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When shall we three meet again? The not quite NT, not quite weightloss thread ......

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moosemama Mon 12-Mar-12 20:22:34

We were full up ladies, so we finally have our very own weightloss-ish thread! grin

moosemama Tue 13-Mar-12 20:30:52

Feeling left out now - I'm the only one with no Davina dvds, Lamb is another Davina fan. I can feel a trip over to coming on! grin

I like Jillian because its only 20 minutes a day, but you still get the results. Not sure if I'd manage to get up of my lardy backside if I knew I had to exercise for a whole hour. blush I do 20 minutes in the week and a longer workout - max 40 minutes at the weekend, usually working out 6 days a week maximum, on a good week that is. hmm

Jillian has brought out a new Kickboxing dvd Madwoman. <<hints loudly>>

Dh has just told me that when ds1 switched on my laptop to do Maths Whizz before school this morning it launched MN (as I am sad enough to have 'threads I'm on' as my homepage). Whilst messing about he accidentally clicked on the MN Homeswap ad and instantly panicked that he'd swapped our house for someone else's. Apparently all the way to school he kept making dh promise that he hadn't swapped the house and we wouldn't have to move. Poor ds, but you gotta grin. Maybe he'll be a little bit more careful with my laptop from now on!

moosemama Tue 13-Mar-12 20:34:21

Well he didn't complain, but then it was hard to see my chest when I was curled up fast asleep on the doormat! grin

... and after a 40+ minute walk back to the hotel at 3.00 am, we were both snoring practically before our heads hit the pillow! grin

madwomanintheattic Tue 13-Mar-12 20:40:31

i know you just got wasted so you wouldn't remember walking home with a bloke wearing silver trousers, really... wink

moosemama Tue 13-Mar-12 20:43:12

shock how did you know! grin

Nah. He chickened out and took them off for the walk home (he had a pair of jeans on underneath, so not as shocking as it sounds grin). He was worried that other late night boozers might give him a bit of hassle for his sparkly attire.

He needn't have worried, we did not see a single soul for the whole of the walk back. Ledbury people are apparently all early to bed and sound sleepers to boot. grin

madwomanintheattic Tue 13-Mar-12 20:52:16

you should try canadians... if it weren't for the tourists all the restaurants would be closed at 8pm... grin

Lambskin Wed 14-Mar-12 07:37:22

Woken up feeling all antsy today so I'm desperate for a good workout. Someone's coming round this morning but ds2 is round to his grandparents this afternoon so I'll do it then! Feeling virtuous now smile

Very impressed at your stats moose, you've made me feel like a sloth with your 6 days while I've been lounging around.

Got my sister's wedding to panic-buff up for on Saturday. Lots to worry about there but mainly around ds as my mum's not even sure he should go sad

moosemama Wed 14-Mar-12 10:44:37

Ah, but Lamb I haven't done a workout since Saturday now. So, like I said - six days a week - on a good week. sad

I was mulling over trying just one circuit today, but having done housework solidly since 8.00 am this morning and only just sitting down I'm not feeling so keen now. I have a huge food shop delivery arriving sometime in the next hour and a half as well and that always takes me a good hour to put away.

Is it a church wedding? I would think that during the service is the only time he really needs to be still and quiet surely, possibly the speeches as well? Would it be doable if you tag team with dh to take him outside/distract him when things need to be calm and quiet? Depends on the type of wedding I suppose. I think in your position I would buy him something new and interesting to do to keep his attention - does he have a Nintendo Ds or something? A new game should do the trick and sod anyone who pulls a face at him having it with him at a wedding. Either that, or could you let him play some games on your or dh's mobile. My boys always think it's a huge treat to have a go on dad's phone.

madwomanintheattic Wed 14-Mar-12 13:39:27

Well, I ended up with a migraine and spending the afternoon throwing up, and just crawling out of bed to do essentials. Dh was late home as well, so I had to drive dd2 to ballet and pick her up. We'd had a foot of snow as well, so everything was glaring bright white. I have to get a grip of these days. I'm going to have to start hydrating the night before, I think, and make sure I eat as soon as I get back. Grr.

I think weddings are the one time where everyone should be free to be themselves - as long as the noises aren't overpowering the vows grin. I've been to weddings where an adult repeated every word that was said from half way down the church (like a really loud echo - it must have been like being married twice, but the guy was so obviously thrilled to be there on their special day), and all manner of sn kids having good natured (and mostly joyful, to be fair) episodes. And babies screaming. I don't think a wedding is complete without at least one baby crying during the service. grin (I made sure we had several at ours, just to give it a reasonable chance grin)

If he's going to be upset, or freaked by the service or struggle with the numbers of people, then you have to make your own decision, but is your mum's concern more of a behaviour/scene type thing? If so, I would trust your instincts but try the tag team idea. grin and my plan is always to sit with an escape route, not in the middle of a pew. grin.

<small lol at panic-buff though. Have you got a gorgeous frock ready to go?>

Lambskin Wed 14-Mar-12 14:04:55

Thanks for your ideas guys. I think we'll take it in turns going outside with him. He usually lets us know if it's getting too overwhelming but you never quite know. It's not in a church but in a barn thingy on the moors so nicely isolated for the screaming wink

My mum's a control freak so is worried about the creating of scenes but I think she's just going to have to be horrified. Luckily Saturday is my drinking day grin

I have a few dresses to choose from but I may go with an old favourite that now looks immeasurably better since I've lost the weight.

I feel very lucky that I'm so well, reading about you two. I really have no excuse I should be running and squatting and punching all over the place instead of which I am still sat on my arse. Just caught up on Desperate Housewives, my guilty pleasure and was going to read some Paradise Lost to get my brain back in shape. I like to think I'm culturally inclusive.

So what happened about your MA in Literature then madwoman? What went wrong? Genuinely worried now. I know that when I was doing it last time I found myself getting sick of reading academics basically writing for other academics about academics writing about original text <yawn>. I'm hoping that because it's OU that I'm planning on doing it with it'll be more accessible. But maybe I'm just thick and a bit trashy. Oh and congratulations on the First! If I'd got one (instead of a 2:1) I'd introduce myself with a 'hello, I'm Lambskin and I got a first'. I did get one for my dissertation but it got lost in my overall averageness grin.

moosemama Wed 14-Mar-12 14:47:06

If its not a formal church I wouldn't worry to be honest. Even if it was, as madwoman said, there's always some disturbance of one sort of another at weddings. People should be able to relax and enjoy themselves.

Your mum will just have to lump it I'm afraid. Ds has as much right as everyone else to go along and enjoy himself. Just get her tiddled nice and early on and she'll be fine. wink

madwomanintheattic Wed 14-Mar-12 15:00:19

it was all a bit of a masterpiece of bad timing, really. grin
as i'm ex-military, i ended up getting called up for active service half way through, added to the fact that dd2 was really v fragile with about 5 appointments a week and intensive physio and whatnot, plus the two older ones (dd1 was at school, and ds1 had got a place at nursery early becuase of his sister's issues) there just really wasn't enough time for 'me'. you know how it is. <sigh> you should be fine - older kids and not likely to get involved in war-mongering. grin

i horrified my personal tutor the first time around by doing comparisons of homer with best-selling 20th century stuff. grin she didn't know where to put herself and we had many lengthy discussions about the canon. wink my favourite ever ever ever fun factoid is that i managed to get 'suck my dick' into a dissertation about homer. (i used a bit of film (gi jane) to make a few points). there's nowt so dry as ancient greek and all that. grin gotta liven it up and make your point somehow. i do miss it. <sigh> am vicariously excited for you, though. grin

lol at getting your mum leathered - not too much, eh? you don't want her falling asleep on the doormat...

Lambskin Wed 14-Mar-12 15:47:58

grin I would love that to happen but sadly her control freakiness extends to not drinking (argh!)

Talking of Homer that reminds me of the time I had to take ds1 to a seminar with me (BA) and the tutor was waffling on about Homer in a reverential way and ds was sitting there sniggering to himself amazed that this stupid woman thought that Homer Simpson was so great. The other students got the joke, the tutor not so much grin.

No no going to any wars here I hope, way too much of a coward as well as being lazy. Last time it was money for me. I was a single mum on benefits living on a bleak estate having my windows put through most weekends, so the chance to move to a nice(ish) town with a job won out over Anglo-American Literary Studies (still haven't read any Walt Whitman - please don't tell me you think he's ace!). Loving comparing Homer to GI Jane, really should watch that obviously.

madwomanintheattic Wed 14-Mar-12 15:52:33

i did take a lit of the deep south module along the way, which was grand, but know naff all about ww, so you can impress me with pretty much anything on that score. grin

homer grin <snigger>

moosemama Wed 14-Mar-12 16:06:30

I'm never going to live that down am I? blush Serves me right for fessing-up.

In that case Lamb, buy some Rescue Remedy and put a few drops into whatever soft drink she's drinking. I was sceptical about it, but then found it really worked, despite me not believing it would. It also works on ds1 and even worked on our highly aggressive dog a few years back as well, so there must be something in it.

You are both sounding rather high brow and intellectual now with all this literary stuff. I may have to decamp to the telly addicts board if this keeps up. blush Not that I'd be any good there either, as I hardly watch any these days.

TheLightPassenger Wed 14-Mar-12 18:53:03

yes, it's been a long long time since I've done any "proper" literary criticism, (well over and above some blogosphere book reviews).

migraines are the pits, madwoman, am amazed you managed to drive.

re:wedding, well to me weddings are about f-am-al-eeeeeee - so you don't just keep the possibly noisy members out of sight/out of mind!

moosemama Wed 14-Mar-12 19:07:29

I somehow managed to miss your migraine there madwoman. You poor thing, migraines are awful. It definitely sounds like you need to be managing your fluid and food intakes a bit better on bootcamp days then. Perhaps you could look into getting some protein powder and having a protein shake soon after exercising?

Mind you, didn't you say your BP was really high last time it was checked? If so, bearing that in mind, I think you should perhaps take advice from your doctor about whether you really should be bootcamping it until your BP is under control.

You are such a good Mum, ballet would have been jettisoned in this house if I'd had to get my dc there and back whilst under the influence of a migraine - you are definitely made of stronger stuff than I am.

madwomanintheattic Wed 14-Mar-12 19:07:49

fortunately dance is only three minutes away, down a quiet back road on an industrial estate, so as long as i could keep the car on the road i knew it would be okay. it wasn't the most sensible of choices, tbh, i wouldn't have gone at all if it had been anywhere involving actual traffic and junctions.

i am soooooo glad we didn't frighten you off yesterday. grin

exercise today? i'm still feeling a bit fragile, and have neck stiffness i suspect from physio (and am wondering whether that might have been a trigger as well...) so am trying not to do too much. will walk the dogs later to get some fresh air.

lots more avalanche blasting today. grin nowehre near as freaked out as last time, i'm guessing it's more common that i thought. blush just hadn't heard it before so close!! (either that or the little green men are on their way back again!)

madwomanintheattic Wed 14-Mar-12 19:13:04

mm, i did think about bp yesterday. blush i keep assuming that the exercise stuff will be helping to lower it. it's all so chicken and egg.

i also <cringes at wreck-like condition of previously fit bod> am now overdue for that re-check of the whole 'hole in the retina' thing from september. i should have gone back in january. blush and she will take one look and tell me if my bp is still way high, what with all the squiggly eye blood vessels and all. might be less needy than going back to the doc and getting them to check it? i haven't done my lab work for the end of feb as got waylaid by AF, either. feckity feck. right, will make appointments so that it doesn't get ot the end of the 'to do' list again. i'd feel better saying 'optician says to check bp....' rather than 'ooo, i'm such a hypochondriac, could you check....' blush

urgh. yuk.

Lambskin Wed 14-Mar-12 19:27:58

A general health check from your GP sounds in order madwoman. Losing weight should help with your bp but you don't want to over exert yourself in the process. Maybe concentrate on the diet side of things with some walking or swimming thrown in to build fitness. Did that book arrive yet btw?

Yeah, ya boo sucks! To miserable people at weddings TLP [blowing a raspberry whilst still looking elegant and mature emoticon]. You've done proper literary criticism? Do you mean paid like? shock

Moose you know if you try to escape this thread we will only hunt you down, madwoman has military training and I ... um ... well I'll be right behind her!
Done a Davina workout this afternoon which was exhausting but I feel good for having done it. BFBM tomorrow promise.

madwomanintheattic Wed 14-Mar-12 19:58:20

not yet, but takes an age... tis usually a fortnight or so.

i know you're right about the doc, but my head just says 'well, he'll just tell me what i know already - lose weight, get the stress under control, get some exercise... ' blush

dh thinks boot camp might be a step too far (particularly given the state i was in yesreday) but i want to be able to do it. <sulks> i used to run marathons y'know. and these days i can barely get up the stairs!!! dd2 is 8. 8! it's so easy to get bogged down in everything else and ignore your own blooming health.

<grumble, moan, whinge>

right, i'm actually going to log onto mfp (remembered why i was getting confused - it wasn't mfp i tried before, it was food focus) and track stuff for a couple of weeks. there are only 3 sessions of boot camp left before the long spring break (which is 2.5 weeks long with no classes) so i might chat with the instructor about the headache/ crash thing. that's 4 weeks in total - i could work up to getting back to it then, couldn't i? i don't just want to give up, however fecking awful i feel later on in the day. (am usually fine for about 3 or 4 hours, then start going downhill... no idea if that points to anything? it's def bootcamp days though. am kidding myself to try and chalk it up against anything else) then i could spend 4 weeks doing a lot more but less strenuous exercise? urgh time, time. might have to cut down my mning <ponders>....

moosemama Wed 14-Mar-12 20:21:16

I'm backing Lamb here madwoman. I think you need a once over from the GP. <<wags finger>> Sometimes you might need some help to get the BP down, so that you can get on with the exercise etc, as you said yourself, chicken and egg.

There's nothing wrong with working your way back to fitness gradually. I had to start literally walking to the corner and back last May, then up the road, then round the block, the getting dh to drop me at the next village so I could walk back and eventually I was able to walk there and back. Then I walked miles up and down the beach on holiday, before even considering starting the shred - which I also eased myself into and took longer than 30 days to do. You still get there, it just takes a little longer.

Food focus is nowhere near as good as MFP. I tried it a couple of years back but found it a bit of a pita to use. I find MFP much more straightforward to use and have found the community section really good for learning more about nutrition and exercise etc.

madwomanintheattic Thu 15-Mar-12 00:00:27

i hate it when people talk sense.

it forces me to acknowledge that i am wrong. bah.

will ponder this eve and report back. <huffs>

actually, i know why i'm reticent about getting the doc to confirm what i already know. i'm turning into my bleeding mother. <wails, gnashes teeth etc etc> probably the only thing that can reverse it is being sensible and going slow. but that would be a half way acknowledgement that i am turning into her. she spends her life trading pills with the doc, and everything is hereditary.

<goes off to ponder being sensible>

TheLightPassenger Thu 15-Mar-12 08:31:12

god no, I didn't mean paid literary criticism, just uni work blush

Madwoman - tsk, tsk, tsk. Am sure you know full well that have a yearly BP done is not in the bit needy. It's exactly what the doctors are well paid for. Suspect I may be in a similar position re:BP and hereditary conditions. Got persuaded onto BP meds last year for borderline BP. Still not 100% convinced it was the right decision hmm

will ponder the exercise and bootcamp stuff later after school run and work!

Lambskin Thu 15-Mar-12 14:02:06

Ah I see smile, thank you for clearing that up TLP, I feel a bit daft now.

Well ds1 is coming home early this afternoon instead of tomorrow for the wedding on Saturday, so it looks like we'll br travelling down earlier than planned as a result. I shall do my weigh in now then ladies if you don't mind because I think I may be a little busy for the next few days.

So today's weight is ..... 10.0.0.

Of course I'm happy about this. It's a loss of 4 ounces (! was really feeling them!) but come on! Will I ever be 9 something? So that's my goal for next Friday. 9 something.

And stop pondering people and get to it!

moosemama Thu 15-Mar-12 15:49:50

I've had a terrible day food-wise. Had to take dd to the doctors and succumbed to a Malteser's chocolate bunny at the checkout whilst getting her prescription. Somehow a date and walnut cake also made its way into my basket and having just come back from a ridiculously cold school run, I have just stuffed a huge slice of that as well.

I did have a big salad for lunch - but then it had a rather large dollop of fruit and nut coleslaw on it, that I know contains about a gazillion calories and even more fat (although good fat from nuts).

Think I'm going to have to write this week off. blush

Just spent a joyous hour and a half at toddler group with a banging headache, then froze in the playground waiting for ds2 and have to go back in 15 minutes and freeze all over again for ds2. <<sigh>>

Enjoy the wedding Lamb and well done on being 10 stone exactly. I think I'll be lucky to be under 11 by the time I weigh in, in fact I'm tempted to not weigh in at all.

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