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Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis App?!

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cerealqueen Mon 30-Apr-12 23:15:28

I've just seen this in the Apple App Store - does anybody know anything about it or tried it? It seems to have good reviews but its not cheap a £7.49!

I need something to control snacking (eating DDs leftovers in particular) and my portions - which are huge. I also need inspiration to lost about a stone in 7 weeks for a wedding in June, for which I need to fit into a dress I last wore 6 years and 2 DCs ago.
Any thoughts? Shall I give it a go?

chirpchirp Tue 08-May-12 21:08:51

Okay I definitely fell asleep during it as I don't remember anything about taking photos of meals!

glastocat Tue 08-May-12 21:35:14

I bought the app after reading this thread, as I love being hypnotised -- and I have a load of weight to lose--. I listened to it tonight and it definitely put me under! It was very relaxing, would be fab if it worked! My diet started today anyway,so here's hoping.

AncientsOfMuMu Tue 08-May-12 21:43:57

Well I listened to it for the second time this evening. Very relaxing.

I was aware that I wasn't asleep and was listening to it, however, I now can't really recall what was said. Very strange.

Is that normal when you are hypnotised?

Rindercella Tue 08-May-12 21:51:41

I don't remember anything about photos either. I do remember something making me chuckle at the absurdity of it, but just can't remember what it was now! Perhaps tonight's listening will remind me.

Good idea about being extra good this week and having a blow out on Monday chirp. I have been really good today - loads of water, no wine shock and no snacking shock Lots of fruit and salad to eat. Long may it last (and please let the pounds fall off).

Does anyone have any specific targets? I think I need to lose about 2.5 stone. I am going on holiday at the beginning of July and realise it's unlikely I will shift all of it by then, but it'd be great to get at least half way there. I am going to have to weigh myself aren't I? Ugh. Will do it in the morning.

clam Tue 08-May-12 22:59:08

I have the Paul McKenna hypnosis CD pack (4 CDs, on slightly different themes - exercise, avoiding cravings etc..). Does anyone know if they're at all similar to this iphone app? Don't want to duplicate.

Parrish Thu 10-May-12 10:59:09

What a twit! Got it now! Listened during the ironing and had to switch it off. Was getting dangerously relaxed!

gaunyerseljeannie Thu 10-May-12 11:28:51

MuMu where do you find the guidance for how often you should listen to each session? I think I am stupid.... I can't find any instructions on what to do.... HELP!

Rindercella Thu 10-May-12 12:32:59

jeannie, I think it's when you first play session one. The introduction only seemed to have played once for me though, and when it did it said that it should be listened to daily for two weeks and before you progress on to the next session you should have lost at least 2 lbs.

I keep falling asleep (I think!) when I listen may be because I listen to it last thing at night (when I am least likely to be distracted by small children). It seems to be working though. I did a really good session at the gym today. Was so hungry when I finished, but I just had lots of water, a cup of tea & an apple. That was all I wanted and it filled me up.

I think it helps that I really want to do this now. I weighed myself two days ago and shan't weigh myself again until next week. Hopefully I will see at least 2 or 3 lbs off (even after my Le Manoir meal!). I shan't reveal my actual weight, as too many people know me on here <chicken>, but currently I am X st 13 lbs and I intend to shift at least 2.5 stone. But slowly and with lasting least, that's the plan! grin

gaunyerseljeannie Thu 10-May-12 13:40:16

Thanks rindercella.I will listen again for 2 weeks. I had my phone turned to silent so missed the first wee bit, so maybe that is why it passed me by.
Thanks for making me feel less stupid grin
You are doing so well smile, keep it up and keep us posted. I am huge, so am not going to post real weight either, but will weigh myself tomorrow morning and update

AncientsOfMuMu Thu 10-May-12 13:41:12

Jeannie when you start to listen to session 2 it says, 'only listen to this after two weeks of listening to session 1 and losing at least 2lbs in weight'.

Rinders it may also say that at the beginning of session 1 but I find I can't seem to remember much of what is said. grin does anyone else find this?

However, it must be having some effect because I've just returned from the supermarket and haven't bought anything 'bad', and I'm sat here feeling hungry but don't feel like eating lunch.

I could also do with losing at least 2.5 stone and I was X st 11lbs on Monday. I'll let you know how I get on when I weigh myself next week.

Hope it works for everyone else too (even if they are going to Le Manoir) envywink

gaunyerseljeannie Thu 10-May-12 14:14:56

Shall we be a club? grin
I will weigh in tomorrow, but we could all update on Mondays or something?
I am rubbish at remembering what I have done/eaten etc, but love reading other peoples.
I think I need to lose at least 3 stone sad

glastocat Thu 10-May-12 16:47:50

Does anyone else here think this might actually be working surprisingly well? Every time I listen to it I go into a trance (which is lovely!) and I am definitely eating less and am not hungry! It will be amazing if it works!

kilmuir Thu 10-May-12 16:53:41

oooo, very interested.

kilmuir Thu 10-May-12 21:07:32

What is is05. Trying to download the app

glastocat Thu 10-May-12 21:40:15

iOS 5 is the operating system on your phone or iPad. If its quite new you should be ok,otherwise you might need to update it.

Rindercella Thu 10-May-12 21:59:18

I want to be in the club grin I think it would really help motivate me - doing a weekly weigh-in and posting the results on here.

Glasto, I really feel it is working. I was a bit worried about having to listen to it daily, but I am managing to fit it in and actually am starting to look forward to listening to it at night as it is soooo relaxing and puts me in a lovely state of mind to go to sleep.

I actually remember less about the content of the hypnosis now than I did 3 days does that work? confused grin The great thing is that it does seem to be getting in to my head. I had a lovely supper tonight of salmon with a bit of pesto and pan fried vegetables. It was delicious and really low fat. Ooh, perhaps we can post some menu ideas too? That's one of my troubles - I love food and I love cooking, so I need to challenge myself with coming up with tasty, low fat alternatives to the stuff I usually cook.

AncientsOfMuMu Thu 10-May-12 22:30:17

I'm glad to read that I'm not the only one remembering less of it - I was beginning to think it was just old agegrin

Rindercella, your supper tonight sounded delicious, I've not eaten salmon for ages but I think I will now buy some for the weekend. If I'm eating salmon I often have a spoonful of low fat creme fraiche with some watercress mixed in it.

Off now to listen to session 1 for day number 4.

HansieMom Fri 11-May-12 01:53:25

Well, ladies, I spent $1250 on a hypnosis program for weight loss, and it did nothing for me. So this sounds great! I bought it for $6.99 and also a weight loss ap for 99 cents. I will listen before sleep. I need to lose about 55 pounds, which is four stone. Currently it is like carrying around a big sack of dog food all the time, and I do not pick up 40 or 50 pound sacks, they are too heavy. Cheers!

glastocat Fri 11-May-12 08:26:44

This is getting a bit freaky. This morning I had my customary boiled eggs for breakfast (I am low carbing). Normally I really miss my toast. This morning I tasted every bite of my eggs and felt full when I ate them! Maybe its the placebo effect? I suppose time will tell!

glastocat Fri 11-May-12 08:30:37

Also I have started doing Atlins properly this week, and I remember the last time I did Atkins (and lost four stone) I lost my appetite too. I don't care what it is, so long as it continues! grin

Jelly15 Fri 11-May-12 09:45:18

Would love to try this but I only have an ipod, not even touch, and I can't affort anything else sad

landedonmyfeet Fri 11-May-12 11:30:52

I bought my app on Monday and I've listened to session one each day. I'm loving it. Already I'm noticing that I want to drink alot more water and I don't even fancy anything sweet at all! I don't know how much weight I've lost yet 'cos I want to wait until I've been doing it for a week so I'm going to wait until Monday before I weigh myself again.
Has anyone else noticed that they really don't fancy any sweets or chocolate? Bizarre isn't it?
PS Can anyone tell me how to get the 'smiley face' to appear on my posts?

AncientsOfMuMu Fri 11-May-12 14:37:49

landedonmyfeet - I've also noticed that I don't fancy anything sweet. One of my many bad habits would be to scoff a smallish bag of maltesers or minstrals when driving in the car. Bearing in mind I drive for about 2 hours a day, that can add up to a large amount of chocolate in a week.blush
This week, not only have I not bought any chocolate, I've not even thought about it.

If you scroll down beneath the box you write in, it shows you how to insert smile amongst other things.

cerealqueen Fri 11-May-12 23:21:01

It's motivating me that lots of people are doing this at the same time. I've listened about three times now - the lady's voice reminds me of a Dawn from Gavin and Stacey and I imagine it is her talking about my three toes. confused
I'm not craving the chocolate and sweet things I've been addicted to of late (lots and lot of chocolate) and if I nick things it's the veg from DD's plate (might as well, she doesn't eat it). Am doing ok despite very difficult nights with DD2 so hope it shows in scales next week.
I haven't been taking pics of my meals though. blush.

I did weightwatchers before DD2 and found a big pot of veg soup was great for lunch so might start doing that again. Portion size on the large side still though. I am eating more fruit tho, and I don't even like fruit that much!

I am listening at bed time too - its the only quiet 20 mins I get!

Jade1986 Sat 12-May-12 08:45:44

A friend of mine got this app, she said it didn't work for her so she put her honest review up. She got so much abuse for doing it, there is something suspicious about this app. She showed me the reviews and comments put on. the creater who is called James was even commenting and they were putting 5 stars up which is wrong. Now if u go on all the comments have disappeared and there is all just over the top wonderful comments. I'm not saying this doesn't work for everyone but people should have a right to put there own experiences up with out the abuse we are all meant to be adults. Where has all her comments gone? Why was they taken down? If last month 1500 people downloaded like they was saying why is there not loads of comments?

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