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The Big Fat List and the Days of Doom (TM) Part IX - The One With A Wedding and Some Weightloss

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grinningbee Wed 25-Jul-12 15:24:40

Here we are again - new thread time! Can you believe we're on our 9th one?

I've been down to DFS and got us some new squidgy sofas. Feel free to add anything else you like grin

<Rolls out poster of Morten Harket>

Clodaghdragonfly Wed 25-Jul-12 22:36:50

shock at being at the joint top-spot with my boomerang 2lb.

well done allsmile and thanks bee for thread-building and list-writing duties.

grinningbee Thu 26-Jul-12 08:17:55

Good morning smile

It's all misty here so far. Boo!

Food for the day will be something like this:

2 x slices hobbit toast with 2 x tsp reduced sugar marmalade (1syn), banana
Omelette with ham, salad, apple and a yogurt
Potato, tomato and bacon salad from the SW mag (5 syns)

Might have 2 x alpen lights later (other heb)

Hedgepig Thu 26-Jul-12 10:28:59

well done Doomers good losses all. I missed the list as I was traveling back from a work thing, it was a fruit show so I managed to scoff a a lot of strawberries mmmmm grin and a bacon bap and I thought it was the safest thing to eat and the sarnies looked like as if they had been festering in the sun for too long

I am down to to 11st 7lb so going the right way back towards my target .

Food today
B Shreddies (are they a HEb???) and fruit
L Chicken salad (maybe a baked spud if I'm extra hungry)
D something with couscous and chicken

hopefully I will get to run tonight so long as it isn't too hot

pixiestix Thu 26-Jul-12 11:39:02

Morning! Well done everyone.

God, I feel like a right cheat being joint top and getting a sticker blush I somehow feel like its not a "real" loss when I've seen the three stone mark many times before. If I can lose another 8lbs <sigh> then I will be in to virgin weight loss territory and it will feel like I'm finally getting somewhere. 7.5 weeks until birthday thinness!! grin... And only two fat-filled weekends away to throw me off course confused

Bee the man of whom we speak is the most amazing actor, and gorgeously funny, sweet, kind man, just all round good egg and super-fantastic GOD of a person. I lurrrrrrve him. Seriously. I'm going to boil his bunny.

JodieHarsh Thu 26-Jul-12 11:50:38

YY to everything Pix just said about Rylance - also delivered like THE most famous theatre performance IN THE WORLD in about the last 2 decades!

Pix did you see Jerusalem? I didn't sad

pixiestix Thu 26-Jul-12 11:53:17

Yes I saw it twice from the second row even though I had to take out a new credit card to do it and wept like a TINY CHILD. As did DH grin

JodieHarsh Thu 26-Jul-12 11:55:24


Is't my imagination or was it filmed for BBC4 or somesuch?

By the way - did you see Tom Hiddlestone's Henry V in the Hollow Crown series?

BUGGER. ME. That is all.

grinningbee Thu 26-Jul-12 19:56:20


I need to adjust my food diary for the day. Breakfast was what I put, but I then didn't have any lunch. I'm having a chicken chow mein for tea (7 syns) because I cannot be arsed.

Going to read my new book on chicken keeping and make plans grin

Huffpot Thu 26-Jul-12 23:10:21

Marking place!
Didn't WI as had my bag nicked on Wednesday arvo and didnt realise till I went to dash out the door to WI that it was gone off the pram :-(

Amazingly it was handed in today to a branch of my bank so I have it back after cancelling 99% of my cards. I have my purse back but no money left in it

My last 2 weeks WI have been doomed!

Now I must figure out the key to my motivation and pull my sodding finger out because I've been slipping and sliding sigh

JodieHarsh Fri 27-Jul-12 10:30:32

Good morning dearios!

Huff made sad and angry about your bag. Thieving little shits. Did you lose much ££?

Well now. Let us gloss over yesterday. I did a wee birthday party for some relations of mine, and by heck did we feast on The Cakes.

Today will be tricky but I'll be all right as long as only drink calories and don't actually eat anything, and I have it on the very highest medical authorities that this is an entirely healthy, sane and sustainable weight loss method <cough>


Breakfast: skinny cappucino
Lunch: avocado and rice salad thingy
Dinner: several G&Ts.


JodieHarsh Fri 27-Jul-12 10:30:48

made mate hmm

grinningbee Fri 27-Jul-12 10:31:56

Huff Sorry your bag was stolen sadangry Good that it was handed back in, but it's such a pain getting all the cards cancelled and then waiting for the replacements.

I'm sure the motivation will come back again smile

Food for the day:

4 x ryvita with 4 tsp reduced sugar marmalade (2 syns)
Not sure - will be syn free though
Potato, bacon and tomato salad (5 syns)

2 x alpen lights, depending on lunch

Dd has just been sick on the carpet. Poor sausage. Now it smells of dettol in here! Time to go in the garden I think grin

pixiestix Sat 28-Jul-12 12:55:27

Hope you didn't lose too much money Huff. What a relief to get the bag and purse back though.

I don't want to be at work! <mega whiiiiiiiiinge> I want to be out in the sun with my baby sad On the plus side however, I am tres thin this week. Positively sylph-like. grin <polishes halo>

pixiestix Sat 28-Jul-12 12:56:04

Oh, anyone know what happened to Debka? I used to like her posts.

I ate her.

Well, OK, I didn't eat her, but it feels like I must have ate everything else...

pixiestix Sat 28-Jul-12 17:51:46

Sweetheart, you are allowed to eat everything in the world with the weekend you must be having.

Ach, I'm having not too bad a week foodwise. Met up with my sisters and had a good chat - all waiting for Monday to hear how to move forward, but remaining positive for her sake.

Thanks for all the words of comfort - never underestimate what a kind word can mean to someone.

Food all good!!

Breakfast: half a grapefruit, 1 slice wmeal toast (HEB) with tbsp peanut butter (syns), lunch was tuna with the other wmeal HEB bread with a coffee (as well as heaps of fruit) Dinner is roast beef, green beans and beetroot! Love it!!

Kids are looking for ice-cream for dessert so may cave in and have a spoonful or two... last minute bits n bobs got for holidays!

Chocolatemakesmefat Sat 28-Jul-12 19:51:52

Bonjour ma petits (found I have wifi on this campsite!!)

Trying to combat the destroying of my diet by swimming each day, i bloody hope it works! plus its therapy for my ankle which has started playing up again urrgghh

Bee can i play take on me whilst ogling your poster? please please say yes!

Great list ladies well done to all you losers thanks

Will still be away for next WI but will be back on Thursday so that gives me 6 days to do some damage limitation.

Hope you are all still having fabulous weather and enjoying the Olympics, off to finish my wine and pomme de tart grin

JodieHarsh Sun 29-Jul-12 14:44:49

'Afternoon all!

Hasty one from me...Choc i have NEVER lost weight so startlingly fast as when I went swimming every day. (I couldn't afford to keep doing it, alas also I am lazy.)

You need to really give it some welly - I would swim at least 35 lengths backstroke of a 33.3 metre pool, and occasionally a mile (48 lengths) - but it's the fabbest exercise every, IMO.

I'm proving myself to have more willpower than I realised, which is nice. Still feel pretty grim about my heft and pallor and awful hair <sigh> but I'm going in the right direction. Indeed, I have just tried some frocks on and there is at least a choice of two for Saturday's wedding (it's my best pal and I'm diong a reading and a speech, so heaven help us all when the photos come out hmm), and possibly even three if I have a nice big poo on the day, so hurrah!

Also I have accidently spent £45 on a 1940s veiled pillbox hat. Whoopsie!

Today I have eaten some Special K, and a small portion of spaghetti and tomato sauce, and some ice cream.

Reckon I'll have prawns sauteed with tomatoes and some herby flatbread for m'dinner. And, if sufficient calories are left over, some 12 year old sherry splashed over some ice. And YES, I am an eccentric batty old bag.

Thinking of you lots, FHF thanks

JodieHarsh Sun 29-Jul-12 14:45:10

HAsty one! HAR HAR HAR! Stupid loquacious auld bint grin

SlimJimBra Sun 29-Jul-12 14:59:24

Hi everyone smile

I'm enjoying a quiet sit down while ds has a nap. My parents have been visiting and we have had a fab few days but now there's lots of washing/washing up/tidying to be done sad I have sorted the kitchen and the lounge so have made a dent in it but I'm in need of a cuppa, a microwaved pink'n'white and a bit of Olympics torch grin

Been eating nice (naughty) food this w/e but not weighing in til Thurs so have a bit longer to be good wink

Thinking of you FH&F thanks

JodieHarsh Mon 30-Jul-12 11:29:17

Morning all!

SlimJim how well I know the post-visit catastrophe. The only time my house ever looks presentable is just before guests arrive. At all other times it is charmingly squalid grin

Well now. Where is everyone? In RL and on here ... London is sooooooooo quiet confused

I am now SO determined to drop below the stone threshold for my best pal's wedding that I have even put off two social events this week so as to Avoid Temptation. Please can I have a halo. Thanks.


B - the milk was off, so no Special K for me sad. Skinny cappucino instead.
L - My usual avocado and rice salad thingy from Itsu
D - I think I am going to do a sort of sticky tandoori chicken thing with flatbread and katchumber salad and cucumber raita. Can you tell DH has bought me a Madhur Jaffrey book?! grin

Come on folks! Two days of training before the DoD medal ceremony torch <<PEP TALK>>

SlimJimBra Mon 30-Jul-12 17:48:13

Hi jodie smile
Ds and I have been out all day, just got back to find the house is a mess - I swear pixies come in and make mess when I'm not here hmm

SlimJimBra Mon 30-Jul-12 17:48:51

Oops sorry forgot to pass the [halo] grin

Clodaghdragonfly Mon 30-Jul-12 22:23:22

are they the same pixies that sew my clothes smaller overnight?

<shuffles back onto thread>

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