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Right that's it -I'm going to diet using Zoe harcombe the lard must go...

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Stylelostinlabour Wed 28-Dec-11 09:30:40

Well I think it's time to stop moaning and get on with losing 3 stone so I've been reading up on diet and have decided the ZH one is for me.

I'm starting on Sunday 1st January if anyone wants to join me?

I'll do phase 1 for 5 days then I'm going to build in couch to 5k as well.

Anyone fancy joining me on the journey and sharing ideas and motivation?

BerylStreep Sun 15-Jan-12 14:43:32

Well although I thought I had plateaued, I have actually lost 1.2kg since last Sunday, so I'm happy with that.

How has everyone else done?

Stylelostinlabour Sun 15-Jan-12 19:35:23

Rubbish! Living the life of a monk no carbs, wine etc and those dam sackings just don't move - even been out running and drinking loads of water but nothing, maybe need to look at actually eating more as although not hungry when I plot food into myfitnesspal I'm around 1200 call so with the running. Aye it's not enough

I need to lose weight to keep me motivated!

Right new week so hopefully can at least get a couple of pounds off was hoping for a stone in January but will needs to lose another 5lbs very doable if I stick with it

Just made tuna and egg salad for lunch tomorrow and filled the 2l water bottle up but don't know what else to eat?

Stylelostinlabour Sun 15-Jan-12 19:36:25

And well done on losing mor weight Beryl... Not jealous at all ;)

BerylStreep Sun 22-Jan-12 11:52:57

Another 0.8kg off, so 6.2kg in total. I have exceeded my first goal - another 3 kg to the next one. I now have less than 10 kg to go (1 1/2 stone). Yay!

Where is everyone? How have you got on this week?

muttimalzwei Sun 22-Jan-12 21:02:42

I have fallen off the Harcombe wagon. Was doing really well and doing phase 2 (haven't got to phase 1 yet...) and then extreme tiredness kicked in and I found myself eating flapjacks and drinking coffee. Tomorrow is another day.
Beryl that is brilliant. Keep going, you will feel brilliant, if you aren't already x

BerylStreep Mon 23-Jan-12 15:49:35

Mutti - tiredness is a killer. hen my DC were tiny and I wasn't sleeping, I ate to block out the awfulness of it.

As you say, today is another day. Just because you fell off the wagon doesn't mean you can't
climb back on.

I need to stay focused though - skiing in 5 1/2 weeks! Don't want to be a fatty on the slopes.

muttimalzwei Tue 24-Jan-12 22:11:26

Keep going Beryl, you will get at least a stone and a half off by then. Doing badly myself, comfort eating bread and butter. Zoe wouldn't be happy!

BerylStreep Sun 29-Jan-12 14:34:55

Right chaps, I'm feeling lonely here! What are you all up to?

Another 1.2kg this week. Have lost 7.5kg in total so far (16 1/2 pounds) and I feel great.

I tried on my favourite Jaegar jeans yesterday, which I haven't been able to wear for a year and a half. They fit really well grin

Skiing in 5 weeks!

I hope everyone else is doing well, and Mutti I hope you stop comfort eating! Here's looking forward to another good week.

muttimalzwei Thu 02-Feb-12 13:17:08

Glad it's still working for you Beryl! I am still not doing it properly but I will, I will! Keeping the weight off at the moment as so active and cycling everywhere with my new job. But there will come a time when the layers start to come off and I'll need to get back to it properly. Isn't it just a brilliant diet though? I hope you are enjoying it.

BerylStreep Thu 02-Feb-12 17:13:54

Still enjoying it, but my weight has been a bit all over the place this week. I'm not sure if it is because I have been having berries, or I have been having a few decaff lattes - maybe all that milk is too much.

I had a real coffee today, and 3 hours on, I am still buzzing. I'll not do that again!

A job in which you cycle! Sounds intriguing.

muttimalzwei Fri 03-Feb-12 10:43:29

Just work at different locations and I can't drive, that's all!

BerylStreep Sun 05-Feb-12 18:33:40

Another .5kg off. Not as much as previous weeks, but still on a downward trend. smile

4 weeks to go for skiing, and I have 1.2kg to go to my next target.

Tw1nkle Wed 11-Apr-12 18:49:32

Really pleased I've found this thread!

I've been doing The Harcombe Diet since january 16th, and have lost 2 stone so far!!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!!

I feel great, and am looking forward to wearing my bikini on holiday later this year - woohoo!!!

Stylelostinlabour Fri 13-Apr-12 21:17:36

Well done I really should get back onto this to shift the last stone

What is your daily diet like I need ideas!

Tw1nkle Mon 16-Apr-12 15:28:21

I was having shredded Wheat and skimmed milk for brekkie, but now I have omlettes on their own, or with Bacon.

I always have a sald for lunch - I love it - loads of cheese!!!

For the evening meal there is loads to chose from!!!
Shepherds pie topped with carrot & swede mash, not potato.
Lasgne made with courgette strips not pasta
Butternut Squash Curry - devine!!!
Meat & Veg
Fish & Veg
.....I could go on and on.......the recipe book is fantastic!

Jannimay Thu 31-Jan-13 21:20:56

Hi. Have been reading threads on Zoe Harcombe diet. I and DH have been following phase 1 since Monday so thankfully tomorrow is the last day. When I weighed this morning, after wee and before a cuppa, I had lost just over 2kg which was pleasing. We both went back onto proper coffee Wednesday as neither of us could stand the headaches. We will limit our caffeine. I would usually drink about 10 cups of either tea or coffee a day, but I don't want to cut it out totally as caffeine does have some health benefits. I'm not aware I have candida or hyperclycaemia but know I am intolerant to dairy. Can't say I feel any better or any worse. Looking forward to phase 2 but would like roast potatoes with my roast!

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