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Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis App?!

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cerealqueen Mon 30-Apr-12 23:15:28

I've just seen this in the Apple App Store - does anybody know anything about it or tried it? It seems to have good reviews but its not cheap a £7.49!

I need something to control snacking (eating DDs leftovers in particular) and my portions - which are huge. I also need inspiration to lost about a stone in 7 weeks for a wedding in June, for which I need to fit into a dress I last wore 6 years and 2 DCs ago.
Any thoughts? Shall I give it a go?

somerandom Mon 13-May-13 19:27:00

Hi All - I've been using this app for a year now - used to post a lot but went over to the Easyloss FB group. The app has worked so well for me - I lost over 2 1/2 stone and have kept it off for 7 months. Is there anyone still around from last year? How is it going for you linkainka & Frenchtart? The FB group is a very good source of support and there's lots of motivating success stories.

I feel like I've taken a trip down memory lane ....

linkainka Fri 14-Jun-13 20:53:06

Hi. I'm
Still trying. Was doing really well and then flopped confused just keep trying I guess x

queenstephania89 Thu 27-Jun-13 09:13:47

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Bumpotato Mon 01-Jul-13 12:36:48

I'm starting today. I've been on 5:2 for 6 months and after an initial loss of almost a stone, I've pretty much STS for 4 months.

I have at least 3 stone to lose and I'm determined to do it.

veryberrybug Mon 22-Jul-13 23:03:08

hello, i've just downloaded the lite app today & listened to the 1st one while i did the dishes. does that count? i've tried Paul McKenna's HGB but it didny work for me, though i must say i'm a lot happier following his four rules than some godawful restrictive diet. just looking for a quicker loss really. thought i'd try the lite app for free instead of paying seeing as PM didny work!

TheDeadlyDonkey Mon 22-Jul-13 23:06:16

I did really well with this last year, then life went pear shaped and I've put most of it back on sad

I've tried again, and find it easy for a week or so, but I can't get it to click like it did last year.
Any tips to get the magic back?

veryberrybug Tue 23-Jul-13 11:20:20

eating slowly & only when you're really physically hungry & stopping when you're satisfied have meant even when i've not been losing iv've not been gaining either. seems to be the key to maintenance.

Jooles4eva Thu 05-Sep-13 17:01:00

Hi Guys
Just listened to my day one of the ipad ap and im so glad i have found others in the same situation. If anyone wants extra support (texts emails) get in touch as i feel the more support we get the better.

Cant wait for day two but on nights so will listen to it when i get to bed in the morning. Good Luck all

veryberrybug Sun 08-Sep-13 01:03:58

hello jooles how's it going for you?

i did session one for 6 weeks with no joy, so switched to session two (i know, not following guidelines of 2lb loss <slaps wrist>!) as i was bored of three fat toes!! then surprise magical 3lb loss in 1st week! gobsmacked as i felt i'd eaten lots of crisps/chocolate etc. more than usual that week. haven't dared weigh mysel since! on facebook there's a group & their response was that different sessions suited different individuals differently, so i'll stick with sesh 2 & see how it goes.

Jooles4eva Sun 08-Sep-13 17:16:50

Hi veryberrybug its gong great only my first week and ive joined their facebook page if u join the fb let me know and i will add you. Good luck

DigOfTheChristmasTreeStump Sat 07-Dec-13 10:02:44

I've just downloaded this and have reserved scales at Argos to assess the current state of affairs.

I suspect I am somewhere over 12 stone.

RachaelAgnes Thu 06-Feb-14 00:40:56

Week one and minus 3lb. Happy bunny grin

Ziggystarmist Thu 03-Apr-14 19:56:03

Hi everyone, just been reading all virtual gastric band feedback and am currently downloading app as all the comments on here have totally fired me up! Happy to post progress and would love it if other folk are planning on doing the same :-)

elaine54 Tue 08-Apr-14 19:56:32

Hi Im much older, not very good with computers, but really interested in this app. can any one tell me if I can down load it onto a blackberry curve

Bunnykins23 Wed 23-Apr-14 18:49:59

Def take photos of your food - it's really helped tap into my mind what I'm eating everyday. I found this app after seeing an article in the Mail Online last week about the easyloss programme so thought I'd give it a go. Suddenly realised that after going to my slimming club for the last 9 months I'm probs wasting my time! I lose weight but reckon I'll have to go the rest of my life! I need a lifestyle change and after a week of using this app I can see my attitude to food changing. So much of it is in the mind I think. For me anyway. Loving this app so far...such a different approach. Cheap too. Lost 3lbs already. Reckon I'll save myself my club money too.

oldiebutnctoday Sun 27-Apr-14 10:57:21

I lost almost 2 stone with this last year, it's brilliant. Have had some major emotional issues recently and have regained 7lbs through emotional eating BUT I know I can and will lose the weight again when I'm ready to so I'm fine with it and I think that's the really big difference with this approach, it changes the way you think about food for good. Stick at it and you will see results - I did and still am!

knoxie73 Tue 27-May-14 13:02:42

Hi everyone I just wondered does this only work on a Ipad ? I have a nexus7 and don't know if it would work ? I have been reading all the posts and its amazing that you are all so supportive and its made me want to join grin

Nostaw Wed 28-May-14 09:04:25

Hi everyone! I downloaded the app only yesterday after reading your comments and I've just left about a quarter of my porridge because I'm full! Usually I would have carried on eating until the bowl was COMPLETELY empty!! grin

clam Thu 29-May-14 10:41:03

There are two apps on the Apple store. One is £4.99, the other free. Why is that, and is there a hitch to the free one.
Anyone know?

onlyadogparent Thu 29-May-14 19:27:45

I believe the free one does not come with the actual virtual gastric band fitting session. I could be wrong though.

clam Fri 30-May-14 15:11:55

I did the first hypno session this morning. It was probably around half an hour long? Anyone know if they're all that long, as I'm going to need to schedule my day differently if so.

onlyadogparent Fri 30-May-14 15:53:39

I bought the iTunes tracks for a friend as well as the app so if they are the same, I can tell you the length of the track when I get home. But I think they are roughly that long from what I have read elsewhere.

onlyadogparent Fri 30-May-14 16:04:12

I guess I could offer a little bit of info about me. I am 28 and 3/4 ;) and I have struggled with weight loss most of my life. I recently did a very restrictive diet and lost 10 lbs but decided I couldn't take it anymore and switched to this app. I have used the app before and lost weight quickly, but didn't follow the protocol correctly and really just got wrapped up in the diet mentality (if I can lose this much eating cookies, how much can I lose not eating cookies, then I would binge). So I gained what I lose PLUS more. Right now I could stand to lose about 80-85 lbs. My boyfriend and I are planning on getting married next summer and I want to be able to go dress shopping this December. So I am hoping I can lose the amount I need to in time. I know this is a process and I need to go with it, but I still have that sneaky little thought or fear about losing "enough" to dress shop.

Anyhow, I am on day 5 and I feel great. The hypnosis part appears to be the easy bit. Consciously adhering to the guidelines is a little tough, and I notice myself getting a bit of a rebellious thought if I focus on them too much. Hopefully that will ease off a bit. Also, whatever part of the hypnosis that is working on exercising is REALLY REALLY working. I feel like I get through my workout better and I don't even remember the bits i would have normally complained about. Which is awesome.

Bindibach Sat 31-May-14 09:32:17

I use the Paul McKenna Gastric Band CD and find that to be really effective and very relaxing.

MollyManchester Tue 03-Jun-14 01:27:29

Also read about this app in the MailOnline (alongside all the other daily diets! - am often left so confused, last week it was advocating no carbs, this Monday heralded no fruit and today no dairy - at this rate we'll only be allowed to eat Dust!).
But thought this app might be worth a shot as I don't have a problem with giving up food groups or portion size - it's just that I love to eat and can easily continue even when I'm full to bust and have to undo my pants. I know I need to retrain myself.

Started on Sunday - also wanted to break the habit of gorging on Sunday in preparation for the Monday diet - although still have the 1st of the month diet mentality sad - also used the date to commence the 30 day plank mission - do or die and all that!

Found the app a little confusing as thought it would be different motivation/hypnosis each day but seeing as I often drifted off before the end I expect that reinforcement is the overall message. I'm definitely feeling a shift in mindset - especially the message that wasted food is just that - whether it's in your body or in the bin - I've never thought of it like that before, and it's impacted my portion control as I hate waste so I just cook and serve less so it's neither in the bin or me!

Haven't weighed myself (threw my scales out years ago) but saw a doctor on SKY the other day who said to make life easy - women should be 80cms around the waist and men 90cms..I'm far from both those measurements but encouraged that the tape has nudged a little.

So onwards and upwards as Toy Story Buzz always says - will keep you posted!

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