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Weightloss successes...please share!

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wtf1981 Sun 13-May-12 21:47:24

As the title suggests, really...

What has worked for you?

What's kept you going?

Exercise V Food or both? (Think I know the answer but wondered if people have lost lots with one or the other or both)

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overthehillmum Sun 13-May-12 21:52:52

Moving more, eating less! 22lbs in 8 weeks. Logging everything i eat and drink and when i go over 1100 calories a day exercising for at least an hour- brisk walk on the treadmill, two classes a week of calanetics...not easy but its given me my first significent weightloss in 7 years. Done watching calories then done more exercise but first time with a concerted effort on both fronts.

McHappyPants2012 Sun 13-May-12 21:54:24

I got smaller plates, gave up alchol and do 30 minutes on my wii fit.
Also changed the way of cooking, now I grill everything instead of frying

Kayano Sun 13-May-12 21:54:43

I've just signed up for the fit4life program for mums at the surestart centre

It's free and really good.

We get Waltham recipes for whole family, learn about
Portion sizes and do exercise in the park and learn about fitness in the home as well as around. We are all off to the leisure centre in 2 weeks.

I've only done 3 weeks of an 8 week course but think I'll be a lot more successful than if I just did food stuff like ww or slimming world. I wouldn't stuck to it.

I can't tell you if I have lost anything because we get weighed in week one and week 8 (can get weighed weekly if we want) and I'm just learning to enjoy healthy food and exercise.

Kayano Sun 13-May-12 21:55:42

Waltham was supposed to be healthy... Stupid auto correct hmm

mrswarthog Sun 13-May-12 21:56:34

Both, I lost 5 stone in 9 months with Weightwatchers, went from size 20 to 12. I followed the diet strictly but did at least an hours exercise - jogging, trampoline, rowing machine daily, & walked everywhere. No skin sag & saw results as shape changed.

AllYoursBabooshka Sun 13-May-12 21:57:27

I had just googled Waltham recipes! grin

debka Sun 13-May-12 21:57:28

I've been doing sw since October and have lost nearly 6st. I am a lot more active now, but it's the massive changes in my diet that have made the real difference.

GinevraMollyWeasley Sun 13-May-12 22:03:10

I lost almost 4st on Rosemary Conley, low Gi low fat. Gained some back due to extreme life changes (lost job and home, moved abroad away from family and friends).

Currently on a VLCD, I've lost 4st since January. Not a success yet though, as I still have a way to go and haven't tried maintaining yet!

At my heaviest I was 21st, am now 11st 7lb. Most was lost by eating less and moving around more! It's getting harder and harder though, hence the VLCD. I have some serious eating issues though so I'm not typical!

ILoveFrogs Sun 13-May-12 22:06:00

After DS was born my weight went up to 12st, I'm only 5' so as you can imagine, pretty dumpy (size 16). Last Oct I joined the gym and cut out the crap from my diet and today I'm 9st 2 and a size 8-10 and I feel fantastic.

I go to the gym 3 times a week as well as a body pump class, typical day menu is - Porridge for breakfast (I have this every morning), a sandwich or toast and boiled eggs for lunch and I have all the same foods I used to eat for dinner (spag bol, curry, stews, roast dinner, quiche etc )… just smaller portions haha if I'm peckish between meals I'll eat fruit, I'll usually have a banana or protein bar after the gym because it usually leaves me ravenous.

It's not a diet anymore, just a change of lifestyle, I'm thinner and healthier than I've ever been and seeing these results keeps me going (as well as all the 'you look great' comments from people :p), I still can't get used to picking up a size 10 and my jaw still hits the floor when even that is too big for me… it's so refreshing going out and not feeling like a fat frump and I never spend the whole night sucking in my stomach or hiding behind my bag/cardie anymore … I feel great!

WorraLiberty Sun 13-May-12 22:10:49

OMG I Googled Waltham recipes too! grin blush

fatlazymummy Sun 13-May-12 22:12:28

I have lost 4 stones 2 pounds in just under a year.
I eat healthy cooked from scratch food [90 % of the time], smaller portions, and lots of exercise [swimming, walking, cycling, things like crunches and pushups, working with dumbells etc].
Not a hardship at all, I love my new lifestyle and intend to keep it up for the rest of my life.
I still have about 7 pounds to go to achieve a healthy BMI though I no longer look 'fat'. It's about health 1st and foremost for me rather than fitting into a certain size [though that is great as well]
Best of luck OP. Losing weight feels fantastic and is well worth the effort.

stargirl1701 Sun 13-May-12 22:13:08

50 lengths of a 25m pool every morning at 6am. I lost 2 and half stone in 1 year. I did not change what I ate one iota. I knew I could not change what I ate as I love food. I got my bmi into the normal range - now pg and haven't put on weight yet (23 weeks).

Butwhatdoyoudoallday Sun 13-May-12 22:13:45

Eat less, move more, drink a lot less booze worked for me. I lost 40lbs over five months two years ago and it has stayed off since then (aside from the five holiday pounds that pop on and I work to remove again).

The food is the key tbh, most women can't lose weight with exercise alone, but it helped to keep me motivated and I wanted to be toned, not skinny-fat. That said, it doesn't have to be penury. I ate more chocolate than ever when I was dieting! A treat size packet of chocolate buttons, at 75 calories, was enough to feel like a treat and made me feel I wasn't denying myself everything! All meals were cooked from scratch and we had protein at every meal too, embracing the chickpea as a cheap, low calorie source!

Good luck!

UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea Sun 13-May-12 22:19:40

1 stone in 6 weeks.

Kettle bells.

and being in lust with my kettle bells class instructor

NameChangeaGoGo Sun 13-May-12 22:22:22

Paul McKenna.

smokinaces Sun 13-May-12 22:22:45

Low carb. There's bootcamp threads on here. Bloody easy to stick to and all in all I've done nearly three stone. And gone from an 18 to a small 12.

milewalker Sun 13-May-12 22:31:02

have to agree with everyone who's said move more eat less. i've lost alot doing this-the move more to start with was walking (only for 15 mins from my front door then 15 mins home) i'm doing an 18 mile sponsered walk on sat eve and 6 weeks after a marathon. i've now been running (thanks to c25k) for 7 weeks-am going to do a 10 mile run in early oct and have joined a gym in the last 2 weeks to tone up. (see my before and now pics to see how i was)

skybluepearl Sun 13-May-12 22:49:25

I read about a study the other day. The students who were thinner ate less due to having less interest in food. Now if only i could have less interest in food!

fatlazymummy Sun 13-May-12 22:54:36

milewalker I've just checked out your photos on your profile. Wow, what a difference, you look great. Well done!

frowniefuckingface Sun 13-May-12 23:02:36

All I can say is that you need to lose weight gradually and adjust your diet gradually.Weight loss is long term, I have found that losing 5-10 lbs per month has really helped me because I have adjusted my eating patterns... I have not stopped eating what I did before I have just stopped eating so much of it. So if I want chocolate or cake or wine I still have it just not so much. Nothing is a 'treat' nothing is forbidden it's just moderated.

bobbledunk Mon 14-May-12 00:44:10

I put on about 4 and a half stone while pregnant due to certain complications affecting my mobility. I lost it all in a few months by exercising at least an hour and a half/ 2 hours a day; weights, rowing machine, cross trainer and brisk walking and cutting out all junk food, eating smaller portions and eating only two meals most days (I'm impatient). It worked and I'm back to normal. Calories in, calories out.

The harder you work at it the faster the results which is very motivating.

ClassFree Mon 14-May-12 03:01:48

I have lost 12 lbs in the last three weeks. I have started a new job, working in a cafe, and I am on my feet 8-12 hours a day. I am so tired, I can't be bothered with my evening glass of wine or beer. I also have no time to snack during the day.
Its bringing my weight down better than any method I have used before, but I wouldn't advise it. <Zzzzzzz>

ChocDee Mon 14-May-12 04:46:38

I have lost 16 lbs without changing a thing. Except from strapping on massive leg weights and arm weights whilst walking the dogs.

I add about 8 kg to my weight before I set off striding along the country side for about an hour and a half a day. I would be walking the dogs anyway, but with the leg weights I almost benefit from the walks more than they do!
Oh and my arms and legs are super toned now, shame I cannot say the same for the belly... That will have to be seen to next.

Alligatorpie Mon 14-May-12 05:11:00

Low carb. Lost 42 lbs. Easy to stick to and tastes great.

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