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When shall we three meet again? The not quite NT, not quite weightloss thread ......

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moosemama Mon 12-Mar-12 20:22:34

We were full up ladies, so we finally have our very own weightloss-ish thread! grin

TheLightPassenger Thu 15-Mar-12 18:06:54

moosey - no,no,no, you do not write the week off foodwise for a bit of coleslaw and fruitcake. You can get control back right now!

madwomanintheattic Thu 15-Mar-12 18:27:14

morning all. well technically it's just after noon here, but hey ho.

e-mailed my bootcamp instructor yesterday and she's pretty certain it's dehydration and not eating enough, so am doing a test run today. i know i need to get my bp checked (i do i do) - tlp, i actually had it checked in august and it was a bit high, but my medical flagged some other random potential kidney stuff that i've been waiting for a consultant to look at - and at the consultant's appt my bp was sky high (last month). it was at least partially to do with stress - they had been sending me helpful leaflets on living with chronic kidney disease hmm. so he said it could probably be ascribed to white coat syndrome, but i do need to keep an eye on it. i've also got random tennis elbow - which is really rsi from typing... and so the physio is trying to keep me on the road. i'm a bit of a wreck... i'm still supposed to be doing monthly lab work as he wants to keep testing my kidneys for the next three months. oh, and i was supposed to go back to the optician in january because she thinks i'm developing a hole in my retina. grin blush

so, i had peanut butter on toast for breakfast. (am not going to low carb for a few days until i've worked the migraine thing out) had banana and a drizzle of honey on toast when i got back (early lunch) and am drinking bucketfuls of water. will have a yoghurt with berries mid afternoon, and then a hugio salad with chicken tonight. and keep drinking bucketfuls of water. bootcamp was hard, but i was actually sweating a bit more (tmi). so i probably haven't been drinking anywhere near enough at all. at all. at all.

lovely instructor is adamant i should only work at my own pace, and we're going to discuss it over the next week and see what happens. fingers crossed.

only two more sessions left anyway, then 2.5 week break, so i will def do more but lower intensity over that period. i hear davina calling me. grin

right. bath. and then i've got to sort out the blooming brownie sleepover tomorrow. <sigh>

lamb - wooooooo! next week for 9 something, for sure. grin have a lovely wedding! (did you pick up some rescue remedy for your mum? grin)

moose - you will be fine. i bet you've lost another pound or so when you weigh in tomorrow. grin

tlp - what meds did they put you on? it's almost inevitable that i'll end up on them at some point. how high was your bp when they persuaded you? (sorry, v nosy).

madwomanintheattic Thu 15-Mar-12 18:32:30

oh, oh, oh. and ds1 is grounded for life. grin he missed the school bus this morning because he was begging to be allowed to take his ipod to school. the absolute rule is that if he is ready at 8, he can take it. at 8.10 he came downstairs (he has to leave then or he misses the bus at 8.14) without having brished his teeth, and started begging for it. i said no, and he then sat down and refused to move. i was v calm, and told him that he was on no account going to take the ipod, and in additiona, if he didn't get up and get to the bus on time, he would lose the ipod for the week and be grounded. he carried on sitting. (and glowering).


he did apologise when i dropped him off, but he has to be able to grasp that he can't just have wahtever he wants, when he wants it, without doing the basics. the basics are killing me, though.

fingers crossed it will be easier tomorrow.

TheLightPassenger Thu 15-Mar-12 19:13:40

I guess the easy unscientific test for dehydration is whether you are ahem weeing as often as normal? well done for having the motivation for boot camp, tis beyond me grin

I know bog all about the kidney side of things, have had bloods done a few times for U & E, but they have always come back normal, hope they can rule out kidney probs with you. One of the possible ace inhibitor med side effects is kidney problems, so U & E need monitoring (so I am taking bp meds to reduce bp to reduce risk of kidney problems, but the meds increase risk of kidney problems hmm). I succumbed after a few years of hovering just over normal bp, and having a 24 hr bp coming out at about 145/92, or some such. GP sold it to me as providing protection against heart problems..

madwomanintheattic Thu 15-Mar-12 22:15:32

definitely peeing today. grin and no headache so far. <touches wood>

hmm. mine was higher than that at last appt. <sigh> i know it would average out over the 24 hr though. do you feel different? <bizarre question time grin>

madwomanintheattic Thu 15-Mar-12 23:14:50

have signed up to mfp. muuuuuuch easier than food focus.
am 39 cals over for today (or i will be after dinner), but not too bothered. at least i can see what's going on.

moosemama Fri 16-Mar-12 10:13:38

Most people seem to reckon that being within 100 kcals either side is ok, as long as you aren't majorly over on your macro nutrients as well. Depends how strict you want to be really.

Have a browse of the community forum - I don't post there, but have learned a lot from lurking.

Oh - and good to hear you're peeing! grin

TheLightPassenger Fri 16-Mar-12 15:56:13

No, I feel no different since starting the meds. Have had the odd bit of slight giddiness/dizziness that might be due to low BP when standing up etc, or might be unrelated. So possibly slightly worse (am really selling the meds idea to you, I can tell!)

moosemama Fri 16-Mar-12 16:40:16

Didn't weigh in this morning I'm afraid. Been feeling proper pants and curled up under a blanket on the sofa all day. Only got dressed to fetch the boys this afternoon, then came straight back and put my pjs back on.

I must look bad, because one of the mums I rarely speak to at the school asked me if I was alright, because I looked really pale and poorly. sad

Dh tried to get the afternoon off so I could go back to bed, but arrived at work to find out he was the only manager in. There should have been another one there, but he called dh on the way to work to say he wasn't coming in. hmm

madwomanintheattic Fri 16-Mar-12 17:18:27

lol tlp grin.

ugh, moose. what a pain. look after yourself x

so, i think today is where i start talking numbers and what with the whole mfp thing going, i might get that darned tapemeasure. grin
today i am 11.13. this is only 3 pounds lighter than when we started the original thread, (and i had lost it and put the lot back on again over christmas) so on the whole, i am pleased that i am losing again. i am particularly pleased that i have not gone back over 12 stone. i actually think that using mfp i might be able to track food better and see what's happening. should have done it ages ago! <sigh> but better late than never.

dd2's parent's interview this am. they are focusing on her abilitiy to organise hereself etc etc. she has a lot of difficulties with just accessing her papers and dealing with filing/ the desk/ getting stuff out, putting in her bag etc. she writes short stuff, but uses the net book for longer written work, and the teacher was talking around how it can be simplified. mostly she relies on remembering stuff rather than writing it in her agenda, because to write it all out is more laborious. i've suggested she e-mail herself her homework instead. the phsyio and ot are coming in on firday to review the desk/ chair situation (last time dd2 threw a hissy and essentially was really resistant to any change because she wanted to be like everyone else) and this time they are going to do it out of the classroom, rather than setting her up as the show of the day hmm. and i'm going in as well. i know what's worked before in previous schools.

so anyway, on the way out, i said to dd2 'so, is this your desk?' (completley covered in piles of books/ papers - half of them partially crumpled because of her fine motor. it was a disaster.)

and. and. and. then i realised.

bearing in mind that she's a lefty with considerable difficulties with gross and fine motor due to the brain damage that compromises her right hand side - sitting to the right of a right handed boy. <facepalm> i don't think i managed to keep the sheer horror off my face, but i made a bit of a joke about it - asking if she and x spent all day elbowing each other, and if he went home covered in bruises every day (she has some v odd and wide movements). to be fair to the teacher, she looked fairly horrified herself. it obviously hadn't occurred to her at all.

i mean this is basic basic stuff, and we had just spent half an hour discussing the minutiae of dealing with her own bag and books/ equipment, and she hadn't even realised that leftylou with brain damage and all sorts of motor issues was effectively penned in, in the only direction she can move. shock we had discussed her having a box on the floor to put her things in, instead of using the desk drawer, for ease. i pointed out that in the current position a box on the floor would be worse than useless, becuase she couldn't access it with her right hand. ffs.

god, sorry. i'm blethering. but sheesh. she spluttered a bit about self advocacy, but dd2 is 8. with cp. ffs.

all else good and she is really keen for dd2 to finish her book about having cp, and is talking publishing etc, but i honeslty don't know whether to laugh or cry, really.

and it's Brownie Sleepover day. blee.

madwomanintheattic Fri 16-Mar-12 17:20:30

that was long, sorry.

are you weighing in today, tlp?

madwomanintheattic Fri 16-Mar-12 17:20:58

<remembers it's a weight loss thread, not a personal moan thread>

moosemama Fri 16-Mar-12 17:47:23

Madwoman, I can't believe they penned your dd in like that. It's bad enough for left-handed, uncoordinated ds1 and I've had to go in this year and point out that whilst they had it right in class following advice from the ASD Inclusion Team (top of table, so not sitting alongside anyone) in his handwriting group of all places, they had him sitting to the right - not only of a right hander - but of the boy who bulled him incessantly for the first 5 years he was at the school. angry

It really is quite amazing how monumentally wrong they can get things sometimes. - usual excuse "well we do have 29/30 other children to think about as well you know" or "he should have told us". hmm angry

Would having some sort of diary software on her laptop help with remembering things at all? I'm going to look into this for ds1 if we manage to get a laptop for him.

The other kids in ds's class are jealous of his wobble cushion and want one themselves. grin Not so good when they keep nicking it to play with though.

... and this isn't a weightloss thread, its a 'not-quite nt, not quite weightloss thread' therefore personal moans are not only allowed - but required. wink

Hope you find using MFP as useful as I have. I haven't been logging this week and I've really noticed the difference. When I'm logging I find it easier to be good, because I don't want to see my dieting failures in black and white - let alone be told the calorie/fat etc consequences. I found weighing everything a pita to begin with, but now I just tend to keep my scales on the worktop, with a clean bowl on top ready to bung in whatever I'm eating.

madwomanintheattic Fri 16-Mar-12 18:50:54

ds1 let the air out of his wobble cushion accidentally when he was fiddling/ zoned out in class one day. the teacher saw him do it, then saw him zonk smack back to reality as he sank to earth grin she said it was really interesting, and decided to wait and see what he would do about it. (answer - absolutely nothing - way too much confrontation. he put it on the shelf at the end of the class and didn't go near it for three days until she approached him.)

handwriting group shock it would be funny if it weren't so blooming sad, honestly.

madwomanintheattic Fri 16-Mar-12 18:52:20

and now I'm really pissed. because my completely unreliable 'helper' has e-mailed me to say she isn't well and can't make tonight. not that i hadn't worked out it was a distinct possibility and planned accordingly, but ffs.


TheLightPassenger Fri 16-Mar-12 19:29:52

oh drat. Is this a volunteer helper for Brownies that let you down?
Sorry the school were so naff today. Self-advocacy FFS. Sounds like the review of desk situation by OT etc is much needed!

weighed myself yesterday, 13 stone 1.

madwomanintheattic Fri 16-Mar-12 20:49:14

Yep. My tawny owl wink. I never know if she's going to turn up or not, even for regular meetings. <sigh> she's brilliant when she's there.

What pisses me off the most is that she went on the Pathfinder sleepover... I only know this because dd1 is a Pathfinder, she didn't mention it herself at all. And I only know because dd2 mentioned a song, and dd1 said, 'oh, x taught us that at camp!' She works with the Pathfinder leader, so I guess just got invited along. <sigh> No problem with that, but it's really irritating she can put herself out for her friend from work, but not attend events run by her own group. Weird.

Have you got a target weight in mind? I'm an utter shrimp at 5'2", so need to be well below 10 stone. Probably closer to nine and a half, but i'd settle for below ten.

The diary stuff would be good, moose, but because of the whole network thing she doesn't bring the laptop home. So it would have to be web based. The other option is to use the dreaded iPod touch... (that was the other issue with the school work. None of it is actually being checked at all, as it's never printed out. She brought home her folio, which was essentially just the short written (unreadable) stuff. So it looks like she's done nothing for six months. grin the new plan is that she prints everything.... wink

TheLightPassenger Fri 16-Mar-12 21:02:26

I'm a shrimp too at 5ft 3, but am aiming for 10stone (unambitious)

devilish awkward with volunteers, as I guess she could flounce off in a huff if you were too firm with her about the need for reliability etc.

moosemama Mon 19-Mar-12 10:57:57

Sorry for being absent over the weekend. I've been a bit rough. Feeling quite a bit better this morning though, which is good because we have the LEA Secondary Transition Information Evening to attend tonight.

I did manage to weigh-in yesterday and found I am back up to 152.7 lbs (10 st 12 lbs 7 oz). So not too bad, considering I ate loads of rubbish last week. Even found myself raiding ds2's lunch box choccy biscuits. blush

Hope the wedding went well Lamb and the sleepover Madwoman.

I'm hoping to ease back into exercise and clean up my act diet wise this week. Best laid plans ......

madwomanintheattic Mon 19-Mar-12 13:48:46

Glad you are feeling a bit better, Moose. It does usually take around a week for you to recover from an episode, so right on target. smile reasonable news on the weight, too, and you'll be back on it now you are feeling a bit more together!

Sleepover was ok, far less stressful than anticipated. No-one cried, got sick, or had to go home, so a raging success, really. grin my parent helper was a superstar (she's a teacher, and she comes in and does badge testing for us, so I knew she would be great, anyway). We did have one small hiccup as we had forgotten it was one Brownies birthday on Saturday, so had to send the pathfinders out to search for cake and candles at 8 on Saturday morning blush. We recovered it well though, although now I can barely move as I'm 41 and slept on the floor. <wail>

Dd2 was knackered for her last ski lesson as a result, but got dressed up as a Viking (so cute with her long blonde plaits) and battled through. It did lead to a funny moment when she was struggling to get on a chairlift, and the instructor couldn't work out what the problem was, until a lady waiting in the lift line behind shouted 'she's sitting on her axe!' grin grin

Yesterday was science fair-tastic, with dd1 working on her project all day like a Trojan, and Ds fighting and wailing and complaining about his. Dd2 spent the day working on her book about CP. I'm faintly petrified about dd1's project. she's worked so hard on it, and one of the local organisations that have helped her have contacted the local paper to come and take pictures of her and her work, so I'm hoping it isn't a big flop! blush this week I need to try and find a model of a Canadian Pacific Railway locomotive and grain hopper for her... <sigh> and some sand to replicate grain... It makes book day look like a picnic.

Today is appointment day. Dd1 has orthodontist and mentors, dd2 has her fitting for her orthotics in the city, so all go. No time for exercise, my butt will be attached to the car seat all day... Going to take the Brownies for a hike tonight though. Am hoping it snows..... grin

Have a successful day, everyone. <step away from the choice biccies>

Lambskin Mon 19-Mar-12 13:49:05

Yes thank you moose, the wedding was beautiful smile. Possibly the best I've ever been to. There was laughter and so much warmth, and I was in floods of tears all day! My mum was wonderful and gave an amazing speech, I was so proud of her <sob!> and my sister was absolutely stunning <tears and snot mingling in an attractive drip>.

I ate quite a bit and drank perhaps more than my fair share but there we are grin, I did dance for hours so maybe cancelled out the food and booze?

Ds2 was a superstar all day. When the disco started he curled up on the dance floor with his hands over his head and begged to be allowed to leave! So dh and I took it in turns to check on him and party.

Had a takeaway Indian meal last night so all in all not too hopeful about that 9 stone something. Don't care. I had a great time and really needed the food to soak up the hangover.

Glad you're feeling better moose but don't over do it and have a relapse x.

Did you all have a good Mother's Day? I didn't even get a card although dh made sure his mother got one from him and one from ds2 hmm. Not letting that one go I can tell you!

madwomanintheattic Mon 19-Mar-12 13:51:40

Choice?? Choccie. I'd already corrected the autocorrect from bicycles to biccies... What sort of foreign typing machine doesn't recognise Choccie biccies?? shock choice bicycles, my ass.

madwomanintheattic Mon 19-Mar-12 13:53:34

Oh, lamb. X post. That sounds lovely!! So pleased that Ds was able to cope (and your mum too!)

It isn't mother's day here yet, which means I am now in deep disgrace for not sending stuff back to the uk....

moosemama Mon 19-Mar-12 14:41:29

Lamb, I am so glad that you had a great weekend and ds was ok. Forget the food and booze - that's what celebrations are for.

I had an odd Mother's Day. Dh got all three dcs to make me a card while I had a lie in. Ds1 had done a lovely drawing of me walking my lurcher - and he never draws, so that's really special. Dd did one of me with an awesome blue mohican grin and ds2 did a single yellow daisy with a big bright sun at the top. I had gifts too. Ds1 gave me my favourite L'Occitane shower gel, ds2 some new workout trousers and matching top and dd a single big red, shiny button (apparently she chose it herself and insisted dh bought it - she bought my mum a pack of purple buttons as well confused) and a teddy wearing a sun hat and holding a heart - which of course she really wanted herself. grin

Didn't do anything special. Popped to my Mum's to drop off her card and present and stopped for a coffee, then back home where dh cooked a lovely veggie roast dinner. I pointed out there had been a distinct lack of chocolate for a celebratory day, so he went the the co-op and bought me a bar of Lindor and a chocolate brownie pudding. I ate both and then felt extremely ill. Bleugh!

I have probably done too much today, but the house was in dire need after a week of me being 'off sick'. Have cleaned and vac'd the boys' room and our room, washed and changed all the beds, cleaned the bathroom, kitchen and living room and vac'd through downstairs.

Just let the dogs out and our old lady managed to jump on the corner of a loose piece of decking and seems to have rendered herself lame. hmm Shew wouldn't let me touch it much, but seemed like she was walking a little better a few minutes ago, so am keeping everything crossed its just bruised and not something to line the pockets of the local vets. Never in my wildest dreams all those years ago, did I realise how useful my canine first aid certificate was going to be. hmm

Lambskin Mon 19-Mar-12 14:48:03

Oh yes of course, though by the sounds of it you deserve some pampering. Science fair sounds like a nightmare! Well done with the sleepover, god you must be exhausted. I get a bad back from a slightly too firm mattress so shock to sleeping on the floor <41 too> grin
Just got my Mother's day present from ds1 in the post - microwaveable slippers! How genius is that! He's got the measure of me! Feeling every one of those 41 years now grin

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