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Charlie Brookes DVD who is doing it?

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Piffle Wed 01-Feb-06 14:34:07

Right been doing Davinas new DVD for a few weeks and like it a lot - well as much as you can doing exercise...
Thought I'd buy a different one to keep variety etc.
So Charlie Brookes
Tried it today
Am I really un coordinated or does it take a little time to master?

Piffle Wed 01-Feb-06 16:52:54

Come on its in the top ten someone else must be giving it a go surely?

munz Wed 01-Feb-06 16:54:13

I want to try it once the baby's born next month - what did u think so it?

Piffle Wed 01-Feb-06 18:02:10

some of the moves, cha cha type thing are really hard to coordinate I nearly fell on my arse a few times.
I'm not sure if you also meant to do the whole thing or not?
Or warm up cool down plus one exercise option?

nailpolish Wed 01-Feb-06 18:04:32

yes the cha cha is a bit hard, but its quite fun. i end up getting carried away and dancing about the room!

would definitely recommend it

SPARKLER1 Wed 01-Feb-06 18:05:56

I'm thinking aout getting davina's - is it worth buying?

nailpolish Wed 01-Feb-06 18:06:19

get the charlie brookes spark

Piffle Fri 03-Feb-06 13:19:19

Well after two times of doing it I would like to recommend the pilates cool down is AWESOME for your stomach muscles.
Now I've been doing the warm up and cool down plus on other section, pls tell me this is ok and that I'm not meant to do the whole thing

nailpolish Fri 03-Feb-06 13:20:21

piffle, do what you like! im really enjoying doing it

Piffle Fri 03-Feb-06 19:12:43

I did the whole thing this afternoon

starsq Mon 20-Feb-06 22:50:25

i have done it for two weeks and wow im shocked the pilates help me get my tummy down afta ceasearean will keep at it

SleepyJess Mon 20-Feb-06 22:54:42

Jordan's is really good... lots of boxing/body combat type stuff - a really good workout. Pink background is a tad puke inducing tho... you have never seen so much pink in one go.. EVER!

dizzymuppet Sun 26-Feb-06 14:06:45

hiya gals, hope you dnt mind me intruding but was thinking of doing the charlie brooks exercise routine myself. i did patsy palmers before having the baby and it took me a while to get co ordinated but once i got the hang of it it was great....although knackering at times if you do the whole video. Anyway i need encouragement so cmon girls, i want figures oh pardon the pun lol. did you lose weight, lose inches, how long it took to get hang of??



Piffle Sun 26-Feb-06 14:08:44

I had to stop for two weeks due to a miscarriage but am doing it again now
So far since starting this and using Davinas new one too - doing it 3-5 x a week have lost 2 kgs and dropped a good inch on the waist and bust And I'm not overweight - just a little errr wobbly
My tummy is noticeably flatter too..

Piffle Sun 26-Feb-06 14:09:19

the disco did take a while to do but it was ok to try as the cardio effect was the same

dizzymuppet Sun 26-Feb-06 14:16:43

yeah know what you mean by little wobbly lol. dont think i could combine two must be superwoman lol. which of the two would you recommend if you had to choose one?

Piffle Sun 26-Feb-06 14:18:51

Charlie Brookes as it is quite adaptable you cna do the wrm up and pilates cool down and mix the other workouts, or do the whole thing right through (umm not quite managed that yet though)

dizzymuppet Sun 26-Feb-06 14:21:23

fantastic thanks hun. its okay it took me 6 months to get thru the whole video of patsy palmers workout in one go and my fitness levels are alot lower now than they were b4 starting that so wish me luck and good luck to you. xx

SHHHH Sun 05-Mar-06 20:50:49

Any more info on the charlie brooks dvd..? I have also started it as dd is now 9mths and I must to something!!!!

I have been doing it x2 a week (started 2 weeks ago 2day)and other days been walking and using a stepper. I do the dvd all the way through (about 1 hr in total) and I agree it is a killer. I struggled getting the moves at 1st as some are quite complicated etc but now I am improving.

But I don't seem to be loosing inches and defo not lost any weight... I am also eating healthy and reduced my choc intake drastically ...Anyone got any positives to keep me going..???

beetroot Sun 05-Mar-06 20:53:22

i was thinking of bying it too piffle for exact sme reasns

nicola123 Wed 03-Jun-09 13:05:09

hi sorry to but in but i started this dvd 3 week ago and started doin it 3 times a week and so far iv lost 7lb, im not over weight just got a wobberly stomach from avin my 2 little uns, i didnt see any change really till half way through the 2nd week, i cut out chocolate and crisp totally and it seems to be workin for me, keep it up girls u will get there in the end, ive just booked a hol for 3 month time so i keep using that to push my self so i dont give up.

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