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(12/11) Mutual boot-in-the-bum support thread.

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LittleMissFlustered Fri 03-Aug-12 22:23:13

Right. This saves us clogging up the post-natal thread.

I'm 5'9" and when I was last weighed I think I was about 130kgsad

I'm going to get weighed tomorrow and clear out the cupboards on Sunday. I'm going to get the application for the leisure centre membership too, though I can't do that until September.

seven77 Sun 05-Aug-12 10:17:25

Gah I'm starving! Off to do the garden in an attempt to avoid the flapjack in the kitchen.

LittleMissFlustered Sun 05-Aug-12 10:50:26

I just had late breakfast, as octoboy seceded he needed a milk marathon >_<

Tonight we're having sausages and potato bake. I'm using the tiny oven dish so there will be no leftovers to snarfgrin

aethelfleda Sun 05-Aug-12 19:09:34

Have had a sandwich based day, and about to break out the exercise DVD for a bit of motivation (which will either be followed by cheeky skirting board painting, or alternatively vegging in fron of the olympic highlights with me knitting.)

seven77 Sun 05-Aug-12 20:32:18

I'm doing surprisingly well today, I deliberately didn't come in until lunchtime, then had soup. We had fishcakes, new potatoes and salad from the garden for tea. As I cba with proper exercise I'm burning calories by flying round the house cleaning and tidying instead, I figure getting a clean house too is far more productive than going to the gym grin

I'm after meal ideas though please, particularly for the days when DH goes running. As he's training a short run is at least 6 miles, he needs more than salad but I don't want to cook two seperate meals.

hawthers Sun 05-Aug-12 21:28:21

seven how about roasted veg with added pasta, salami/chorizo and mozz cheese for your DH?

hawthers Sun 05-Aug-12 21:28:57

ps roasted broccoli is lush

MissRee Sun 05-Aug-12 21:42:39

Woohoo I have my diet sheet! It's a lot less restrictive than I thought so I'm very happy grin eggs for breakfast, chicken or ham salad for lunch and fish/chicken/red meat with veg for dinner. It's more varied than that but that is the basic gist of it. Then 2-3 protein shakes a day to "fill up" between meals. Basically, I shouldn't be going more than 2-3 hours between meals! I'm allowed a few carbs (new potatoes a couple of times a week and one slice of toast with my eggs a couple of times a week) then Sunday is cheat meal day to kick start the metabolism again and counteract the plateau effect when you diet grin

I have to go back in a month for weighing but I'm not allowed to weigh in between I won't be able to resist though

On the exercise front, she acknowledged that weekdays are difficult enough without trying to cram in an hour of exercise and said that the hour of practically running walking to and from the coach each day is sufficient but if I could go in and do some weight training at weekends (even if only one session) then that would make a difference for toning purposes.

Feeling very positive!

aethelfleda Sun 05-Aug-12 22:19:10

Arsebuggerwhotsits. Managed ten minutes of my old faithful Davina (30 min workout: pump) and then felt my knee twinge in a not-good way during the first set of weight lunges. Stopped straight away to avoid any serious damage but am really annoyed. I'm sure this is me being rusty, coupled with having 3 extra stone on that knee during the exercising.
Will be fine, just need to rustle up low impact stuff for a week and then build up, but it's still annoying! And knitting won over painting while I wrangled DD1 (who has just read Harry Potter no 1 in three days, bless her, but was too excited by it to go to sleep til she finished.)

CherryBlossom27 Mon 06-Aug-12 10:14:17

I'm half doing a good job, DH and I had ribs and chips for dinner last night! But we did take DS for a nice long walk (about an hour) in the pushchair after dinner!

I woke up feeling really hungry today so I had 3 weetabix instead of 2 blush will try and be good for the rest of today. I'm going out to a play group later so that will be another hours walk.

aethelfleda Mon 06-Aug-12 20:18:20

15 minutes of light DVD exercise tonight as I don't wan to strain knee (and have slight backache so being careful). Tonight's offering was "Gimme gimme gimme a really great workout". Should be titled a really cheap workout as the music (bjorn again in concert) is one of the redeeming features. The sound compiler for this DVD should be shot: it's extremely sloppily cued and at one point there is a full 10 seconds silence hafway through a warmup... And then they just recue the same track. There's also a john Barrowman clone with a
Scary fixed smile to watch, he is incredibly camp and rather amusing.

Now having a stirfry to use up some cabbage from the veg box and some coriander sauce that's too spicy for the DDs. Yum.

seven77 Tue 07-Aug-12 13:22:08

I've just prepared a beef stew for tonight, my mantra is now I must not make dumplings.

aethelfleda Tue 07-Aug-12 15:43:56

Ah, dumplings aren't that bad, are they? As long as you don't eat ten of them? (sounds yummy: I want stew and dumplings now!)

seven77 Tue 07-Aug-12 21:35:24

Fail, dumplings were bloody good though!

aethelfleda Wed 08-Aug-12 20:15:03

Just did my first Jillian Michaels 30 day shred.

MissRee Wed 08-Aug-12 20:41:05

I neeeeeeed carbs sad argh!

Kitty5824 Wed 08-Aug-12 22:41:37

Ok, not done well with the diet this week (weigh in tomorrow so will update then) but am hoping this will be offset by all the walking at the weekend. Sat about 5 miles, Sun about 6 miles with DS in sling so carrying at least an additional 16lb (no idea what he currently weighs!!)

Made very delicious pasta sauce from onion, bacon, tin of toms, some tom puree and some worcestershire sauce for tea, but craving chocolate.... sad think I'll go to bed grin

seven77 Wed 08-Aug-12 22:58:07

We had Chinese tonight, you're welcome to <haddock> me.

aethelfleda Wed 08-Aug-12 23:07:13

Mmm, chinese haddock....

<salivates slightly>

Kitty5824 Thu 09-Aug-12 11:47:57

1.5lbs this week. So 9.5 lbs in a fortnight grin

So obviously, I'm celebrating by going to the pub for tea tonight wink.

MissRee Thu 09-Aug-12 13:09:36

Well done Kitty grin

I'm so good... it's my birthday so I have to get cake for the office. I deliberately chose one I don't like so I don't scoff it grin

Kitty5824 Thu 09-Aug-12 15:46:40

Blimey Ree that is proper dedication. Happy Brithday. Get yourself over to DSM virtual hen night for a cocktail grin

I'm jsut pureeing fruit (mix of apple, pear and plum) for DH and have decided I'm going to be a brave girl next week and try some of his weetabix with a bit of puree to sweeten.

I'm generally more of a frosties girl, but need to be off the heavily sugared cereal before he's old enough to want some wink

MissRee Thu 09-Aug-12 16:56:48

Do you like rice crispies kitty? According to my diet guru, they're the best cereals to have (besides porridge)!

aethelfleda Thu 09-Aug-12 19:59:30

Have just blown out diet with fried chicken dinner. It was worth every darned calorie though smile

Tomorrow is another day, right? (and actually it wasn't too bad as I picked small pieces and only ate a third of the chips. Honest.)

Kitty5824 Thu 09-Aug-12 20:54:56

Hmmm, rice crispies with a banana sliced on top. Yum yum. Rice crispies are the bext because you feel like yoou've got LOADS to eat grin

aethelfleda Thu 09-Aug-12 22:18:55

Nooo! Rice krispies are terrible as they never fill you up! My top tip is oat so simple (supermarket versions) as they take 2 mins to microwave and have a fixed portion size. If you get the ones where you use the sachet to dose out the milk there is no thinking involved and they keep you full.

(but hey, if krispies is your thang then go for it!)

Is it Saturdays we are weighing-in then?

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