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Thread 10 already for the Paul McKenna's Paulettes, losing lbs with No Pain! No Pain!! and Definitely No Calories, No Syns, No Humiliation. Come and Join In To Lose Weight With Supportive Friends!

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Solo Sat 30-Jun-12 16:03:34

Welcome to thread 10 of the Paul McKenna's I Can Make You Thin weight loss system.

The Golden Rules that will aid you on your journey with our like minded support system are:

1. Eat what you WANT
2. Eat when you are HUNGRY
4. STOP eating when you are satisfied and full

This weight loss system is about re-educating your body; learning to listen to it and in doing so losing weight and inches. So forget diets; they may work for a while, but they aren't permanent solutions. This is a new way of living for your brand new life!!

The Paul McKenna system really works and is easy to maintain.

I've C&P'd our previous threads links as they are helpful.

Here are the book choices on AMAZON which is all you need to get started! they aren't compulsory, but they do help! it's something to refer to and listening to the cd's can really focus you.

This is the tapping technique EXPLAINED - this can be useful to combat cravings.

You don't have to buy the book and CD, but we have found that they do help and somehow they keep you on track, so it would probably be a good investment and will cost you far less than a couple of trips to WW or SW meetings, so do consider having them in your life.

Please feel free to join us, whether it's 10lbs or 10 stones you want to lose.
We are friendly, supportive and successful, but we're not hungry OH NO we're not!!! so come on in and start living your new life today!

HaveALittleFaith Sat 30-Jun-12 16:11:15

<jumps in>
<marks place>

Solo Sat 30-Jun-12 16:13:16


KinkyDorito Sat 30-Jun-12 16:36:28

Solo Maker of new threads. grin

JustFabulous Sat 30-Jun-12 16:46:47

I'm here grin.

I will check the pasta, ppeat, and see what it is. DH has just said we are having a takeaway for dinner, probably chinese, any suggestions for best thing for me to have?

FartBlossom Sat 30-Jun-12 17:18:50

hi, just marking place in new thread.

I dont have a lot to say ATM apart from Im still Pauling (or rather I dont really think about it much apart from I still make sure I listen to the CD)

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sat 30-Jun-12 20:52:59

Fab - eat whatever you like but drink about 4 pints of water, chinese is v.salty but delicious!

HaveALittleFaith Sat 30-Jun-12 21:01:34

Yes and chew it well! Really enjoy it and stop when you're full smile
Good work listening to the CD FB.

JustFabulous Sat 30-Jun-12 21:05:25

I had prawn something with white mushrooms and that was all. Nothing else with it as normally we get too much. It was very nice. Just had a slimfast choc bar I bought before I started Pauling again as I really felt like some chocolate having not had any for a while.

BigBoobiedBertha Sat 30-Jun-12 21:26:54

Just marking my

Fish and chips for tea. It was gorgeous. I wasn't full although I might have had a few cherries too many for pud. Verging on full up.

Solo Sun 01-Jul-12 02:45:30

grin @ Kinky I like it!!

ppeatfruit Sun 01-Jul-12 13:15:06

CONGRATULATIONS TO US ALL ,ESP. THE THREAD CREATOR SOLS, ON OUR 10th thread and the 1st of July and I'm blowing kisses to you all smile wine brew thanks smile

Ali justfab is having health trouble eating exactly what she wants so I suggested she cuts wheat as she has an intolerance to it (like a lot of us). As I have said before I am successful with P.M. and following my Blood Type. Iam very healthy BTW grin

ppeatfruit Sun 01-Jul-12 13:21:32

I'm also an old gimmer grin so it's unusual to be running about without any pain or problems!!

JustFabulous Sun 01-Jul-12 15:03:47

I am having a day from hell with emotional meltdown. Must have PMT. DH took the kids out - planned - but went without saying bye as he was annoyed at me yelling at him in public. Then the hoover broke. My iron is dead after 2 months. I found tiny bits of lego in the guinea pigs hay and have been cleaning for hours. Had yummy lunch - salad leaves, mayo, steak and cottage cheese. Went out to buy a new iron. Staff were on a lets all chat to every customer even though it is obvious the customer doesn't want to talk, the public were all on a lets walk as slow as possible. The staff in the changing room felt it was fine to yell out the size I wanted and didn't have but said they did have all the smaller sizes. Went to Thortons to get medicinal chocolate. Banged my toe on the trolley wheel. Lost my trolley of shopping. Home now and have 4 beds to make. Oh and my car key doesn't want to work and I can't walk the kids to school.

JustFabulous Sun 01-Jul-12 15:05:10

I did buy cornflakes though.

ppeatfruit Sun 01-Jul-12 15:24:42

Didn't the shop where you bought the iron change it? Have you noticed that they seem to have been instructed to 'chat' to customers now? I mentioned this in M&S and the sales girls started giggling when I said some people won't want to talk!!

My blxxdy hoover only picks up through the nozzle (it's an upright Dyson but won't work on carpets which we bought it for). Are you feeling less hungry now? Try camomile tea or capsules for PMT. Also starflower or evening primrose oil. It calms. BTW breathing ONLY through yr nose is also very calming esp. on a Sunday if you're impatient grin.

JustFabulous Sun 01-Jul-12 15:53:21

I couldn't find the receipt as dh bought it and doesn't put receipts where they are supposed to go. Turns out he bought it from a different shop from where he initially said. He will take it back and ask for a refund.

DH has sorted out the hoover and hoovered up.

I take Agnus Castus for PMT and find that works when EPO didn't.

BigBoobiedBertha Sun 01-Jul-12 17:36:55

I know in the great scheme of things it is a very small thing to pick up on but isn't it a bugger in the summer when you are wandering around the supermarket in your lovely summery sandles and you bang your toe on the trolley wheel? I have been known to draw blood doing that! Doesn't happen any other time, only when you have sandles and can do maximum damage. Or maybe it does happen and you don't feel it with shoes on. smile

Anyway, sorry you are having a bad day Fab.

BigBoobiedBertha Sun 01-Jul-12 17:38:21

Sounds like your car key needs new batteries too Fab. Best to get it done sooner rather than later. If you leave it too long it needs to be reprogrammed if the batteries have died and that is a lot of money (£40)

<speaks from bitter experienceangry>

JustFabulous Sun 01-Jul-12 17:54:29

Yep, I drew blood too.

DH has checked the battery and it is full of charge.

The car is on its way out on the key/dashboard issue angry.

KinkyDorito Sun 01-Jul-12 18:16:31

Sorry to hear you are having a rotten day Just.

Eating not going too badly. I am really having to fight the compulsion to shovel loads of carbs in though. Bit stressy. I've started crunching through ice pops on an evening rather than eating loads of biscuits. I have been listening to the CD for 3 days now and feel like I'm back!! Woo! grin

I haven't got up the motivation to start with the exercise yet though. But, usually, I do it all, full-on, from the minute I start, then I lose momentum really quickly. I'm trying to get my eating a bit more sorted first.

So, today:
toast, half a slice of bakewell tart, soup and a couple of slices of tiger loaf, melon, and stir fry with tofu and noodles. All very nice and eaten mindfully. smile

Solo Mon 02-Jul-12 00:14:19

Must sort cd player!!

Chocobo Mon 02-Jul-12 09:03:02

Just wanted to say Hi. smile

Have just started doing this (just over a week now) and must say it is the least stressed that I have ever been about trying to lose weight. Have no idea if it is working yet though as not allowed to weigh myself until the weekend but fingers crossed.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 02-Jul-12 09:21:27

Morning all smile

I really hadn't realised how much easier it is to be rational about food when your hormones aren't speaking to you. Last ten days I have really struggled because AF was imminent and then here. This morning I finally feel calm about food again.
I wonder is there anything that helps?

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 02-Jul-12 09:22:21

Morning Chocobo - PMK is brilliant for that, because you don't have to obsess about the 'what'. Hope your week goes well smile

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