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Low Carb Paleo Diet/Intermittent Fasting/Intermittent Diet

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GreatEXPATations Wed 25-Apr-12 11:31:46

Anyone interested in/following these? If so, want to compare notes and support each other along the way? There was quite an active Intermittent Diet thread until last month but it's died a death [: (]

Basically, I've been researching around the subject for a while and am very convinced by the principles of low-carbing having read Atkins/Gary Taubes/Briffa/IPD/Dukan etc

I've been on a mainly gluten-free diet for over a year anyway (though hadn't realised how v high-carb rice-cakes and the like were!); I've been doing low carb since Jan initially following the clinically trialled and evidence-based Intermittent Diet
with great success but then fell into the Atkins camp and have been playing around with that.

GreatEXPATations Wed 25-Apr-12 11:33:09

I must admit I struggle a little with the all or nothing nature of Atkins. It makes sense, but I need a little room for slippage (I have already lost a couple of kilos with only 1-2k more to lose, at bottom of normal BMI but want to reduce body fat a little). This is why intermittent stuff - whether fasting or dieting - appeals so much more to me while still adhering to the low-carb principles.

Briffa in particular makes a lot of sense IMHO, his philosophy that strict regimens DON'T work, ketosis is not necessary etc (but nor is it dangerous), that 80%+ of the time it is healthy to aim for low carb, high protein unprocessed food in the paleo style

I do want to bed this down and stabilise my blood sugar as have found myself going into binge/fast cycles a few times which is new for me. I don't want to be driven into an eating disorder here!

GreatEXPATations Wed 25-Apr-12 12:15:01

bump! surely I'm not alone here? Feeling lonely all by myself and may retreat back to the hardcore bootcamp... : ( wink

BettyBathroom Wed 25-Apr-12 12:31:25

Surely Atkins isn't all or nothing? - the intial phase is strict but it's much more flexible after that - have you read the new atkins book?

GreatEXPATations Wed 25-Apr-12 12:38:08

hi Betty, yes I have, and I liked it. I just prefer Briffa's less regimented approach for me. I realise it's only induction which is super-strict but i just don't want to have to go thro all that - i low-carb anyway and am already fairly slim but love my food inc occasional treats! I prefer to fast to make up for these rather than avoid them, if that makes sense.
Do you follow Atkins then?

BettyBathroom Wed 25-Apr-12 13:02:46

No I don't prefer to fast, I like eating too much. I've just reached my target weight low carbing, BMI is now below 20 but not following any particular regime, I like a pick & mix approach - although did Bootcamp on here to shift the final few pounds.

Apart from weight loss, I get real benefits from low carbing - massively reduced food cravings and better sleep. While I have been low carbing I've been able to enjoy red wine on a semi regular basis and have puddings & carby dinners when eating out, neither have thrown me off course and brought the cravings & the insomnia back. So after a night out I am able to just carry on with this WOE.

I think some people need to be super strict and some don't - this seems an acceptable part of Alkins - the maintenence phase is as strict as your body needs - as far as I know.

Good luck in what ever you decide!

BettyBathroom Wed 25-Apr-12 13:04:00

Oh and I don't think you have to do the induction - just start on the 2nd phase instead - if that's what's holding you back.

GreatEXPATations Wed 25-Apr-12 13:59:00

thanks but like you i realise i prefer to find my own way, hence this thread.

was interested to hear lcing has helped your insomia. this is a major problem for me, on and off..I've found if i don't have a really filling latish dinner i have problems sleeping without a carb load (used to have milky drink or banana) tho am now taking calcium/magnesium supplement last thing which seems to help

Fava Wed 25-Apr-12 15:04:47

Hi GreatEXPATations,
I've more or less followed a Paleo diet for the last 15 months and I've lost a total of 24.5kg. I have to confess that I do occasionally cheat and do a boot camp (atkins' phase1 style) when my weight has stalled for a few weeks, just to kick start the weight loss again.

And yes, should you run astray one day or two, you just start afresh the day after.

GreatEXPATations Wed 25-Apr-12 18:19:44

Hi Fava well done that's an amazing result! Did u follow a plan or just set yr own from paleo stuff online? Marks daily apple is good, lots of others.

Fava Wed 25-Apr-12 18:49:19

I'm useless at following any particular plan, which is why I like Paleo.
I just follow the basic rules: no grain, no sugar (unless is fruit), no legumes and very few starchy veg (no potatoes but the occasional carrot and parsnips; no peas or broad beans unless fresh and in season but french and runner bean are fine).

The hardest to follow through is the no sugar, especially if having guests or going to dinner elsewhere. So I bake a few friendlier cakes like the avocado chocolate cake on channel4's 'come dine with me' or an almond flour sponge to take as a present.

Although I've read Mark Sisson's, Gary Taubes' and John Briffa's books, I think Mark daily apple is a brilliant resource and probably all you need. is also a wealth of information and extensively quoted by the above authors.

GreatEXPATations Wed 25-Apr-12 20:31:41

Am the same re following a plan, just can't do Atkins induction rather fast then enjoy food next day! Been trying to stick to Biwi's fab boot-camp but find it quite hard. In the main I can follow but w the occasional nuts: berries/chocs. Will check out yr recommendation for Mark Sissons, heard of him but not read, also that choc:avocado cake!

Whippoorwhill Wed 25-Apr-12 21:15:13

I've been mostly Paleo since the end of February. I started out dairy free but have added back cheese as I was going crazy without it and occasionally milk and cream. I've lost 19 lbs so far, my husband has dropped a few pounds extra and more importantly it has stopped his sleep apnea and IBS. It suits my love of home cooked, heathy food and helps with my MIL's diabetes so we are all happy. Till I've dropped the weight I'm low carb/high fat but will probably add back some of the safer starches and a bit of fruit eventually.

I don't do well on long fasts but at least once, often twice a week, I don't eat from about 7.30 till lunchtime the following day.

Can I reccomend the 'Latest in Paleo' podcasts. It's a great round up of what's out there on the internet, food news, health info and other matters of interest. It's a great listen.

GreatEXPATations Wed 25-Apr-12 21:27:13

Hi Whip, thanks will check that out! Glad I'm not alone in fasting, I also do post-dinner til about lunchtime or sometimes mid-afternoon 1 x or 2x a week. You've lost loads too, well done!
I also eat cheese, poss too much but find it a good snack.

foreverondiet Wed 25-Apr-12 23:05:33

Hello, just popping in. My diet is mainly paleo / briffa / dukan. I lost weight with dukan but like briffa as more focus long term on health, so once I reached target I didn't add the cheese and bread dukan suggested but instead nuts and seeds.

I do have some dairy, mainly cottage cheese / natural yoghurt or mozzarella. Plus love dark chocolate.

Having a strict week as put on a few pounds on my recent holiday - strict means no fruit, seeds or nuts, so just meat, fish, non starchy veg, eggs and low fat dairy.

Just had massive dinner (at friends) - but stuck to meat / veg plus gluten free desserts so might try fasting until lunch tomorrow) - often do half day fast after big meal at friends.

I am mainly gluten free but have occasional rye bread - other than few pounds of holiday weight am at target weight though, so motivation for health and weight maintenance.

GreatEXPATations Thu 26-Apr-12 08:23:33

Hi again Forever! Last saw u on Dukan thread : )'must admit, still don't know quite which way to jump in low fat Dukan v full fat Atkins/briffa.. Currently tending towards full fat- cream in coffee etc, dh getting v confused when he sees fat-free milk lined up next to full fat and asks "which one are you on today then?" grin
Anyway, good to hear the combo works for you. I'm also fasting more often, finding it easy to miss/delay breakfast just need to eat enough at others times to avoid skewing my metabolism

Fava Thu 26-Apr-12 08:43:41

Biwi's bootcamp: I've been finding hard too. Bizzarly, I'm constantly hungry which I'm not generally as a self confessed breakfast (breakfast and lunch) skipper. Good news is this week you can berries and nuts.

I haven't had the time to follow Mark's discussions the last few days but they were about fasting smile

I did not know about fasting and muscle growth. I mostly exercise empty stomach because I find I can push myself more but eat straight after. I'll try to prolong the fasting and see what happens.

Fava Thu 26-Apr-12 08:54:31

that's brilliant and well done to your husband too.
Mine decided to join me on the paleo for a while and he dropped two and half stone in 7 weeks. Having reached his mid-twenty's weight, he's back eating potatoes and the occasional bread (which means so are the children). hmm

Also interesting about the apnea and IBS, my asthma has pretty much disappeared, ulcer is gone, my eyes are no longer dry........

Fava Thu 26-Apr-12 08:55:32

Oops. Let's try the link again.

GreatEXPATations Thu 26-Apr-12 09:05:07

Thx for link, not read it recently will check what he says revfast/exercising. Glad paleo diet cleared up so much for you, not sure what it's doing for me so far...great that there are a few of us now!

Whippoorwhill Thu 26-Apr-12 10:02:21

Hi there Forever. Sounds like it's working really well for you.

Fava - that is so great that your asthma has improved along with thecother niggles. My eldest son (18) has mild asthma and constant mouth ulcers. I've been working on him to improve his diet but he's not having any of it.

GreatEXPATations Thu 26-Apr-12 17:27:14

Just been reading the fasting info ( while eating choc , 80.% natch..) v interesting..

foreverondiet Thu 26-Apr-12 21:26:50

I find that I can vary it. Have a few days higher fat and very low carb. Have a few days slightly higher carb (dairy, more veggies) and less fat. Don't want to lean either way, want to enjoy the best bits of both diets.

If I want more "fatty" foods I'll eat less carbs, if I want huge amounts of veg and yoghurt then less fat.

Did half day fast today after huge meal last night, nothing until 2.30pm. Waiting until I was properly hungry and drank loads of water.

Whippoorwhill Fri 27-Apr-12 08:55:41

I think that is what I'm liking about this approach to eating, the flexibility to eat what you need, when you need it. I'm trying much harder to get back in tune with my body's signals now that I don't have a ton of sugar and carbs confusing things and am finding times when I am genuinely not hungry even though it is meal time.

GreatEXPATations Fri 27-Apr-12 14:18:57

So true. Am fasting now, not hungry much but v thirsty. Will keep on til hungry tho admittedly part compensation for last nights huge amount of choc..worried sometimes about getting into famine/feast cycle TOO much : (. Anyone else find that? Think I need to avoid choc til stabilised and try to have cheese/nuts/veg if want evening snack

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