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FjorGynAndHotWater Thu 31-May-12 09:28:02

17th thread lucky for successful and sustained weight loss????? Let's hope so!!!

luckoftheirish Wed 23-Jan-13 19:25:02

I walked 4 miles today and was a work don't think I am in tomorrow but car going in garage so reckon I could be doing more mileage on foot! Praying scales are a bit kinder tomorrow!!

Well done for great losses so far this week ladies smile

SizzleSazz Wed 23-Jan-13 21:36:01

Waking and working will have burned loads of calories, although your body might be holding on to those you are eating to fight the bugs.

1224 cals today including my evening G&T smile. Not used exercise cals today so hopefully some extra good there from my exertions grin

Should be fine at work tomorrow as never really hungry there. Haven't planned tea so need to sort that so i don't go off track.

RedLentil Wed 23-Jan-13 21:50:56

Hello! It's me! About 6lbs to lose but I'd like somewhere to declare tiny victories along the way (or not).

Sazz, I would pass out eating so little, but admire your 'trading food for gin' style. grin

RedLentil Wed 23-Jan-13 21:55:13

I'm doing mfp too, Loti, partly to get a handle on my lack of iron. I seem to be averaging about 1350, and lost 2lb last week.

Portion size is what I'm having to work on as I don't do sweets/ choc anyway.

SizzleSazz Wed 23-Jan-13 22:32:19

Yay, hello Red Lentil, nice to see you back smile

Gin is dessert grin

SizzleSazz Thu 24-Jan-13 07:44:11

Huzzah! -1.5 to 11.0.

Wold LOVE to be 10 something come weigh in tomorrow. Fingers and lips crossed grin

luckoftheirish Thu 24-Jan-13 08:10:21

Wow go sazzgringringringrin

Thankfully also -1.5 down need another 0.75 to get to last weeks weight and 1.75 to the previous weeks <sigh>smile baby steps thosmile

FjorGynAndHotWater Thu 24-Jan-13 09:13:25

Hurrah for us all grin I too am down again, only 0.75 on yesterday but that brings it to a round -1 for the week with one day to go.Not bad considering the rubbish I shovelled in at the weekend blushblushblush Got my low-carb snack food planned for this weekend though so should be able to keep on track this time...

Welcome back red smile

SizzleSazz Thu 24-Jan-13 21:51:17

Woo hoo all grin

Grapefruit, chicken, cabbage soup, banana, grapes, coconut yoghurt, beef chilli in tortilla with rocket. No gin wink. All in at 1120 calories.

Also went for a snowy stomp in the park at lunchtime for 40 mins which was lovely smile

Hoping to go below 11 in the morning, but have conference food, posh dinner, alcohol tomorrow and then a leaving party on Saturday night to contend with hmm

I MUST get back to shredding as my arms are truly horrific. They were lovely back in the spring <sigh>

I am taking my swimming cozzie, although no idea if there is a pool at the hotel. Would be wise to check i guess grin

SizzleSazz Thu 24-Jan-13 22:01:01

Just looked back at thread - was 10.13 on 16 Nov.

Arse - no pool but there is a gym. However i'm not lugging my gym kit all that way so will just have to go for a walk in Green Park on Sat morning.

SizzleSazz Fri 25-Jan-13 06:45:15

Just scraped it at 10.12.5, so -2.5 for the week. Will be VERY chuffed if I can keep it up this week.

Fingers x'd for you all. Xx

FjorGynAndHotWater Fri 25-Jan-13 07:08:27

That's billiant sazz, well done! Hope you have a fab time today but it doesn't derail you again grin

I'm down another 0.5 making -1.5 for the week. Not bad considering I was +6 on Monday... Definitely being good tis weekend, and a 7.40 dentist appintment on Monday morning (shock) should keep me off the booze on Sunday night!

luckoftheirish Fri 25-Jan-13 08:06:41

Well done ladies smilesmilesmilesmile

I am down 0.75 so back to last Friday's weight which is a feckin miracle grin

SizzleSazz Fri 25-Jan-13 09:39:38

Just noticed my typo - was 12.13.5. Another llb would have been lovely!!

Well done on the losses ladies.

Keep it up!

RedLentil Fri 25-Jan-13 10:08:48

Down 0.75 here too: I spot a trend ...

The main victory this week is that I really don't want to snack in the evening which is a habit that really grew on me in 2012. A small mug of semi-skimmed hot chocolate is enough to fool my brain, it turns out ... hmm

And my jeans aren't strangling me! My weight loss method for the last 20 years has been based on the premise that I have refused to ever buy any bigger clothes. wink

FjorGynAndHotWater Fri 25-Jan-13 10:22:22

Well done red and loti, we're all on a roll smile

sazz arf at 12 stone 13, you're fatter than me now grin

SizzleSazz Fri 25-Jan-13 10:32:56

Oh FFS! 10.13.5.

At least I could report a massive weight loss next week grin

SizzleSazz Fri 25-Jan-13 11:32:55

Red, you are spot on about not buying any bigger clothes. I really do need some more work clothes as far more office based than previously, but I refuse to buy any until at least half a stone is gone.

SizzleSazz Sat 26-Jan-13 10:19:41

Food yesterday was ok (ish) given circumstances. Obvs way over calories but could have been worse grin

Breakfast at the hotel and I had bacon, toms, mushroom and egg. Was pretty rank actually and wish I had gone with the smoked salmon they had. Hey ho.

Will try and be good for rest of day but may be derailed by a drinks and nibbles leaving party tonight

FjorGynAndHotWater Sat 26-Jan-13 11:11:57

Well done sazz, pastries would have been my downfall blush

I didn't do too bad either, I did have a chocolate chip cookie and a cheese straw at work but that didn't then lead to bread, cake, crisps etc etc etc so counting it as a success grin Bit too much gin though so will have to be careful not to feed my hangover with carbs.

luckoftheirish Sat 26-Jan-13 14:10:51

Been to gym for the 1st time in 2 weeks blush

Out tonight but driving finding mfp really good as when I want to eat something I know I have add and it makes me think if I really want it! Well it's sort of working blush

Well done on swerage sazz and fjorny for stirring clear of too many carbs smile

SizzleSazz Sun 27-Jan-13 09:08:44

Oops blush

Clean slate, new day.....

FjorGynAndHotWater Sun 27-Jan-13 12:16:57

You and me both sazz grin

loti you were out last night, do you need to join us in the naughty corner???

luckoftheirish Sun 27-Jan-13 12:29:17

Yes blush

SizzleSazz Sun 27-Jan-13 15:57:42


<useless bunch of muppets emoticon needed>


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