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fat belly

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theruby Mon 27-Feb-12 13:02:25

I know this has been done before but what do you think is the best way of getting rid of a tummy. its not massive I weigh about 9st 12lb and climbing :D

but what exercise works best? my tummy looks like a crumpeld bag! because its been stretched out.

I'm running a fair amout between 3k and 5k every other day and I've done shred and I'm a bit bored of that now, I'm think about a weight training DVD or yoga.

foreverondiet Mon 27-Feb-12 13:04:51

Read "wheat belly" - and then give up wheat, refined carbs and sugar!

Honestly don't think extra exercise will help need to cut the carbs.

Pandamama Mon 15-Apr-13 12:11:44

I totally agree!

I read Wheat Belly, and cut out wheat only. I lost 8 kg in the first 2 weeks and around 3 kg a week since!

Usually when I loose weight i loose weight in my face and breasts but now my post baby tummy is melting off me! Also my thighs are disappearing too. Not hungry, not feeling deprived or craving anything. I used to think I had a sweet tooth but now know better! Will go and do the low carb thing too to loose even more weight.

Do read the book first though and do not use ready made bread, biscuits and other ready made wheat free products as they will not help you loose weight. You will be amazed at how well and deep you will start sleeping, loose some medical problems and have energy to match your children!

All the best!

Ps if you do not want to buy the book ask your local library to get it, they usually will.

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