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what helps get you in the frame of mind to diet?

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ggirl Sat 21-Apr-12 22:41:51

I know what not to eat, have done it all before <rather depressingly>

I need to lose weight but my mind is saying ahh fuck just eat it ..stat another time

this has been going on and on

I need something to get me in the mood

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ladyintheradiator Sun 22-Apr-12 07:22:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

exoticfruits Sun 22-Apr-12 07:47:46

The only thing that worked for me was to stop thinking of a diet and instead change my eating habits for life.

ladyintheradiator Sun 22-Apr-12 08:26:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rarebreed Sun 22-Apr-12 08:52:24

Go to the myfitnesspal website forums and go to the Success Stories section, lots of before and after pics on there, very motivating.

Hopefully Sun 22-Apr-12 09:45:43

Vanity. Awful, isn't it? So much more motivating for me than health etc.

Although, saying that, as I've lost weight and got fitter, health has become hugely important to me, and I absolutely love having lots of energy to chase after my DCs all day and do what I want without feeling absolutely knackered. So health is a good reason to stick with it long term, although vanity is what got me started.

And yy, you have to decide it's a long term healthy living strategy, not just a weight loss thing. You need to want to be slimmer long term, not just for a party or wedding or whatever, imo.

debka Sun 22-Apr-12 09:47:45

Upping your exercise. I often get the munchies in the evening, but if I take the dog out for a brisk walk or go for a run after the girls are in bed, I am much less likely to eat crap later.

Agree with others as well, it has to be about a life-change, not just a crash diet.

StealthPolarBear Sun 22-Apr-12 09:52:31

I have lost 2 and a half stone since last summer and although I still have another 3 or 4 to go my mind is saying "ahhh you've done so well, have a choccy, start again another day"
What started it for me was health - I self diagnosed diabetes grin which has gone (i.e. never really te case) but it panicked me a bit, plus I was getting some joint pain. I'm sarting to feel my own mortality - you read about people having heart attacks early in their 30s and 40s and that's always seemed years off - now it's started to hit home that that could easily be me.
But I've lost loads and "done so well" so I'm struggling to motivate myself to continue.
It also helped that I found a photo of myself aged about 20 and marvelled that I had a waist - back in the days when I still felt fat.

newpup Sun 22-Apr-12 09:55:41

I have lost almost 5 stone (2lbs to go) and the biggest motivator...... yep clothes! I love being fitter, having so much more energy but I love clothes shopping more. I have a whole new wardrobe of clothes that I would not have been able to wear 8 months ago and I can shop in all the shops I want to because everyone stocks my size! :-)

I am so much more confident and instead of putting off invitations I look forward to going out. All the old cliches are so true! I am looking forward to going to a wedding in the Summer rather than dreading feeling bad about myself and uncomfortable.

I really enjoy that going to the gym is part of my routine and damn it I feel GOOD! grin

ggirl Sun 22-Apr-12 10:07:32

Thanks everyone've all done so well and lost so much!!
You're all right it's the long term changes I need to make.

Off to read some success stories..thanks

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Gorgeousgirlie1 Sun 22-Apr-12 10:08:38

I try to get into good habits, particularly at dinner by getting enthused about cooking dinners and trying new healthy receipes. The one that really gets me is lunchtimes when I'm working and healthy options are harder. X

MarshaBrady Sun 22-Apr-12 10:13:13

See it as long term change to eating and exercise.

I kick started by going cold turkey on sugar /chocolate and carbs as had to refine my taste. I used sugar as a boost when in midst of bad sleep deprivation.

Then stopped, felt great and have zero desire to eat chocolate or stodge. It's easy after a while because everything realigns to being healthy.

Can be hard to start but worth it.

ohforfoxsake Sun 22-Apr-12 10:14:37

Come and join BIWI low carb boot-camp thread. It's weigh-in day tomorrow and a week left, so plenty of time to make a difference. I started last Monday and feel bloody great today.

fannybaws Sun 22-Apr-12 10:20:15

Terrible holiday pics put me firmly in the right mind! I came home at the beginning of feb and joined ww and the gym the next day.
I have lost just over 2 stone ( 1 to go) so far and really enjoyed it.
Feeling strong and healthy and pulling out old small clothes and them fitting has been brilliant.
You can do it, really think about what is stopping you and try and adjust your mindset accordingly, good luck smile

Gorgeousgirlie1 Sun 22-Apr-12 10:39:51

ohforfoxsake have you got the thread link? I'm new and still learning my way round smile x

exoticfruits Sun 22-Apr-12 11:14:38

I dieted for 20years going up and down. As long as you think of it as diet, lose some and then eat in you old ways, it won't work. Change your eating habits and exercise. After a while you don 't even want to eat your old way.

MyChildDoesntNeedSleep Sun 22-Apr-12 12:39:25

When I go off the rails the only thing that pulls me back into check is committing to exercise daily.

*You're less likely to pig out when you remember how hard you have to work to burn off even the 100 calories in a fun-size bag of maltezers.

*The endorphins make you feel good, which helps you make better decisions for yourself.

*Exercise tends to suppress my appetite, plus I exercise in the evenings which is rubbish-eating/drinking-danger-time for me.

To push myself into back exercising I usually have to sign up for some event, like a 10K run. You can't keep making excuses when you have a big event looming.

The second thing is to get my hair/eyebrows/lashes done and glam myself up. Weirdly, when I look good it makes me more likely to get back on the wagon than when I look crap.

ohforfoxsake Sun 22-Apr-12 18:53:28

gorgeousgirlie1 banter
weigh in thread

Half-way weigh in is tomorrow, or you can treat is as a start. We'll be carrying on after. I have a loooong way still to go! Its amazing. I feel fab and have lost 6 pounds (although I am still fat - for now wink)!

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