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The Big Fat List and the Days of Doom (TM) Part IX - The One With A Wedding and Some Weightloss

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grinningbee Wed 25-Jul-12 15:24:40

Here we are again - new thread time! Can you believe we're on our 9th one?

I've been down to DFS and got us some new squidgy sofas. Feel free to add anything else you like grin

<Rolls out poster of Morten Harket>

Clodaghdragonfly Mon 30-Jul-12 22:41:04

please, prepare yourselves for a self-indulgent, long and boring rant!blush

I have had a pants week. I think it was Thursday that DH tired of the many out-of-hours phonecalls from the new job, and packed it in. To say I am not happy is an understatement, and it is decidedly frosty in our house. He is working - luckily for him he has landed straight back in a temping job with his agency, but still...angry <thinks of school uniform and shoes needed>

angry at bag snatch. Have forgotten the rest - sorry.

A HUGE <hug> for FHF.

I am pet-sitting a hamster. He is V. boring. Although he was on his wheel as I typed for 5 seconds just then!

envy of the hat. MY DS1 is an enthusiast of WW2, and we often go to "wartime" events. I am always v. envy of those in costume. It seems there were no fat people in the war though.

yesterday I can only assume DH felt he was so far in the shit he might as well keep digging, and he took us to visit the outlaws. FFS. nuff said for now

I do not expect any kind of loss this week.

I am not fond of chickens bee, but wondered about bees?

sorry, am blathering.

grinningbee Tue 31-Jul-12 11:06:57

Morning all!

Clodagh I can't believe your H! I'd have been furious too. Want that frying pan yet? And then to rub it in with the in law visit. Urgh.

I had a hamster called Hamish. He escaped one night and ate his way into my mattress. My dad was rather unhappy grin

Bees - I wondered about those as well, and have seen some beehives on the omlet website. Trouble is, their hives and coops are mega bucks.

Jodie Have a halo grin

FHF Thinking of you flower. Hope you're ok x

<waves to everyone>

I failed again over the weekend. I'm finding it really really hard to get motivated. Don't know why. Could be in for a gain in the morning, but it's my own stupid fault.

Food for today:

4 x ryvita with 4 x tsp reduced sugar marmalade (2 syns), banana
Omelette with cherry toms and a hea of cheese, yogurt and fruit
Quorn chilli and rice

2 x alpen lights for later

Is everyone else feeling glum and going into hiding?

Hi all, just logged on to say thanks for all the support @ the 'other place'.

Am still in shock today and feel mega selfish for even going to weigh-in this morning, but as my sisters say, we all need some sense of normality.

Lost 4.5lb. But haven't eaten since Sunday.

Am trying to get packed to fly out tomorrow morning, I feel like I'm being punished. Earlier this year another sister was carrying twins, one died when she was just over 6 months and she had to carry & birth them both. Her placenta ruptured and we almost lost all of them. We're still grieving for the baby we'll never get to know, and loving the little lady who we've been blessed with - but it just seems like so much on one family.

Anyway thanks for the self indulgent moan. Am taking my ipod with me so if there's wifi i'll log in.

Clodagh - what is it dh dislikes about his job?

Ok, am up and ready for Portugal. I've my iPod withe so if there's wifi I'll get a sneaky log on when we're having some down time. Good luck everyone for the DOD xxx

My loss was 4.5lb but then I gained 5 last wk!!!

FaceCrack Wed 01-Aug-12 07:43:47


Sorry for AWOL, been vair busy. My Dad, his wife and her 2 kids are arriving from USA on Sat and are staying in our tiny 3 bed London terrace for the next 2 weeks. Cue muchos tidying.

Diet wise I've been crap. I'm incapable of refusing biscuits at the moment and I haven't had time to exercise. Oh dear.

And the couple I'm sat next to on the tube won't stop snogging. It's grim <puke>

Anyway message me for DOD. <waves to all>
B; missed
L; dunno
D; risotto? Quorn sausages?

fh&f try and enjoy your hol <hugs>

JodieHarsh Wed 01-Aug-12 08:06:55

FH&F what a terrible time your family has had. Hugs also from me and I don't care who's looking. Please try and enjoy your hols. You need to be strong & rested to deal with all this.

Clodagh ARGH I can't believe someone would just jack in a job like that! How did you keep your cool?!

Well: another 1.5lb off for me - I seem to have put myself on the world's slowest and most consistent diet grin

I need to think about how to speed things up a bit. Oh, here's the thing: don't go to the football and eat a double cheeseburger the size of your head, then have a Cadbury's chocolate bar on the way home "Because it's the official snack of the Olympics and it'd be illegal not to" hmm .

I think I am right in saying that if I can lose another lb by Saturday I'll head to the wedding knowing I'm the slimmest I've been in a couple of years. Which sounds a daft thing to aim to do as it would make no difference to how I look .... but it would put a bit of a spring in my step.

Food today -

B - tea and orange juice
L - I have no idea. DH has inadvertently taken my debit card to work with him. Perhaps I shall go through the bins out the back of Holborn Sainsbo's and see what I can come up with.
D - I think I'll do a bit of chicken and veggie curry with flatbreads. Just because I feel like it.

In other and entirely unrelated news: for no reason I can readily put my finger on, I really want to punch Michael Phelps.

grinningbee Wed 01-Aug-12 09:04:43

Morning all!

FHF Massive squeezy hug to you and the family. Try to get a bit of rest in on your hols (easier said than done) x

Jodie Was the football good? When we watched a bit it did look a bit more populated than your photo. You have to eat chocolate during the olympics you say <hopeful emoticon>? Bet you're glad you didn't get tickets for the badminton...

Face Blimey. Two weeks with a packed house? You are a glutton for punishment grin

Hello everyone lurking grin

Well. My scales gave me 5 different readings this morning. This is probably what happens when you buy the cheapest set going. I'm not going with its lowest offering because I don't trust them.

Got the weekly food shop to do today, so food list looks a bit like this:

4 x ryvita with 4 x tsp reduced sugar marmalade, manky banana
Omelette with cherry tomatoes, hea of cheese, and ham if I have a red day, yogurt
No idea yet

My lovely dad came round last night. He's upgraded his telly, and gave us his 6 year old one. It is enormous. We used to have one of those big old boxy tellies (you know, before flat screen) and it was a 32 inch. This one is flat and 42 inches. But it doesn't blend into the room yet, if you know what I mean.

Clodagh How is your H behaving? I found great joy in a £2.98 pair of hedge clippers yesterday. Only took my frustration out on our hedge mind you, but I can point you in the direction of Wilko's should you need them for Other Purposes grin

Hedgepig Wed 01-Aug-12 09:19:56

FHF I hope you can enjoy your holiday it will be good to have some time with you DCs and DH.
Yukkkk snogging on the tube face how antisocial.

I haven given up trying to loose weight for a couple of weeks as we have a moving date for next Thursday and things are a teeny bit chaotic here ATM ( have I sorted stuff out ? Nah grin)

I did have to smile at the news last night as the retailers were bemoaning the lack of tourists in London ! What a surprise all the doom about transport problems and the huge hike in accommodation prices of course no one is visiting.

We are off to the canoe slalom tomorrow I'm very excited indeed.

Clodaghdragonfly Wed 01-Aug-12 09:41:33

morning all. who is list monitor today?

taking DS1 to a bowls tournament this morning. do they play in the rain?

DH is back at work. To be fair he only had the one day off before he started back with the agency. (I would like to think he wouldn't have quit if he hadn't had that set up). It's his day off today. don't know what we'll be doing yet. It's a difficult one as I can understand his motives, but even so am still cross. Suppose there might be confidence issues too, with him being off sick for so long. (This sounds like pathetic defending!!!) Kind of knew it would happen though as it was an offer too good to be true (wages 3x the normal for this area, etc). Anyhow, best forget it and be glad of the agency work.

FHF - hope you can enjoy your holiday without worrying too much. Enjjoy some quality relaxing with H and the DC (and those sneaky shagswink)

good luck for DoD everyonesmile.

grinningbee Wed 01-Aug-12 09:53:01

Hedge Good luck with the move! Moving seems to be catching around here grin I agree with taking a couple of weeks off. Tis a rather stressful time.

Clodagh It's ok, I'll put the frying pan and hedge clippers away grin Hope the new work works out, and that it is long lasting!

The kids ate my manky banana. Little rascals. And H has decided he wants sausages, bacon and egga for tea. So that'll bring the syn tally up to 4 for the day.

JodieHarsh Wed 01-Aug-12 09:56:44

Damn right it's catching - we handed in the notice in our flat a couple of days ago <wibble>

Enjoy the bowls CLodagh and don't forget to eat the official Olympics bar of Dairy Milk grin

Hedgepig Wed 01-Aug-12 10:09:17

I wouldn't have thought they would play in the rain Clodag would ruin the perfect green. Commiserations about DHs job, at least he's got temp work. From you posts the catering industry sounds like a collection of appalling employers tbh.

Are you moving far Jodie?

I'm very hungry might have to have some toast ( better than a biscuit I suppose) I'm trying to STS rather than loosing I don't want to put a load of weight on

JodieHarsh Wed 01-Aug-12 10:32:39

Not ever so far Hedge - but (hopefully) exchanging the mad hustle-bustle of East London Zone 2 to the deep, deep peace of watching swifts dart for moths over autumn fields, and salt flats all hazily blue with sea-lavender, and afternoons spent making plum chutney for winter <sigh> grin

grinningbee Wed 01-Aug-12 10:58:25

Ooooh Jodie are you going somewhere where they pronounce music as moosic? At least, my great aunt does grin

That'll be 4 of us having moved this year so far then I think. Crikey.

Anyway. Just came back to share something cringeworthy but funny. I was just in the bathroom putting on some roll on under my arms. Dd is sitting on the bath watching - she pipes up "Mummy, you've got fur!"

Time to shave the pits I think blush

JodieHarsh Wed 01-Aug-12 11:07:39

Bee I'm not really sure - which does slightly suggest I should be thinking about moving to somewhere when I can't even remember what the accent is like grin Either RP or 'generally rural', I think...

Arf at fur grin

Clodaghdragonfly Wed 01-Aug-12 11:53:43

lol bee, arent they lovely? My boys keep singing "who ate all the pies" and DS3 thinks I have a baby in my tumyhmm (keep the hedge clippers handy for now!)

in this area catering is a pants industry, it is very hard to find a long-term job where you are treated well (or even reasonably!), made worse by the seasonal aspect of the coastal tourist industry. DH has had many seriously shit jobs, so it make it difficult to believe what prospective employers say. It is very much all or nothing in our house.

good luck with all the house moving - I will not bemoving. Too Much Crap.

looking forward to my olympic dairy milk! DS1 has texted to say he's lost 2 out of his 4 matches, so he might want one too (teaching him to comfort eat? NO!)

Am a bit bored. May have to go to town and buy something. Food shop done, but forgot baby corn and other "medley" type veg. Also no bread when I got home. Honestly! I am hopeless. I plan to base my week on green days/quorn, and have bought fish and lamb for DH, and intend to steam a big pan of veg, and some new potatoes, so he can heat some up when he gets home and grill a bit of meat to go with it. If he has his HEB muesli and a cooked breakfast, then he should be ok on fruit during the day at work.

Like you Jodie, I am within 1lb of being at my lowest weight in a while (not sure how long, but at least a couple of months) and I like the idea of it putting a spring in my stepsmile

sorry for mammoth postblush

pixiestix Wed 01-Aug-12 12:25:36

Sorry I have been so lame with keeping up this week. In my defence I have been dieting beautifully. I am feeling very slim and springy grin

Jodie I'm so excited for you! smile I know its a gamble, but such an exciting one and well worth the risk imo. I wholeheartedly approve grin We have to meet up for drinks before you go.

Grrrr at "D"H Clodagh angry I don't know how you hold your tongue with him.

<hugs> to FHF. I haven't had a read of t'other place yet but I gather its not the news we all hoped for. Hope you can enjoy Portugal x

I have made a vat of Paprikash for lunch and I'm trying to let it simmer for a while to let the meat get reaaaaaally yummy but it smells so good I just want to stick my head in it <dribbles>

FaceCrack Wed 01-Aug-12 20:32:12

Well I didn't need to eat a whole choc orange did I?
What the actual fuck is wrong with me?

Clodaghdragonfly Wed 01-Aug-12 20:35:42

a whole one face? much respect!

who is doing the list?

FaceCrack Wed 01-Aug-12 20:37:51

Yep in about 10 min blush. I feel so so sick. I'm a twat.

It's me doing the list in about 20 min!

Clodaghdragonfly Wed 01-Aug-12 20:40:38

you must have felt you had good reason to eat it at the time. you have a whole week to deal with it.

thanks for doing the list.

FaceCrack Wed 01-Aug-12 20:41:51

Boredom, I think. And extreme tiredness. I need an early night.
Thanks for being so nice about it.

JodieHarsh Wed 01-Aug-12 20:58:00

Face if you're going to eat a whole chocorange, do it on DoD. That is the reasoning I am applying to having eaten a huge pistachio macaron my lovely colleague bought me this afternoon...

grinningbee Wed 01-Aug-12 21:04:02

Face, don't worry about it. Hope you enjoyed it! We all do daft stuff, what with being human and all.

And thanks to Jodie and not my weak willed self I have a 400g bar of dairy milk in the fridge. She told me I have to eat chocolate 'cos of the olympics or summat. I must resist the chocolatey goodness... <wibble>

Hedgepig Wed 01-Aug-12 21:11:24

I lurve chocolate oranges Nom Nom , and dairy milk

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