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My fitness pal... Diet buddy anyone?

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emmak86 Wed 18-Jul-12 19:47:14

Looking for a diet buddy on my fitness pal?

Add me: knowles980

Could do wiith that extra motivation smile
Em x

mumofelise Wed 18-Jul-12 19:50:12

Hi. This is perfect, just the motivation I need please add new too - clairecon141smile

emmak86 Wed 18-Jul-12 21:48:49

Ive just added you smile
Em x

chicklitwriter Thu 19-Jul-12 11:50:50

Would love to have some diet buddies, I'm: starlikedolly

emmak86 Thu 19-Jul-12 13:44:58

I have a page on fb if anyone is on there and interested..

Mums that diet: mums,bums and tums

em x

Spicysalamander Thu 19-Jul-12 17:20:37

I'm OnePerfectSunrise on MFP and keep slacking so need lots of people to keep me on the straight and narrow!

(plus most of my friends on there are in the US who are under on their calories everyday without a single fruit or vegetable on their diary, it's interesting viewing but I'd like more normal diets to view!)

Elainey1609 Thu 19-Jul-12 19:13:03

Same here,
will add you , any one else who wants a buddy add Elainey1609

HappySquirrel Thu 19-Jul-12 20:30:23

Add me too please, I'm a SleepySquirrel

Elainey1609 Thu 19-Jul-12 20:35:30

This really is a great way of making weight loss buddys, thanks so much already for friend addys. the motivation of a group really does help

emmak86 Thu 19-Jul-12 20:36:05

theres a nice collection of us now..wohooooo!!

lets keep going ladies smile

em x

PinkCustard Thu 19-Jul-12 20:49:31

Hi, I've sent you all friend requests on MFP, I have the same username as here. Have only just started using it but finding it really good so far...but the weekend will be the big test!!

InMySpareTime Thu 19-Jul-12 20:56:32

I'm adding you lot (gradually).
Inthesparetime on MFP

InMySpareTime Thu 19-Jul-12 21:01:37

My friends page is looking good nowgrin

emmak86 Thu 19-Jul-12 21:02:44

Evenings in on my own whilst the kiddies r in bed and fiancee is at work is the big test for me!! EEEEK!! x

omletta Thu 19-Jul-12 21:59:58

Please add me cornwall1234 (omelette was already taken, can you believe it.)

InMySpareTime Thu 19-Jul-12 22:06:46

I've added you (inthesparetime) inmy sparetime was taken.

hurricanewyn Thu 19-Jul-12 22:07:58

Can anyone add me? I use the app and can't figure out how to add people on my phone - same name as here.

emmak86 Thu 19-Jul-12 22:08:31

Lol omelette.. X

hurricanewyn Thu 19-Jul-12 22:12:58

Thanks emma grin

InMySpareTime Thu 19-Jul-12 22:15:50

Added you, click on "friends" then "add friend" by username.

hurricanewyn Thu 19-Jul-12 22:18:25

Thank you - I'll do that now

zandy Thu 19-Jul-12 22:52:15

You can only add five friends every five minutes.
To add friends I tag the username on the addressbar after the website addy. Takes me to the new users home page, then click on the add friends bit.

zandy Thu 19-Jul-12 22:52:35

Every ten minutes, not five minutes.

BelinaTheChicken Fri 20-Jul-12 07:39:36

Could people add me too? I joind a while ago, was doing OK, then went on holiday to France, and cheese happened!

Have no friends (on myfitnesspal, not in RL!) either!

I'm BelinaTheChicken on there as well,

InMySpareTime Fri 20-Jul-12 07:48:45


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