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Sole Source Diet - CD/Exante/LL/ANY - 2012 thread 2

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DucketyDuckDuck Tue 15-May-12 09:04:01

This is a thread for all those embarking on, continuing and returning to Sole Source type Diets.

For some of us, its the only way to go. As the saying goes "it works if you work it".

laura4jasmine Sun 20-May-12 07:24:46

Hi cake & Jinx sorry you're finding it so hard. Usually the first 3 days while you are trying to get into ketosis are the worst, you can be very hungry and have a headache. Once you are in ketosis you should feel alot better and not be physically hungry, but you may still 'just want to eat', you need to think about it and be careful. This sort of diet is simple but def not easy, it takes a very strong will and lots of motivation , but the big weight loss should be what keeps you going....just wait for your first WI!
cake I know on LL we have a 'free' broth so I would think you should be ok but I would check with your counsellor just in case.
AFM had an ok day yesterday, but I'm finding it hard to shake the want to eat feeling. Have to go to PIL today and MIL always bakes for us...oh how to get through that one!!!!!
Hope you're all having a good weekend smile

DucketyDuckDuck Sun 20-May-12 11:18:13

Morning all.

OK, not good this weekend - can't say I didn't mean to "cheat" - I did. Need to write down what happened.

My Dad came round yesterday morning. We don't have the best of relationships. I feel like such a disappointment to him. Thats how he makes me feel. Anyway, he turned up with some pictures of me from 20 years ago. I was very pretty and very very slim. The way he gave them to me, it did its job. He left and I cried so much. I felt so worthless. My husband, didn't even recognise me (he didn't know me then). I look at them and see someone with no worries before anything bad happened in my life. Alot of bad stuff has happened, I have lived through alot of shit. I am not the same person I was then. My Dad's intention I KNOW, was to shock me into doing something about the way I look. Its really hurt me.

Anyway, he left and within a couple of hours, bread, chocolate, pizza, crisps, you name it, I scoffed it! Pure emotional eating. I can see that. So on the positive side thats a lesson I have learnt. If I ever doubted that I use food like that - its now been confirmed to me. So thats a positive thing to take away from this weekend.

Still ropey, but WILL be back on track tomorrow. Sorry for sounding so miserable, but need to get this off my chest. I think my Dad means well in his clodhopper walk all over your feelings way. But it hurts.

Bye for now.


Juma Sun 20-May-12 14:21:45

Hi DDD, it's a new day tomorrow, pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get back on track. It's good that even after everything you've said, that you can still find something positive from it all. Like you say, your Dad is trying to help bless him. I bet you felt no better after the binge - in fact probably worse - it's a hard lesson, BUT you can do this Duckety, you deserve to start feeling good about yourself. I'm talking as someone who has had a fair amount of crap thrown her way, one thing I do know is that you've got to respect yourself first and foremost and stop punishing yourself and bizarrely shedding some stones goes a huge way to achieving this.
Speak soon

jinx86 Sun 20-May-12 19:21:21

Hey, just checked my ketone levels and it seems to be in the moderate section. Is that good or should it be higher. I'm finding it really difficult to do the ss and so think I will continue with the ss+.

Can I check if you think having a small bowel of lettuce, cucumber, rocket and jalopeno with a little bit of balsamic vinegar would affect weight loss and staying in ketosis?

Thanks for the support. X

5inthebed Sun 20-May-12 19:54:26

Sorry, lost 12lbs not 13, bad calculation.

Duckety, I am an emotional eater as well. Bloody hard isn't it?

I could kick myself. I packed everything for our weekend away (to a remote country cottage) and I flaming forgot my bag of CD products on the counter top. Only realised when we were getting ready to go out for a pub meal. I;ve tried to be good though all weekend and just eat protein and veg, but was bloody hard. Will be gutted at WI and the next three days are going to stink big time as got to redo the bad days all again.

Jinx, you need protein in that salad and minus the jalapeno.

Good luck everyone.

DucketyDuckDuck Mon 21-May-12 09:15:39

Morning all.

Thanks for the support, back on track this morning. Two days of eating carbs and sugar. Sinus's infected again, sleepy and lethargic yesterday. Amazing really, maybe I needed to do this to see the effect this type of food has on me. ...

So no weigh in for me, not this week, might even leave it a couple, will see how it goes.

Bye for now - back later to check in.


laura4jasmine Mon 21-May-12 09:55:18

Morning. Duckety sending you a big hug. I'm an emotional eater as well and it's so hard. I agree you should be pleased you learned something from this and can still feel motivated to move on.
5inthe oh what a shame you forgot you food packs. Sounds like you did as well as you could so fingers crossed you'll be ok.
Jinx if you get too dark a reading on the stick it means you're not drinking enough, you should try and stay in the range you're at.
Well, I've had a good week food wise, but according to my scales I've only lost 1lb boo. I'm trying to think positive and hoping it's still water retention from AF. Have WI tonight and can't say I'm looking forward to another low no. Never mind, maybe things will pick up next week.

DucketyDuckDuck Mon 21-May-12 11:49:23

Not doing much today! My DD didn't want to go to playgroup, so very quiet.

You have all been lovely, I feel back on track, drinking my water and having my banana milk shake, which is nice.

Been doing some research, emotional eating is called "eating your feelings" I suppose because you don't want to feel them. It was like a wave that came over me. Did I enjoy all the stuff I eat? Some of it, definately not all of it. Infact it was a major disappointment! So lesson 1 learnt. Also very interested in the s inus problem and tiredness. Research for me to do.

Also looking at starting a course in September, not done anything like that ever, so going to find out about that too.

Bye for now, will check in later. LOTS of checking in from me this week. You will all be sick of my babble!


jinx86 Mon 21-May-12 12:03:13

Thanks for the advice. I know I need to drink more. I'm managing just under 2L of water, maybe less. Started putting slices of lemon and ice in to helP drink it. The hunger pangs seem to have gone but I jumped on scale for a sneak peak and on day 3 I only seem to have lost 1.5 lbs. Hoping a larger loss will happen by the time I get weighted on Friday. Seem to be fully in ketosis so hope it all starts coming together. Managed to stay away from carbs but cheated a little with a leaf salad and a bit of chicken.

Good luck everyone, and thanks for the support. Hopin to find the skinny me eventually. X

kitkatkaty Tue 22-May-12 07:39:46

Hi everyone. Hope you are all ok this morning!

I struggled and cheated a bit over the weekend which I hope doesn't come back to bite me at WI! Doing SS but was craving food so had some cod! Also had some coke zero. Oh and a piece of liquorice! On the flip side, went to a bbq on sat and didnt eat anything so pleased because of that . Back on track this week though. I find it so much easier at work!

Duckety, I am with you on the emotional eating. I eat if I'm really happy, really stressed or really sad! I still find fri nights really hard because as an end of week treat, I would always have something naughty like a curry! Taking a while to get used to that!

Have a good day all x

5inthebed Tue 22-May-12 09:14:41

Morning everyone. Never managed to get back on it yesterday due to DS2 haveing D&V, so am starting today. SO far so good

Jinx, you are not meant to have citrus at all as it affects ketosis, probably why you've lost less and feel hungry.

I fins the best way to get water in is to have a 750m bottle with me at all times. Three bottles a day and that is your minimum amount done.

If you feel you need to have something to eat, then do SS+. Will get you the list of foods you're allowed.

5inthebed Tue 22-May-12 09:19:26

Have taken this directly off the Cambridge diet website

This list is for Sole Source Plus Option B which is 3 Cambridge products per day plus one option from the following list and 80g of vegetables or salad.

(Note Sole Source Plus Option A is 4 Cambridge products per day plus 200ml skimmed milk, there is no conventional food on Option A)

170g chicken or turkey breast (skinless)
180g tinned tuna (in water, not oil)
220g Quorn e.g. mince pieces
225g cottage cheese, plain, reduced fat (less than 2% fat)
230g cod, haddock or other white fish
185g pre-cooked prawns
250g steamed tofu
2 large eggs

80g of any cooked or raw vegetables or salad from the following list:
cabbage (even pickled)
Chinese leafy greens (including pak choi and Chinese cabbage)
green peppers
green salad leaves (including lettuce, lamb's lettuce, radicchio, little gem, rocket and romaine)
red radishes
spring onions

You can add herbs and spices such as curry or chilli powder, coriander, pepper, chives and parsley. Check labels as you cannot have spices that contain salt.

Hope this helps those who want to have food/want to SS+

Juma Tue 22-May-12 10:17:37

Good morning all, hats off to those of you who do SS! I couldn't do it - I look forward to my mini meal everydaysmile
Once you can have the flavoured powders, the water drinking is much easiersmile
Day in the garden I think, hope the sun is shining wherever you are,

DucketyDuckDuck Tue 22-May-12 10:30:57

Good Morning,

Can't believe it! Didn't wake up til 9.30 - this is so not like me, I am an early riser as a rule.

Completely back on track, its been surprisingly easy....don't get cocky Duckety!

Looks like a nice day, a day in the garden for us too!

Sending you all positive thoughts for a good day.

Time2slim Tue 22-May-12 12:05:38

Hi all - have contacted my CDC today and am awaiting her to get back to me regarding a start date for me!
Loved reading through this thread and your last thread!
I'm so excited to be starting this journey.... also very nervous!
I've a holiday to Egypt booked for Sept 1st... and want to be looking better then I do now!

busyhouseof8 Tue 22-May-12 12:38:35

Hello everyone - have you room for another little large one.

I've just finished my 5th week on ss. So far I've lost 25.75lbs, which is great, although still got at least another 45lbs to go, which is making me feel a bit daunted.

I am also in the emotional eating club, together with the bored eating club (dual membership). Seeing as I do boring tax for a living and work from home, it's pretty simple as to why I got to the size I did. Every time I got bored at my desk I got up and went to the fridge and larder. But enough of that - time to change the habits of a lifetime!

Hope we all have a good day.

Juma Tue 22-May-12 15:02:01

Hey, CockyDuck! Hope you have a brill day. Maybe a good long sleep was just what you needed?
Welcome Time2slim & Busyhouse - there's always someone on here who can empathise with any given situation - you're right Busy, habits of a lifetime just have to be changed!
Have a great day

laura4jasmine Tue 22-May-12 19:50:06

Hello all! Big welcome to the newbies, you're doing great Busy.
I'm def in the emotional eating group! I am feeling very down (being treated for depression) the last couple of days and all I can think of is eating. Had my WI yesterday and lost a measley 2lb. I know it's better off than on, but I secretly hoped for better. Well, onward, hoping that now water retention is going I'll have a motivational loss this week.
Hope you are all doing good and enjoying the weather, it's so good being able to open the back door and heard all the kids out into the garden smile

jinx86 Tue 22-May-12 21:42:23

Hi everyone, stuck to the diet tonight except for one sugar free polo. Not drank a lot of water but hoping the weight starts moving a bit faster. Family is all getting Chinese, think I'll go and rea a book. Think thin!

DucketyDuckDuck Wed 23-May-12 09:06:04

Oooo, quite like cocky duck, may change name....!

lauraforjasmine depression not good, I too am a long time sufferer. Upped AD prescription about 8 weeks ago now, after a particularly harrowing time. Are you taking anything? Don't suffer, I was on the verge of a breakdown last time. Couldn't go out, and I get very OCD when I am like that plus extremely paranoid. (was convinced people were going to break into house - scared of bailiffs and such). Been back on the high dose has made a huge difference. I am allowed to up and down my dosage myself as a long term user, but I still find it hard to see sometimes - does that make sense? Maybe have a chat with Doc, your dosage or even type of prescription may need changing.

Juma don't be naughty drink your water smile

Hello to newbies too, this thread has been a lifesave to me. Somewhere to come and be accountable for my actions? somewhere to vent and also babble!

Lots of Love to you all.

CockyDuck Wed 23-May-12 09:12:36

Specially for Juma to make you smile! Name change!!

Juma Wed 23-May-12 09:18:03

Haha love it! Have a great day
J x

jinx86 Wed 23-May-12 10:42:37

Morning everyone, really sunny where I am. Have a great day. Glad I didn't give into temptation last night. Lol. X

busyhouseof8 Wed 23-May-12 11:12:51

Cut the lawn last night, which had turned into a jungle. Nearly killed me (why call it a hover if it doesn't??) but got to that point where I couldn't stop part way through so had to finish. Glad I made the effort and hopefully it shifted a couple of ounces.

Been for a walk today round the fields. I figure I should try to do something physical every day. Mind you I always start off with good intentions and they tend to go out the window by the end of the week. I'll let you know!

Have a strong day everybody. xx

laura4jasmine Wed 23-May-12 17:53:48

Hi everyone. Soooo hot! I know I should have been born in the north pole as I love the cold and hate the heat. Everyone used to tell me if I lost weight I wouldn't feel the heat so much, well, here I am 11 st (was 14st) lighter and I still can't take it. Anyway, been doing my best to stick with it and hoping for good things.
CockyDuck (I love that!) I have been seeing my GP and as I also have strong OCD tendencies, she has put me on the highest dose of prosac she can. She has upped it each time I visit but says I'm now on the highest dose and for a while it was ok, but the black clouds are taking over again. I'll stick with it for a while and see if it gets any better, if not I'll go back to see her again as she is very understanding.

Off to get the kids ready for bed and get some peace LOL.

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