my hips since last week! Tbh I find that much more motivational than the 2lb I've lost. I tried on my size 16 pre-pregnancy jeans a couple of weeks ago, they went over my hips, but I was around 2 inches away from doing them up, or probably 3 from being comfortable so I feel like I'm actually achieving something now grin

LittleMissFlustered Sun 12-Aug-12 21:41:36

I just ate profiterolessad

I did so well at dinner too, oven done chunky wedges with a dollop of chilli on >_<

Ho hum, tomorrow is another day.

seven77 Sun 12-Aug-12 21:44:07

LMF would it help to know I had a doughnut earlier? In my defence it was worth it!

aethelfleda Sun 12-Aug-12 21:46:26

Well done seven! I know what you mean about shape feeling more important than figures.

You're right lmf, each day's a new start. I just could not face exercise tonight, too hot and sticky. Hope tomorrow will work better...

MissRee Mon 13-Aug-12 13:47:53

I can't move my arms... gym on Saturday nearly killed me! blush

aethelfleda Mon 13-Aug-12 20:57:08

I'm getting sooo bored of cal counting! But it's in a good cause, right?

<must do more exercise but AF says sit on the sofa and veg out>

aethelfleda Tue 14-Aug-12 20:34:16

Right, onwards girls, it's way too hot but I managed 15 mins of cream Ibiza 2010(though most of that was the warmup, sigh). Another new DVD, and this one I like so far. The warmup is very thorough and felt well constructed, it does need a concrete bra for the main section though as there's lots of jumping!

MissRee Tue 14-Aug-12 21:48:44

I can't face aerobic exercise with such big bangers in this heat Aethel so well done you!

Arms are starting to come back to life today so I'm ready to destroy them do it all again on Friday!

I'm feeling quite good today - we had dinner at the inlaws tonight and they got fish and chips in... so I picked off and discarded the batter and didn't have any chips! grin

Kitty5824 Wed 15-Aug-12 09:07:52

We had kebabs last night. I had a chicken shish and asked for lemon juice rather than mayo. Hmmmmmm, lovely!

aethelfleda Wed 15-Aug-12 20:11:28

Patsy Palmer's ibiza workout tonight: I'm still only doing 15 mins at a time partly cos it's hot and I'm unfit and also cos the DCs are later to bed than usual so I don't want to eat too late. My general rule is tht if it makes me hot and sweaty and takes a while to wind down afterwards, then it's having benefit. And as we all know it's plugging away bit by bit that has an effect (as long as I don't fall off the wagon!)

Talking of which: have hoarded the calories today, dinner is confit de canard with mash!

Kitty5824 Thu 16-Aug-12 13:19:29

3lb this week! 12.5lbs in total!!

I'm a little bit giddy. Have promised myself a proper haircut when I lose a stone. grin

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