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Couch to 5K - to infinity and beyond...

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cinnamongreyhound Sun 01-Jul-12 08:37:58

A new thread for those of us who started in January 2012 and anyone starting now. Everyone welcome for support, encouragement and occasional arse kicking smile

massistar Wed 04-Jul-12 13:54:39

Just wanted to jump in with some words of encouragement for the C25K program. I started it about 4-5 months ago and I now regularly go for 5k runs in around 30 mins twice a week. Keep at it ladies!

rusmum Wed 04-Jul-12 20:17:44

Did week 3 on new treadmill. Too easy really but back on it. wink week 4 next time. Treadmill sioooo different to running outside

cece Wed 04-Jul-12 21:27:20

Is it easier or harder rusmum?

Been to running group again tonight. Another cross country run. Fun but not a lot of distance covered. Still better than sitting watching TV for 30 mins smile

The meadow was beautiful - all covered with flowering wild flowers. smile

cinnamongreyhound Wed 04-Jul-12 21:33:48

What do you count as cross country cece?

Been out tonight did 4.8K in 30 mins but it was still very warm and close so hard work! Used my hrm for the first time and my heart rate was mostly between 170 and 180bpm. Plus burnt 345 calories grin

cece Wed 04-Jul-12 21:47:59

Through the woods, heath and through a flower meadow, around a copse at top of hill and then back through the woods to the car park. Fun but tricky due to low branches, tree routes, mud and humdity. Was fun though.

rusmum Wed 04-Jul-12 22:27:16

Cinnamon what contraption are u using to measure calories and heart rate?

cinnamongreyhound Wed 04-Jul-12 22:30:28

I got a polar ft4 second hand from eBay rusmum, it's great!!

I think I must be cross country running then cece, I run in the forest and have to dodge branches and nettles but not too muddy today.

Purpleprickles Wed 04-Jul-12 22:33:25

Hi can I join? I'm in the middle of week 5 and am enjoying the feeling of satisfaction at the end of each run grin I did wk5 r2 last night. I cannot believe I can run for 8mins. I'm feeling more toned in my legs and bum but no change in my tummy and no weight loss on my scales. Those of you who are further in does the weight come off at any point?

cece Wed 04-Jul-12 22:36:56

As opposed to running along pavements or a towpath. Keep us informed on the hrm - might have to get another gadget...

clare8allthepies Thu 05-Jul-12 08:43:13

Hi, can I join you? Have done c25k in the past and couldn't believe I could run! Even managed a 10k race but was pregnant 2 weeks later and haven't run since (and DD's now 2!) blush
Started Sunday and although I was very sore the next day felt very pleased to have got off the mark!
The question I want to ask is do you think I could do the programme only running twice a week? Mon-Wed I work long days, can't go before DP goes to work as he leaves at 5.30 and by the time I get home and DD is in bed I'm wiped out! Don't think I'll be up to running 2 days in a row for a while so was thinking about going Thursdays and Saturdays. Or do you think it's not going to be enough to increase my fitness?

Thanks, Clare x

littledolly Thu 05-Jul-12 09:46:12

I'm away with work at the minute in another part of the UK but managed to pack my trainers - not easy with hand luggage allowance! Torrential rain last night meant I ran in the hotel gym. It was my first run on a treadmill since I started & it was awful! The longest 30 mins of my life!!! It was just so boring. However, I did manage it, which is great. Mind you, I've just polished off a cooked breakfast so all my hard work is now undone grin

Off to Spain for over 2 wks on Tuesday & still debating about whether to pack my running gear. We go hand luggage only there too so am now worried there won't be enough space for my trainers.

rusmum Thu 05-Jul-12 21:29:00

I want a gadget !!!!!!!! ( stomps feet!!')

nomorecake Thu 05-Jul-12 22:42:40

Hi to all the newbies!!!

I was so frustrated with myself yesterday, I was just too tired to exercise.
However made sure I got a 30min run in today. And feel so much better!

(if anyone sees the real nomorecake, tell her to stay lost - I like the new me!)

rusmum Fri 06-Jul-12 16:16:42

Just done week 4 run 1 . Just about right place to start again I think. Was red hot!!!!!!!

Bex66 Fri 06-Jul-12 16:44:22

Well done on your first sub 30 min 5K. That is a real milestone. I remember mine well! Still yet to get the sub 29 min! Am joining the thread as I want to get back into my running - well, let me put it another way - I need to get back into running as have signed up to do the Great South Run in October - its 10 miles so I better pull my socks up (and get the Garmin out - my best friend!!).

cinnamongreyhound Fri 06-Jul-12 16:56:41

Hi Purpleprickles of course you can join, well done for getting this far smile I have lost weight but I have been on mfp, so coining calories as well as running.

Welcome clare8allthepies, I don't see why you couldn't do it running twice a week. Just go for it!!

Well done for taking your trainers littledolly!!! I guess it will be pretty warm in Spain too!!!

Well done for gettin out nomorecake, I often find my best runs are when
I'm tired, very odd!!

Glad your back on it rusmum!!

I was planning to running tonight but dh was a bit of an arse about it yesterday. Ds's have hair cut at 5.30 so I said could he take them and meet me at my mums as we're going for tea then I could run there. He said why did I have to organise it tonight as I could take them tomorrow (when he's a work) and what if he wanted to train. Well he doesn't get home until after 5 and his training sessions are an hour +, and he trained yesterday so wasn't expecting he'd want to. Anyway not worth the hassle and I've been twice already this week so can go sat or sun but it's nice to burn some calories before we eat as my mums as she always feeds me more than I would normally eat!

cinnamongreyhound Fri 06-Jul-12 16:57:43

Hi Bex66, welcome! Sorry x posts smile

Purpleprickles Sat 07-Jul-12 19:46:09

Hi all. I've not had the chance to run again since last post just for logistical reasons really. Am going to do my first 20min run in the morning and am terrified blush

I'm spurred on though by all of you who are further than me smile

cinnamongreyhound Sun 08-Jul-12 21:41:16

Very quiet here at the moment! I did my third run of the week tonight, quite late so only did 21 mins. Was quite slow but I enjoyed it and could have carried on with no problem. Hope everyone else is doing well smile

dotty2 Mon 09-Jul-12 09:58:22

(Sneaks back in guiltily). I've been a MIA - as someone said up the thread. But I've found you again now.

Been running a bit but a bit haphazardly. But have promised to do a 10k in September and need to get more disciplined. I went out with DH on Saturday and did 8k in 52 minutes. DH can do 10k in less time than that so I felt a bit of an elephant plodding along holding him back, but he swore he enjoyed going with me, and I felt quite pleased at having done my longest ever run.

Planning to do two short runs a week 20 - 30 mins, but with sprint intervals, and one longer one to work up to 10k. I'm pretty confident I can do it. Finding the sprint intervals helping with stamina and speed, but a challenge to my poor pelvic floor (sneaks away again, in shame...)

brightonite Mon 09-Jul-12 22:25:41

I have just been out on my first run after being out of action for 5 days...this is just w2r2 but it was great to be back out there again. Left it a bit late and the evening was drawing in so must go earlier next time. It's very early on in the process for me but I still feel amazed that I can complete the whole run walk programme and that it feels a bit easier with each subsequent run after the first one of the week...the novelty hasn't worn off yet clearly! wink

dotty2 Tue 10-Jul-12 09:19:17

Good work Brightonite - the programme does work and the challenge of the next level should help ensure the novelty doesn't wear off.

nomorecake Tue 10-Jul-12 11:02:02

Well done brightone! Keep going.

Dotty2 sounds like your flying now! Good for you and good luck for the 10k.

Im really not very well. Been in bed for nearly a week now.

My OH started c25k with me. And he completed a 10k run last week, just over an hour, Very proud of him!

dotty2 Tue 10-Jul-12 13:04:27

Sorry to hear you're poorly, nomorecake. Hope you're on the mend soon - and well done to your OH. That's pretty inspiring.

cinnamongreyhound Tue 10-Jul-12 14:24:56

Well done brightonite, keep at it and you'll be amazed what you can do!

That's fantastic dotty2!!!!!! Dh is still trying to persuade me to do more serious training to improve but I don't feel I can commit the time to it.

Oh no! Hope you feel better soon nomorecake!! That sounds horrible. Well done to your OH that's a great time!

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