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Cambridge diet

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Smarties789 Fri 17-Feb-12 05:23:12

Talk to me about the Cambridge diet please!
I don't know much about it except that people seem to lose a lot of weight by doing it.
What is it and what are the pros/cons?

Lisageorge Wed 22-Feb-12 16:44:51

Hi I'm on day 3 finding it hard very hungry. I'm having 4shakes a day I can't manage on 3 I will see what counseller says about that on my weigh in on Tuesday. I want to loose 4stone starting weight 14st 5 I'm 5ft7 . I have got bad breath and can't poo .

fuckityfuckfuckfuck Wed 22-Feb-12 16:48:17

My dp tried cambridge, spent a lot of money and it didn't teach him anything. The fact is, you need to learn about a healthy, sustainable diet, and replacing food with shakes and soups just doesn't do that. Ou mught lose the weight, but you;re pretty much guaranteed to put it back on again. Lisageorge, I was those exact stats when I started losing weight after having ds. I did low carb, never went hungry, and was just above 9 stone in about 8 months. Cambridge diet is madness imo.

FeathersMcGraw Wed 22-Feb-12 16:52:57

I started back in Sept but not on sole source (gall bladder problem so not allowed) - I have been doing step 2/810 cals all the way through. (basically 3 products and a small low carb meal each day)

I've lost 60lbs & 5 dress sizes so far. I'm halfway to where I want to be...

Lisa to get past the hunger you need keep drinking water (not easy when it is cold but will help stave off hunger and help with the poo issue)

FeathersMcGraw Wed 22-Feb-12 16:59:25

I find that eating a small meal is teaching me better habits. I had a weekend away last week and ate "normal" food instead of the small low carb meal but chose healthier items instead of thinking "sod it, lets pig out" smile

As you move up through the steps after the initial weight loss you introduce more types of food until you reach real life (for want of a better description) and by then you should have retrained your eating habits.

Any "diet" will fail if you go back to eating whatever you want (I am testimony to that after trying them all!!). For me Cambridge is working but I agree it is not for everyone...

ScarfOfSexualPreference Wed 22-Feb-12 20:20:34

I'm not on Cambridge, I'm on a different VLCD and so far it is really, really helping. I'm on week 6 and have lost 1st 9lb so far, I have quite a way to go though. I'm learning portion control, that I can exist on a small portion and I have really seen the light on low-carbing! VLCDs are low carb, low fat and high protein. I'm rarely hungry, have energy, I can cook for the kids without nibbling their stuff! Plus I love all the packs on this diet, meals, soups, bars and shakes all lovely.

It's cheaper than CD but you don't get the councellor or anything like that, you buy it online so I get all my support on minimins. VLCDs are for some people and not for others, just like SW and WW and atkins etc. Some people coudn't do what I'm doing, plenty of people are doing it right now!

I have made sure I have a solid plan in place for when I get close to goal- I'm aiming to low carb as a long-term plan, not a diet as such but sticking to the principles of high protein low carb. Have yet to decide whether to go with a maintence plan like that offered with atkins or something else but I'm constantly researching.

There is always a risk of gaining everything back after, as there is on any diet. If you go back to the same way of eating- of course you will gain, all and more, because the person who started the diet was a lot bigger than at the end so eating the same as you used to will be a lot worse than before!

Overtiredmum Wed 22-Feb-12 20:29:53

I am currently on Week 7, and have lost 22lb, currently 14lbs away from my Cambridge target and am down nearly 2 dress sizes. I am currently on Step 2, and will be progressing up to Step 3 next week. I hope to be calorie counting by the end of March, whereby I hope to lose another stone.

I have done Cambridge before, but I only gained the weight after falling pregnant with my DD. As Scarf says, yes, you will gain the weight if you go back to your original eating habits, but this is the same for any diet, not just Cambridge.

It is the hardest diet you will ever do, but in my opinion, it is the only diet that works - for me. I need fast results, and I get that from this. You need to drink a minimum of 4 pints of water a day, whatever step you do. Expense-wise, it costs me approximately £42 a week, but each councillor differs.

I love Cambridge, but its not for everyone.

ScarfOfSexualPreference Wed 22-Feb-12 20:34:02

Well done on your loss overtiredmum

Have to say I disagree, oddly enough I'm finding this the easiest diet I've ever done. Admittedly have only done one before, Rosemary Conley, but I found it so easy to cheat and the weightloss was getting slower and slower.... I'm finding it easier to just have the packs delivered, choose what to eat and make it. I have blipped, had a bad day this week but otherwise am 100%.

I like the idea of the steps though, Slim and Save doesn't have a set plan you email them and they sort out an individual plan for you.

Overtiredmum Wed 22-Feb-12 20:40:00

I agree it easy because there are no decisions to make. I like Cambridge because it takes food completely out of the equation.

When I say its the hardest diet, what I mean is mentally. Its not so much the habit of eating, its the habit of getting to a specific time and knowing you would have eaten X,Y, Z, or drunk a bottle of wine. Your head really needs to be 100% committed.

ScarfOfSexualPreference Wed 22-Feb-12 20:43:00

Oh yes I agree with that! Making the kids' tea is the hardest time for me, so used to just popping food in. I wrote it all down and realised I was pretty much eating an extra meal a day! I need to break that habit, really do.

Chubfuddler Wed 22-Feb-12 20:43:39

It doesn't work. You can't remove food from your life. You need to learn healthy eating habits. I have lost a stone on slimming world in four weeks.

Overtiredmum Wed 22-Feb-12 21:15:57

What works for one, doesn't necessarily work for someone else.

gr65 Sat 31-Mar-12 13:28:22

Hi All, I sarted Cambridge the day after Mother's Day having cut out the carbs at my special family meal out! tricky but well worth it. I had my 1st week on SS+ knowing i needed to 'eat' at least once a day. I found because i don't do breakfasts i was only having 2 shakes plus the 200 calorie meal & after my first week had lost a very pleasing 8 1/2 lbs smile i have NEVER lost that much in a week in all my years of dieting - I was delighted. However I was advised that i wasn't having enough so should go up to step 3 which i enthusiastically did. I've been following step 3 for almost a week now though & it looks as if my weight loss has stopped! sad & again, I've found I'm only having 1 shake a day! I can't get weighed again till Thursday so from Monday I'm going to go back to SS+ in the hopes of giving my metabolism a kick start back into action. Wish me luck please, I'll post my result eeeek!

Fluffy1234 Sat 31-Mar-12 15:43:17

I wouldn't do it. I think you can lose a lot of weight on a lean protein/low carb diet. I went from 13 and a half stone and a tight size 16 to 8 stone 13 and a small size 10 last year and have had no problems maintaining it so far. I didn't exercise as that makes me starving but just concentrated on portion size.

40thisisit Sun 01-Apr-12 19:14:35

Don't do it, it mucks up your bodies natural metabolism & makes it harder to loose weight. I know quick is good but it won't last

kelvinjohn Fri 17-May-13 11:16:07

To boost digestive system do cardio exercise regularly and consider interval training. Lift weights, stay active and workout regularly. Stay hydrated by increasing water intake, drinking green tea. Get enough proteins through daily meals and schedule a nighttime workout.

kelvinjohn Fri 17-May-13 11:17:08

To boost digestive system do cardio exercise regularly and consider interval training. Lift weights, stay active and workout regularly. Stay hydrated by increasing water intake, drinking green tea. Get enough proteins through daily meals and schedule a nighttime workout.

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