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Thread 10 already for the Paul McKenna's Paulettes, losing lbs with No Pain! No Pain!! and Definitely No Calories, No Syns, No Humiliation. Come and Join In To Lose Weight With Supportive Friends!

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Solo Sat 30-Jun-12 16:03:34

Welcome to thread 10 of the Paul McKenna's I Can Make You Thin weight loss system.

The Golden Rules that will aid you on your journey with our like minded support system are:

1. Eat what you WANT
2. Eat when you are HUNGRY
4. STOP eating when you are satisfied and full

This weight loss system is about re-educating your body; learning to listen to it and in doing so losing weight and inches. So forget diets; they may work for a while, but they aren't permanent solutions. This is a new way of living for your brand new life!!

The Paul McKenna system really works and is easy to maintain.

I've C&P'd our previous threads links as they are helpful.

Here are the book choices on AMAZON which is all you need to get started! they aren't compulsory, but they do help! it's something to refer to and listening to the cd's can really focus you.

This is the tapping technique EXPLAINED - this can be useful to combat cravings.

You don't have to buy the book and CD, but we have found that they do help and somehow they keep you on track, so it would probably be a good investment and will cost you far less than a couple of trips to WW or SW meetings, so do consider having them in your life.

Please feel free to join us, whether it's 10lbs or 10 stones you want to lose.
We are friendly, supportive and successful, but we're not hungry OH NO we're not!!! so come on in and start living your new life today!

BigBaubledBertha Sun 30-Dec-12 18:45:11

aws - the other thing that I think really affects me is sleep. It does make a difference and there seems to be increasing evidence that people who don't sleep enough are several times more likely to be overweight. I don't actually eat much although I do eat the wrong things but not enough to have caused the weight gain I have had over recent years. I am my own worst enemy because evenings/night time is my time and I am loathed to give up my free time by going to bed. Sad I know. blush I reckon if I were getting 6+ hours a night I would probably start losing more rapidly but as it is I don't. Anyway, just a thought.

I think we had a conversation up thread about it - my personal theory is that women put weight on after children not because of bf/not bf, the aftermath of pregnancy and general change in lifestyle but because they are perpetually tired and their bodies are piling on weight because of it.

ppeat - Happy new year to you too. Enjoy your

Dottiespots Sun 30-Dec-12 22:20:13

Yep think Im about the same as you Solo....Im 13 stone 7 at the moment would like to be 12 stone 7 ideally but wouldnt mind getting back to 11 and a half. I used to follow low carb eating as I get ibs but am trying to eat a little more carbs now ie a little bread. Started my diary yesterday and I ate 900 cals for the day. So will keep this up and see how many I consume in a week. ppeatfruit..... My clothes fit ok and I do sometimes wonder if its the electronic bloody scales that are playing up. Will keep away from them and just way in once a month if I can manage it and just go by my food diary and clothes.Will also start back with gyming next week as doing weights is a necessity looking at the start of my little bingo wings. Argggg!!!! and the wobbly thighs!!!!. Anyway.....Im really enjoying this way of eating to be honest,. It really takes the strain off and stops me obsessing and instead Im enjoying food again without overeating. So will defo stop the weighing of the body each day as this is just diet mentality. Thanks once again ladies. This lovely thread is a life saver. the way hows the love life Solo??? I must pop and see if there are any updates on your other thread......

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Mon 31-Dec-12 07:31:26

Yes definitely don't weigh everyday! Werent you hungry on 900 cals, that's very low?

OComeAllYeFaithBaby Mon 31-Dec-12 10:09:01

If you've only eaten 900 calories, no wonder you're not losing weight! Your body will be hanging on to everything it gets! It's be interesting to see what you consume over a week.

I feel awful. Stinking cold, sore throat, earache. Was crying with the ear pain at 2am and had to call in sick. Called 111 who said it should settle on its own and to try a cold compress. I did get some sleep but still..

Weight wise I am about 4lb heavier than when I got diffed which I'm happy with. GTT this time next week confused

OComeAllYeFaithBaby Mon 31-Dec-12 20:53:47

Happy New Year Paulettes! Here's to a fan 2013! smile

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Mon 31-Dec-12 21:14:51

Happy new year Faith and everyone else wine

GoodKingWenSOLOslas Tue 01-Jan-13 04:01:43

Happy New THREAD Happy New THREAD Happy New THREAD Happy New THREAD Happy New THREAD Happy New THREAD Happy New THREAD Happy New THREAD Happy New THREAD

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