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Weight Watchers ProPoints - Rain rain go away as we are waisting away II

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Littlefish Mon 13-Feb-12 21:36:14

Just thought I'd start a new thread before the old one filled up. Looking forward to seeing everyone on here before too long....

Furball Tue 14-Feb-12 06:41:18

you got the 1000 th post of the other thread! smile

AnyFuleKno Tue 14-Feb-12 07:26:59

Seems like a good time to join in! I've been doing ww for 4 months so far and lost 2 stone and 3 lb. really enjoying it. Hello compadres grin

Vajazzler Tue 14-Feb-12 07:45:26

Ooh a shiny new thread! I'm rubbish at staying on long term threads. Forget to check/read/update them!
Quick update... Joined weightwatchers last may and love the pp plan. Never done WW before. So far have lost 90lbs (6stone5.5lbs).
I still have 8/9 stone to lose but I'm working on it lb by lbgrin
Can you please tell me your best 2/3 pp snacks. I eat a lot of the WW bars especially the rich toffee one it's lush! But I have a huge no of pp to use each day that I often eat 3 or 4 of them in a day and it's costing me a fortune!

LolaLadybird Tue 14-Feb-12 07:55:59

Welcome Any and well done so far.

Vajazzler - that's an amazing loss, well done you. How many points are you on a day? I'm on 29 which is OK but I certainly have no trouble using them up! Curly wurlys and cadbury's Fudge bars are both 3 PP. The little Mikado stick things are good as you can have a few for a couple of points (can't remember exactly how many). Think 2 finger KitKats are also 3 PP. Or how about something like this - I made them yesterday for DH who runs part of the way in and out of work so needs something to fill up on afterwards. They are not low point because of the sugar and butter but they are packed full good stuff like oats, dried fruit, seeds and honey. I cut mine in 24 peices at 5 PP a piece. Like I say, I wouldn't be suggesting them unless you had points to use!

Vajazzler Tue 14-Feb-12 07:58:57

Hi LolaLadybird I'm on 42pp at the moment. Was on 55 when I first started!

Sanuk Tue 14-Feb-12 09:39:22


Signing in! Am midway through my first week on this. My weigh-in day is Saturday.

It's going well at the moment. I'm trying to stay positive that it will work wink

Some inspiring losses here that make me think maybe I can stick to this.
Vajazz - I am in awe.
Any- that's a fab weight loss for 4 months, which I'm hoping to achieve myself. Are you exercising?

I am taking this one stone at a time.

Love the recipe, Lola. I might do that at some point.

I have a Q - do you reward yourselves for each half stone lost, or just each stone? And how do you reward yourselves?

eagerbeagle Tue 14-Feb-12 11:02:10

Can I come on board? Am doing WW online and now 5 weeks in. So far I am 4.8kg (about 10lb) down and hit my first goal which was My baby weight from DD (DD now 4 months old) another 5kgs to lose to shift DS' baby weight (he's a strapping nearly 3yo).. Am on 43 pp per day as am Breastfeeding.

So far it's been ok. I havent been eating all my weeklies but have this week so am not expecting a loss this week. But being gentle to myself as I don't want to risk my milk supply. Precious little opportunity for exercise as DD is a Velcro baby. Lots if walking is about it.

Sanuk Tue 14-Feb-12 11:28:15

Welcome earger smile

I'm also doing it online. The WW iphone app makes a massive difference to me. Well done on such a good start.

Yes, do be gentle to yourself.

eagerbeagle Tue 14-Feb-12 11:40:49

Thanks Sanuk. Trying to think long term and small achievable goals.

The iPhone app is brilliant and makes it so much easier to track which is definitely a big help in staying focused.

Sanuk Tue 14-Feb-12 11:46:59

Yep, I'm also thinking long term. I know I'm going to be doing this for at least until the end of the year, so I need to approach it at a pace and with a mentality I can maintain.

Ultimately I think my aim is that I'd just like to lose every week. My scales don't measure in less than 1lb so I'm aiming for at least 1lb a week for at least the next 3 months.

AnyFuleKno Tue 14-Feb-12 19:53:03

Sanuk I think that's a good objective! I've only just started exercising this week, but I've lost weight every week, ranging from 4lb to 0.5lb

I have find it really helpful to aim for mini goals - each silver 7, each time I drop into the next Stone bracket, and then there's 10% and 15% and the 25lb lost goal. This means I have a new target every 2-3 weeks.

I've definitely found I can't use all my weeklies. I can use about half for a decent loss.

Well done everyone on your weight loss so far!

TrinityRhino Tue 14-Feb-12 20:27:19


<slinks into the back> hope it ok if I join in with you

my name is trinityrhino and I weigh 11 and a half stone

I have joined ww online tonight

my weigh in day is monday

I'm appalled at myself blush

TrinityRhino Tue 14-Feb-12 20:55:18

have I killed the thread? sorry

androbbob Tue 14-Feb-12 21:50:22

Nah not killed the thread - its just snoozing! Give it a jolt and someone will come along!

Marking my place for tomorrow - need to sleep now!

Vajazzler Tue 14-Feb-12 22:01:44

11 and a half stone doesn't sound too bad Trinity how much do you need to lose?

My WI day today. Lost 5.5lbs! Woo hoo! Total now 95.5 lbs. Can't believe I've lost so much. Before this I've only lost a couple of stone before giving up and putting it all back on.

AnyFuleKno Tue 14-Feb-12 22:07:32

That's awesome vajazzler!

Hi trinity, 11.5 is not terrible. I weigh that now and feel vaguely human shaped grin

LolaLadybird Tue 14-Feb-12 22:23:46

Well done Vajazzler - that's terrific.

11.5 stone is probably my target weight Trinity - but I am tall/heavy for my size iyswim.

TrinityRhino Tue 14-Feb-12 22:35:55

oh god, I'm sorry, I didn't think before posting that

the thing is its all on my belly

more then three people I know well, have panicked and uhmmed and aared about finslly asking me if I'm pregnant

I really do look about 6 months pregnant

I have naturally slim ankles, wrists, shoulders and this extra (as in not what I normally am, even after each child) 2 stone is really making me look pregnant and feel awful

AnyFuleKno Tue 14-Feb-12 22:47:42

I've noticed that my extra weight is more on my belly since having dd, if always used to be on my arse, thighs and arms, wonder if it's a hormonal thing, post chlldren

herdingcats Wed 15-Feb-12 09:12:58

Hello everyone, missed the end of the last thread!
I am trying hard to maintain, but probably blew it last night, DH took me out for Valentines night ( first time in 14yrs), but improbably won't need to eat for the rest of the week, just can't do the rich food now. So it seems anyway.
My 2-3point treats are ,Eton mess, made with total 0% yoghurt 2pp and Foxes crinkle crunch biscuits 3pp for 2. Also discovered Cadbury mini eggs 8 eggs are 3pp, or 2 Guylian seashells 3 pp.dont have nay of them very often,but nice if I need a little opulence . HTH

TrinityRhino Wed 15-Feb-12 10:14:13

morning all
I have the hangover from hell blush
I'm on day one
I have no idea what to eat later, cant face anything now
I have not prepared at all sad

LolaLadybird Wed 15-Feb-12 11:53:11

Trinity - no need to apologise. The beauty of this thread I think is that we can all be honest and we are all different. 11.5 stone on someone a foot shorter and slighter than me would be understandably overweight but for me it would be great (just a small matter of 2 stone to shift first!) smile Hope you're feeling better by the way. Organisation is key I find. Maybe cut yourself some slack today, do the best you can with what you have in your cupboards and then get yourself better prepared for tomorrow.

WI tomorrow for me. I'm hoping I've lost another lb or 2. I will be approx 20 points over for the week (Sunday's lunch out really threw everything) but jeans feeling looser. I'm telling myself that at least I have tracked everything so I know just how bad the damage is!

TrinityRhino Wed 15-Feb-12 11:58:07

thanks lola

I didn't have anything till just now
I had a potato, 3 points
half a tin of baked beans, 4 points
and some lettuce and tomato

I feel marginally better

I'v drunk 3 large glasses of sugar free squash and I see a nap in the very near future

I think I have everything in to make this for tea has anyone tried it, looks nice to me smile

TrinityRhino Wed 15-Feb-12 13:50:16

this is useless, I'm starving today
I have 10 points left

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