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XLS Medical fat binder

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WhereEaglesDare Mon 02-Jan-12 23:13:52

Just read article in DM about this (i think) new slimming pills. Apparently Mica Paris was using them and she lost two dress sizes in two months.
I am currently 110kg shock and i used to be 68-75kg pre pregnancy weight (youngest dd is 7 and a half) and since then weight was just piling up until it reached 110kg.
I have to lose weight,i have to. I tried some other things in the past and low gi diet helped me to shed 10kg in 8weeks,but i lost motivation and got back to same thing.
Can anyone give me some good kick advice,how to motivate myself,how to find that inner strength to do things in a right way.
My BIG downfall is eating late ,especially when i come from work (9pm) and over the years it became a habit!!!!!!!!
Are this pills ok and did anyone used them???
Thank you for your time!!!!!smilesmile

chocoland Mon 14-Jan-13 10:31:48

Big day today. have my supply of xls and just about to start. fed up being in the constant cycle of losing weight and then putting it back on. have my sons wedding in 5 months so need to shape up. hopefully these will give me the added boost to do well

Fee898 Tue 15-Jan-13 07:53:55

Good luck chocoland, today is my 8th day on and have lost 4lb, would like to remind some people you do need to have a cheat meal otherwise your body will get used to eating healthy and wont do its job properly, if you have a cheat meal it will keep your body guessing and working as it should to lose weight, try do a cheat meal once every two weeks but still take your tabs, a cheat meal can be whatever you like but only one meal, also it gives you something to look forward to and to work hard for. 'Lucky' me is marrying a bodybuilder so i have his eyes watching me all the time now iv said im losing some weight lol. Good luck

chocoland Sun 27-Jan-13 11:53:05

Have been on these tablets for 2-3 weeks, and apart from being a little constipated, have not noticed any difference in my weight loss, which is really disappointing. Has anyone else had this?

Nicmumof2 Sun 03-Feb-13 08:34:51

I am starting these on Monday, need a bit of a weight loss boost. Looking for success stories????
Many thanks. 😃

lemonlegs Sat 16-Feb-13 02:13:54

Hi, I started taking these 2 weeks ago, weighed after 5days and was shocked to find I had lost 3lb. I am one of those that struggles to loose weight so can't wait to weigh again tomorrow.
Haven't really had any side effects, but have noticed my carvings have gone and my appetite is less-so eating less, which is a good thing.
Will come back after I weigh again and hopefully another loss!!

Serenani Mon 18-Feb-13 11:39:43

Hi all ,,, just ordered my xls, can't wait for them to come smile iv just had a baby and I actually was below my starting weight after having him smile but since stoping breast feeding 4weeks ago I'm almost back to my pre preg weight which is almost 13st,,, sad looking forward to sharing my experience and cheering you all on too smile xxx ser xx

abbyduffs Sat 23-Feb-13 16:11:34

loved reading all these comments. Ive just started my tabs 2day ive lost 1 and a half stone on ww but now im bored and stuck im managing to maintain while eating what i like most of the time, but most of the time i love chocs and cake and takeaways!!! so im guna try these and see what happens x

Serenani Tue 26-Feb-13 13:23:59

Did anyone find the got headaches with these, I have headaches but I'm not sure if there related ,, thanks xx

judybaker44 Thu 28-Feb-13 09:29:48

right pals . this is my last attempt to lose the weight .. !!!... have done ww / slimming world/alli / diet pills etc etc ... have enjoyed reading your positive threads.... any other advice ?.... am interested that fizzy drinks not good but cant abide drinking water?.. is squash ok ?/ or too sugary ?
thank guys xx

judybaker44 Wed 13-Mar-13 09:14:45

back again ... been taking these for over a week .. some appetite loss but as yet no weight loss ... mmmmmmmmm ...
but going to stick with it ...
how is everyone else doing ??

queenebay Wed 13-Mar-13 09:37:13

Do these give you the trots like xenical did? Bad experience on them! Lol

judybaker44 Thu 14-Mar-13 08:56:08

Hi queenebay ............ if anything the other way ... !!!!!!!! lol lol lol
good luck if you decide to go with them
3lbs loss this week !! yippee xx

queenebay Thu 14-Mar-13 13:38:06

Oh thank you. Off to order some

Mumoffour4 Mon 18-Mar-13 10:58:42

Have used xls for one week with no change to diet. I have lost 1 pound. Don't really think its working but I bought a pack of 180 so going to keep going with it. This week I'm going to try and decrease my calorie intake and see what happens.

Mumoffour4 Mon 18-Mar-13 13:04:58

Forgot to state side effects. Mild constipation and stomach cramps. No loss of appetite. Has anyone completed the full month and had success?

judybaker44 Tue 19-Mar-13 10:46:34

hi mumoffour4 ........ off to very slow start .... but am now onto 4th week ..and seeing significant appetite loss ... agree with the stomach cramps and mild constipation ... but have increased water intake and that seems to have helped ... total weight loss so far ..... 5lbs ...
am going to keep going because all my previous attempts at weight loss have ended in becoming even bigger !!.
good luck honey xx ..
let me know how you getting on xx

Mumoffour4 Mon 25-Mar-13 09:15:56

Week 2. Did not manage to decrease calories. In fact had quite a bad week with food. Weight loss 1lb. Side effects have decreased a lot. Still no loss of appetite though, hopefully this will happen soon. 2 pounds in 2 weeks is not a huge loss but considering I haven't been dieting or exercising at all, it's not too bad. How's everyone else doing?

judybaker44 Tue 26-Mar-13 13:38:46

hi again mumoffour4..... well done on the 2lbs... i find dieting and excercising sooo hard ... the only good thing i found with xls is that after a while the appetite suppresant kicks in ... good luck sweetie and keep us posted !! xx ... am dreading the scales this week !! xx but fingers crossed !!

Mumoffour4 Tue 02-Apr-13 09:55:46

Week 3. Disaster. Plus 3 pounds. Which means overall plus 1 pound sad Easter weekend not good, lots of wine, chocolate and roast dinners so I guess I wasn't expecting any losses but plus 3 pounds!! Renewed motivation this week to keep calories down. Glad you're doing well judybaker44. Have you changed your diet? Are you taking the tablets 2, 2 & 2. I have been taking them 1, 2, 3. As I only have toast for breakfast.

olgaga Tue 09-Apr-13 10:53:05

I think anyone looking into spending money on these fat/carb blockers should read this first and save their money!

It seems the only fat blocker which actually does what it says it does is orlistat - the prescription version, not the over-the-counter one. But the side effects are dreadful.

If you really need orlistate your GP will prescribe it - and you can use the money you save to buy some adult nappies.

judybaker44 Thu 11-Apr-13 08:33:39

hi again xx ... total weight loss so far ... 1 lovely stone !! xx and one dress size ... mumoffour I have changed my diet to low carb diet and now i feel a little less self concious i stagger to the gym occasionally !! ..i take the tablets 222 ... and have stuck to that since the beginning ... i also have tried the old adage 'breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper'.. but its still blinking hard !! take care honey xx good luck sweet

Mumoffour4 Sun 21-Apr-13 21:07:40

Well done Judybaker44. I'm glad it's working for you. Going to try slim fast tomorrow, never tried it before so think i'll give it a go. I've really struggled to lose weight after my 4th who is now 4. Simple calorie counting always worked before but just doesn't seem to be that easy this time. Might still take 2 tablets after my main meal until they are used up.

sammbell Fri 17-May-13 17:44:36

I've been using XLS Medical for about a month and have consistently lost 4 or more lbs per week. Even though a I lapse on my diet all the time. Shame they are so expensive. Is there anything cheaper out there which does the same thing?

LadyBlack Tue 18-Jun-13 13:40:42

I just had my first child at the end of March and although most of the pregnancy weight came off straight away, I was only 2lb heavier than I was pre-pregnancy a week after giving birth. However, I've found that I've gained 2 pounds since then and I feel really uncomfortable in my clothes. I wanted to try XLS Medical so I had a look around at all the prices. Amazon is cheaper but I read a review from a lady who had tried XLS from Boots and they did not look the same as the ones she got from Amazon. To add to that, several other users had complained that the instructions were in every language other than English, so all I can guess is that these are from somewhere in mainland Europe or god knows where so I decided to go with Boots. Bit more expensive but at least you know what you're getting.

I ordered mine today and got such a bargain! The 3 month supply (which is the best value) is supposed to be 179.99, but they have an online exclusive of £50 off so that brought it down to 129.99. Then they have an Online offer of 10% off when you spend £50 or more on certain healthcare products so that brought it down to £117. Then I found a code online for 10% off when you spend over £90 on healthcare. I didn't think it would work but it did! It's VC23J90 (case sensitive). That brought it down to £105 - result! Plus free delivery and 420 points smile This means it's actually cheaper than Amazon. I dunno how long this code will work for so I thought I'd share it asap.

Looking forward to getting started!

Abbafanatic Wed 19-Jun-13 14:07:15

I disagree with a lot of these comments saying that diet pills don't help. I have been using suppress,satisfy and shed by innoveat and have lost a decent amount of weight. I have been eating three meals a day plus a light snack near 9pm of fruit and yogurt and I have not felt my usual need to snack between meals and gorge myself on sweet treats. Even during my PMT and period when I usually go off the rails with my eating I have been really good and have only had maybe a small treat here and there. usually i just go mental and eat anything comforting. I also don't eat such big meals so the combination has worked. People shouldn't be so dismissive if diet pills don't work for them or they have this preconceived notion they all do not work. Nevertheless I would still be careful when choosing diet pills especially regarding their safety and always search for reviews and investigate how safe the ingredients are.

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