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January couch to 5k - who's with me?

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Santageekmum Mon 26-Dec-11 11:59:17

I am massively overweight and have never run before but am planning on starting the nhs couch to 5k plan in January (first Thursday in fact).

Who would like to don their trainers and join me?

Also if anyone has a good sports bra to recommend, I'm bf and a 40dd at the moment and need a new one for running.

Santageekmum Mon 26-Dec-11 15:20:52

Also has anyone tried using the Nike + sensor thing for the iPhone? How does it work?

ArtSingh Mon 26-Dec-11 15:25:08

I've not tried the Nike app but did do the couch to 5k last year and was really proud when I completed it! I then used Adidas app micoach for a couple of months but have now slipped into my old lazy ways. That said I do a running mummies once a week but tend to do so at quite a leisurely pace. I'd like to redo the C25K soon!

Vajazzler Mon 26-Dec-11 15:41:36

I'm intrigued....can you tell me more please???

wildstrawberryplace Mon 26-Dec-11 16:08:48

I will join this thread, used to run but can't seem to get going with CT5K (have started oooooh about 10 times).

Sports bras, take it from one who knows, the best support comes from wearing a sports bra like a level 4 impact Berlei shock absorber like this with but with a genius sportjock crop top like this on top. If you are big breasted nothing else will give you the support and comfort from that combination it really straps you down and frees you the run properly. It seems a big outlay but the cost per wear even over the course of the CT5K makes it worth it.

Morning! I just wanted to jump on your thread and cheer you on grin.

I'm one of last's year's C25K crop, and - without exaggeration - it's changed my life. This time last year I couldn't run for a bus. I'm now running 10k's, and have signed up (with much trepidation) for my first half marathon in Jan. And - as a bonus - I made some lovely friends through our C25K thread (which is still going, but we seem to talk about everything but running grin).

I agree with wildstrawberry's bra advice. Your bra and trainers are the most important bits to get right to avoid injuries. Make sure they both fit properly to avoid rubbing and discomfort.

Good luck!

ScarfOfSexualPreference Mon 26-Dec-11 17:08:11

I'd never heard of this! I actually went to see my GP last week to see if there was anything at all they could offer to help me lose weight and he had nothing! I'm downloading the podcasts now, and I'm going to see if its feasible. As someone with a lot to lose this may be too much for me!

GypsyMoth Mon 26-Dec-11 17:27:55

Can I join??

I did this last tear. Completed the course, so could run 25 mins in one go few times a week. Then lapsed!!!

God I loved it! Really enjoyed building up and the challenges of a new week. I became a running bore, was all I talked about.

I have bra.... I have the trainers..... Trackies.... I have the podcast

wildstrawberryplace Mon 26-Dec-11 17:38:42

scarf, you can always powerwalk the running sections until you get fitter

delilahbelle Mon 26-Dec-11 17:45:19

OK - I am overweight and unfit, have not done any exercise for a good few months so will give this a go.

How does it work?

GypsyMoth Mon 26-Dec-11 17:48:59

It's a combination if walking and running.... Over 9 weeks. Week 9 you will be running 25 mins straight

You build up gradually. 3 sessions per 'week'

LidlDonkey Mon 26-Dec-11 17:50:54

I'd love to join you. did this on a treadmill with the help of the lovely Laura on the NHS Couch to 5K app on my phone. I only ran very slowly, but did manage to keep it up for the 9 weeks and ended up with running about 3km in the 30 mins. I'd like to do it again as I've put on half a stone since Sep blush and try to go a bit faster this time.

Count me in! When are we starting?

Toobluntforsleighbells Mon 26-Dec-11 17:52:42

Can I join too? I can run a bit but have seriously lapsed and could do with motivation as still have 1 1/2 stone to lose after DC3.

bishboschone Mon 26-Dec-11 18:21:39

Me!!!!!!! I had ds in June ( very prem and poorly ) and have let myself go. I am 2.5 stone heavier than I was sad .... I have podcast , trainers , sports bra .. When are we starting??

tribpot Mon 26-Dec-11 18:30:55

I'm in. I've done the NHS podcast (week 1 day 1 of course!) several times, I feel obliged to use it rather than one of the programs that would integrate better with an iPhone app because I work for the NHS! I do use Runkeeper at the same time, so have Laura + Runkeeper voice trying to tell me things, but I generally just flail about until the time is up. I'm recovering from a serious illness, that's my excuse.

Anyone feel like a first go tomorrow morning? Strike whilst the iron is hot and all that! I have a feeling I am going to be on day 1 for quite some time yet so hopefully it won't spoil Santageekmum's January plans.

ScarfOfSexualPreference Mon 26-Dec-11 18:45:46

Wildstrawberry- I think I'm quite fit for someone so big! I do powerwalk the school run, thats 6 miles a day! But running is a bit much. I'll give it a go!

SofaKingOld Mon 26-Dec-11 18:53:08

Another voice cheering you on here too!

C25K is the best thing I've ever done. I started it on the 3rd of September, did my first 5K on the 31st October.

I've lost over 3 stone and feel better and fitter than I ever have done in my whole life. I wish I'd done it sooner.

Trust the programme - it will get you there. It's hard work - but anything worth doing is.I like the NHS one - Laura is so encouraging.

I've now started bridge to 10k and plan to do a half marathon in September with my sister. I'm not a natural athlete, never will be, but I love it!!

I went for a run yesterday on Christmas Day - just because I could. It was a joy. Can you tell I love it? Am I boring you yet?

ohbugrit Mon 26-Dec-11 19:02:09

I am on week 4 (finished it on Christmas eve in fact) and I'm in a foul mood because I didn't get to run today. I thought i hated running and couldn't do it. Couch to 5k has changed that totally, and at 4 stones overweight I am now exercising regularly and really enjoying it, not because I need to but because it's genuinely fun.

Life changing is no exaggeration, I will be doing this for the long term.

Panadbois Mon 26-Dec-11 19:19:22

Can anyone recommend trainers that won't break the bank please?

ScarfOfSexualPreference Mon 26-Dec-11 19:24:49

Panandbois- Try Sports Direct, they have name brand ones from last season for cheaper. I have Adidas and Nike ones for £30 or so a pair.

Santageekmum Mon 26-Dec-11 19:45:55

So pleased that people have found this thread to either join or cheer us on! It's lovely to hear the stories of people who are already doing the program and enjoying it. Really encouraging grin

For those of you that are saying you are overweight: I am about 4 stone overweight blush and gave birth in September, so we're in this together! I have always said I hate running but am hoping to turn this around with your support!

The way it works: download the podcast nhs couch to 5k (couch25k). There are about 13 podcasts that take you through a different run over the course of 9 weeks, slowly building from walking to running for 30 mins solid.

This support thread is for you to boast about your accomplishments, gripe about the weather, get advice from fellow runners (thanks for tips on bras already) and generally feel as though you're not alone in trying to get rid of that extra weight!

I have set my date for starting as the first Thursday in January (as I have to make sure DH is home in time for childcare) but if anyone wants to jump ahead, please do. I might even repeat the week 1 podcast if I find it too hard, so go at your own pace. Welcome and good luck!

Santageekmum Mon 26-Dec-11 19:47:03

Thanks scarf for the trainers tip as well!

Panadbois Mon 26-Dec-11 19:48:06

Thanks Scarf, they seem to have many between £27 - £30. (and in my tiny size too!)

What should I look out for or is a running trainer a running trainer. (Hoping that talking about it will make me do it next week....)

jchocchip Mon 26-Dec-11 20:05:39

I'd love to do this, very overweight though and can't start until I get back from holiday on 9th January. Might start on a treadmill, is this a good idea?

Santageekmum Mon 26-Dec-11 20:28:32

Jo can't see any problem with starting on the treadmill. Personally I think I'd enjoy it more being outside but it's all down to individual preference.

Pick a date for when you get back and stick to it... I always think that starting is often the hardest part of any fitness routine!

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